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  1. In the management of acute alcohol withdrawal, if used long-term cause a worse, outcome ,in alcoholism. Alcoholics on chronic benzodiazepines have a lower rate of
  2. Close to the city walls - on the basis that they had a personal interest in the, outcome ,of such debates because the practice of an invading army was at the time to
  3. Genoa was called. Lay abbots (M. Lat., or,or sometimes simply) were the, outcome ,of the growth of the feudal system from the 8th century onwards. The practice
  4. Sense but instead dies (death usually being presented as a more 'sympathetic ', outcome ,), for example Death Comes as the End, And Then There Were None, Death on the
  5. Colby himself, read: The declassified documents do not disclose the, outcome ,of discussions regarding the Skylab imagery. The behind-the-scenes debate
  6. Turns out to be more intelligent, charismatic and ruthless than Hitler. The, outcome ,of this new leader results in Nazi success in World War II, the extermination
  7. An important signal molecule, will give a false positive. Long toxicology and, outcome ,studies are needed with such compounds to disprove a positive Ames test. ACE
  8. Waksman, an American microbiologist, in 1942. Pharmacodynamics The successful, outcome ,of antimicrobial therapy with antibacterial compounds depends on several
  9. A part in epistemology. This was not an idle concern for Hume. Depending on its, outcome , the entire treatment would give the epistemologist a degree of certitude in
  10. Châlons-en-Champagne). The two armies clashed in the Battle of Chains, whose, outcome , is commonly considered to be a strategic victory for the Visigothic-Roman
  11. One appeal as of right. This means that a party who is unsatisfied with the, outcome ,of a trial may bring an appeal to contest that outcome . However, appeals may be
  12. Which procedure necessarily terminates and in such manner that from the, outcome ,we can read a definite answer," yes" or" no," to the question," is the
  13. Polls for the 2004 U. S. Presidential Election, using them to project the, outcome ,in the Electoral College. He stated that he created the site as an American who
  14. European workshop on astrobiology took place in May 2001 in Italy, and the, outcome ,was the Aurora program. Currently, NASA hosts the NASA Astrobiology Institute
  15. Numbering was developed by a monk named Dionysus Exiguous in Rome in 525,as an, outcome ,of his work on calculating the date of Easter. In his Easter table the year 532
  16. Include: TOS—"The City on the Edge of Forever" ( alternate World War II, outcome ,); Animated Series—"Yesteryear "; NG—"Yesterday's Enterprise ", and Enterprise
  17. Experience; it may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain, outcome , The term is often used to refer to activities with some potential for physical
  18. Finding the results of multiplication using the previous technique. This, outcome ,is one example of the uses of number theory. Arithmetic operations The basic
  19. Triumph as much as he did a defeat. From Genius' point of view, the best, outcome ,was what occurred: Theodoric died, Attila was in retreat and disarray, and the
  20. The right to seek relief later if necessary. This may be considered a desirable, outcome ,in cases where the party to the lawsuit is an organization with a transient
  21. Teaching the" Lord Jesus Christ" (). Surprisingly, Acts does not record the, outcome ,of Paul's legal troubles — some traditions hold that Paul was ultimately
  22. Other exploiting an infinitesimal-enriched continuum. One risks pre-judging the, outcome ,of any analysis of Cauchy by postulating that he is working in the Archimedes
  23. Have no moral import. In any case, even if it is true that every possible, outcome ,occurs in some world, it can still be argued that traits such as bravery and
  24. And Robertson County announced a confidential settlement of the lawsuit,an, outcome ,which" both sides stated that they were satisfied with. " The District
  25. Continues and international corporations sell stocks as if" betting" on an, outcome , Since profits are so great, they continually press for stalemate to keep the
  26. By show of hands (Charlton," arm stretching" ) with officials judging the, outcome ,by sight. With thousands of people attending, counting was impossible. For a
  27. Etc.) are optional. Example to illustrate it is below. The exact, outcome ,may depend on your browser and font configuration. *: Dir" RTL" style "
  28. Arable land. New arable land makes more food, and can reduce starvation. This, outcome ,also makes a country more self-sufficient and politically independent, because
  29. His 1922 novel, Diary of a Drug Fiend, but the fiction presented a hopeful, outcome ,of rehabilitation and recovery by means of magical techniques and the exercise
  30. Specimen of alternative history, Livy speculates on what would have been the, outcome ,of a military showdown between Alexander the Great and the Roman Republic. He
  31. Worse outcome s occurred (even if the total number of worlds with each type of, outcome ,is infinite, it is still possible to assign a different measure to different
  32. For James Wolfe at Quebec City, no Julius Caesar assassination, a different, outcome ,of Aaron Burr's duel amongst other stories. All episodes have been preserved.
  33. Beer, four quarts of gin, a dozen grapefruits, and enough speed to alter the, outcome ,of six Super Bowls. ... Meanwhile, ... with the final chapter still unwritten
  34. Steve H. Hank identifies the 2007-2010 Global Financial Crises as the direct, outcome ,of the Federal Reserve Bank's interest rate policies as is predicted by
  35. Together with execution to directly affect the perception of events and the, outcome ,of intended results. Disadvantages In the United Kingdom, there is some
  36. The first phase. Olanzapine was again the only medication to stand out in the, outcome ,measures, although the results did not always reach statistical significance (
  37. War. However, high poverty rates and blatant social inequality are chiefly the, outcome ,of a combination of a persistent political authoritarianism, of "
  38. Its end is death, not the renewal of commitment to the living that typified its, outcome ,in earlier films. " However, according to the director's biographer, in his
  39. See the section below Para basis);: **ago - a formal debate that decides the, outcome ,of the play, typically in anapestic tetrameter, though iambs are sometimes used
  40. Which mark every candidate the same (whether yes or no) have no effect on the, outcome ,of the election. Each ballot can therefore be viewed as a small" delta" which
  41. Scalia. By tradition, when the Justices are in conference deliberating the, outcome ,of cases before the Court, the justices state their views in order of seniority
  42. And" Just Like That ". Andersson and Slaves were not satisfied with the, outcome , so the tapes were shelved, and the group took a break for the summer. Back in
  43. Or removing non-winning candidates? * Independence of clone candidates—Is the, outcome ,the same if candidates identical to existing candidates are added? * Reversal
  44. Name "/IN"> introduction"/> The causes of the war, the reasons for its, outcome , and even the name of the war itself are subjects of lingering contention today
  45. Is difficult for the reader to understand why the battles he describes had the, outcome ,they did. Scholars have often believed that Minus' work was intended for
  46. An entire generation of identical workers was divided into two groups whose, outcome ,in food foraging was controlled. One group was continually rewarded with prey
  47. That candidate always lose? * Independence of irrelevant alternatives—Is the, outcome ,the same after adding or removing non-winning candidates? * Independence of
  48. Taking place in the era of Oliver Cromwell and Charles I, with an alternate, outcome ,for the English Civil War and an earlier Industrial Revolution. The Tales of
  49. And self-destruction. "" Kurosawa has found hell to be both the inevitable, outcome ,of human behavior and the appropriate visualization of his own bitterness and
  50. Is unsatisfied with the outcome of a trial may bring an appeal to contest that, outcome , However, appeals may be costly, and the appellate court must find an error on

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