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  1. Of this made Einstein world-famous. On 7 November 1919,the leading British, newspaper ,The Times printed a banner headline that read:" Revolution in Science – New
  2. Tour, she performed in a skin-tight white jumpsuit, causing one Australian, newspaper ,to use the headline" Agnetha's bottom tops dull show ". When asked about this
  3. In 1943,the second in the Cashiers de Libération in 1944,and the third in the, newspaper ,Liberties, in 1945. The four letters were published as Letters à un AMI Alemán
  4. Prizes In 1888 Alfred's brother Ludwig died while visiting Cannes and a French, newspaper ,erroneously published Alfred's obituary. It condemned him for his invention of
  5. Coverage being broadcast in 54 countries in 15 different languages. The Soviet, newspaper ,Pravda featured a quote from Boris Nikolaevich Petrov, Chairman of the Soviet
  6. Satisfy the demand in the North for prompt, decisive victory; major Northern, newspaper ,editors expected victory within 90 days. Twice a week, Lincoln would meet with
  7. Hands-on practical labor experience got Löffler a position on a union-backed, newspaper , a transfer to its Washington bureau, then three years as a correspondent
  8. Physicist (d. 1959) *1886 – Sir Keith Murdoch, Australian journalist and, newspaper ,owner (d. 1952) *1887 – Erwin Schrödinger, Austrian physicist, Nobel laureate
  9. In the space mission once again. Apollo 13 became headlines for every, newspaper ,and TV programs. One legacy of the Apollo program is the now-common view of
  10. Some newspaper editors believe that Harmful deliberately refuses to print more, newspaper ,copies in order to minimize the impact of unfavorable press coverage of the
  11. The implication of Bachchan and his brother in the" Boors scandal" by a, newspaper , which he vowed to take to court. Bachchan was eventually found not guilty of
  12. 42nd Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1924) *1848 – Melville E. Stone, American, newspaper , publisher (d. 1929) *1857 – Ned Hanson, American baseball player and manager
  13. Across the North, and produced an abundance of campaign posters, leaflets,and, newspaper ,editorials. There were thousands of Republican speakers who focused first on
  14. Mackenzie, PC (January 28, 1822 – April 17, 1892),a building contractor and, newspaper ,editor, was the second Prime Minister of Canada from November 7,1873, to
  15. Into disuse (e.g. " Telephone" <" invisible caller (in Sufism) "; ", newspaper ," <" palm-leaf stalk" ). Colloquial or dialectal Arabic refers to the many
  16. And close friend, also died in the accident. In August 2011,the Milan, newspaper ,Corriere della Sera reported a theory that the writer had been the victim of a
  17. And magazines: the Vancouver Sun, Northshore News (Vancouver, Canada, newspaper , ),New Times (Los Angeles weekly entertainment newspaper ),BLU Magazine (
  18. A monarchist Russo-Argentine journalist, for NASA Strand, a Russia-language, newspaper ,based in Buenos Aires. In the interview he said:" We (Russia) are walking a
  19. Media The Afghan mass media began in the early 20th century, with the first, newspaper ,published in 1906. By the 1920s,Radio Kabul was broadcasting local radio
  20. Graphic animation uses non-drawn flat visual graphic material (photographs, newspaper ,clippings, magazines,etc.) which are sometimes manipulated frame-by-frame to
  21. By May 1806,Charles Dickinson had published an attack on Jackson in the local, newspaper , and it resulted in a written challenge from Jackson to a duel. In the duel
  22. With a line exceeding eight city blocks. John Sculley told The Guardian, newspaper ,in 1997:" People talk about technology, but Apple was a marketing company. It
  23. Vancouver, Canada newspaper ),New Times (Los Angeles weekly entertainment, newspaper ,), BLU Magazine (underground hip hop magazine),BAM Magazine (Southern
  24. In May 1859,Lincoln purchased the Illinois Staats-Anzeiger, a German-language, newspaper ,which was consistently supportive; most of the state's 130,000 German
  25. Son of Alfonso XII of Spain, and was proclaimed King at his birth. The French, newspaper ,Le Figaro described the young king as" the happiest and best-loved of all the
  26. Do Inferno (Mouth of Hell). Crowley then left the country and enjoyed the, newspaper ,reports of his death, and reappeared three weeks later at an exhibition in
  27. By Warhol were dollar bills, celebrities and brand name products, as well as, newspaper ,headlines or photographs of mushroom clouds, electric chairs, and police dogs
  28. The country’s leadership. ) # Newspaper distribution, held by Harmful (some, newspaper ,editors believe that Harmful deliberately refuses to print more newspaper
  29. Of Wisconsin. In 1941,he became literary editor of The Capital Times, newspaper ,in Madison, a post he held until his resignation in 1960. His hobbies included
  30. As it used to be in Aberdeen. Media Aberdeen is home to Scotland's oldest, newspaper ,the Press and Journal, first published in 1747. The Press and Journal and its
  31. Conference at Pose a year later, as happening in 1943. In 2005,British, newspaper ,The Daily Telegraph reported that documents had surfaced indicating that Speer
  32. Camus joined the French Resistance cell Combat, which published an underground, newspaper ,of the same name. This group worked against the Nazis, and in it Camus assumed
  33. Of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. One Saudi Arabian government, newspaper ,suggested that hatred of all Jews is justifiable. Saudi textbooks vilify Jews (
  34. Washington. His father, Ulysses F. Doubleday, fought in the War of 1812,was a, newspaper ,publisher, a book publisher, and represented Auburn, New York, for four years
  35. Leopold Noway, Austrian musicologist (d. 1991) * 1904 – Mary Cain, American, newspaper , editor and politician (d. 1984) *1909 – Larry Clinton, American trumpeter and
  36. Her are Tougher. In Argentina anarcha-feminist Virginia Bolton published the, newspaper ,called (), which was published nine times in Rosario between 8 January 1896
  37. Lore Berger, Swiss writer (b. 1921) *1951 – William Randolph Hearst, American, newspaper , magnate (b. 1863) *1954 – Nikos Ploumpidis, Greek resistance figure (b. 1901
  38. Contemporary controversy was triggered by usage of Allah by the Roman Catholic, newspaper ,The Herald. The government has in turn appealed the court ruling, and the High
  39. Of Austria, Queen of the Belgians (d. 1902) *1843 – William Southey, Canadian, newspaper , publisher (d. 1932) *1846 – Alexander Milne Calder, American sculptor (d.
  40. The birthplace of News Corporation itself. The only South Australian daily, newspaper ,is The Advertiser, published by News Corporation six days a week, while the
  41. Subsidiary of News Corporation. The Independent Weekly was a small independent, newspaper ,providing one alternative view, but abolished its print edition in November
  42. Pioneer automobile manufacturer Henry Ford propagated antisemitic ideas in his, newspaper ,The Dearborn Independent. The radio speeches of Father Coughlin in the late
  43. Then. The series is named after a satirical obituary published in a British, newspaper , The Sporting Times, in 1882 after a match at The Oval in which Australia beat
  44. The Steppes of Central Asia an American grad student is invited to work for a, newspaper ,in Mongolia, and discovers that the Mongolian society is indeed stateless in a
  45. A competition to find a suitable name for the group was held in a Gothenburg, newspaper , The group was impressed with the names" Alibaba "," ABB ", and " Baba "
  46. In 2010,Raphaël Every, an orthodox rabbi in Amsterdam, told the Norwegian, newspaper ,Aftenposten that Jews can no longer be safe in the city anymore due to the risk
  47. Past year, specifically to escape from harassment. Also in March, the Swedish, newspaper ,Swansea Dagbladet reported that attacks on Jews in Malmö totaled 79 in 2009
  48. American guitarist and composer * 1942 – Howard Jacobson, British novelist and, newspaper ,columnist *1943 – John Cipollone, American guitarist (Quicksilver Messenger
  49. Experimenting with animation. One such artist was Windsor McCoy, a successful, newspaper ,cartoonist, who created detailed animations that required a team of artists and
  50. The Vulture and the beginning of Parker's freelance photography career at the, newspaper ,The Daily Bugle. The Lee-Ditko era continued to usher in a significant number

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