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  1. That was a sin of omission. We failed to discipline the organization. " FTC, investigation ,In a 1979 ruling, the Federal Trade Commission found that Amway does not
  2. Lacks or has only limited experimental and clinical study; however, scientific, investigation , of CAM is beginning to address this knowledge gap. Thus, boundaries between CAM
  3. Said the cable reinforces questions about the thoroughness of the FBI's, investigation , She also said that the inquiry concluded that the hijackers had a support
  4. 5000 ostensibly suffering a problem when the brake pedal was pushed. Subsequent, investigation ,revealed that 60 Minutes had engineered the failure – fitting a canister of
  5. Line in his consideration, and brought the mind of Ammonium' to bear on the, investigation ,in hand. Two of Ammonius's students - Origin the Pagan
  6. Central Airlines Trip 19 crashes near Gloversville, Virginia. The CAB, investigation ,of the accident is the first investigation to be conducted under the Bureau of
  7. Application. Thus dates using the year 0 or negative years may require further, investigation ,before being converted to BC or AD. Use of" Common Era" Some have asserted
  8. For police operations. The National Police are also developing their criminal, investigation ,and forensic capabilities. The National Police has an estimated 6,000 patrol
  9. Via London. While the cable states that Monsieur would be currently under, investigation , U. S. law enforcement officials said that there was no active investigation of
  10. Tested by disassembling the identical CM-014,and conducted a thorough, investigation ,of every part. The board also reviewed the astronauts' autopsy results and
  11. Results when the supply of money outpaces demand for money:: In theoretical, investigation ,there is only one meaning that can rationally be attached to the expression
  12. Antiquities and excavations in the early modern period led to the scientific, investigation ,of Egyptian civilization and a greater appreciation of its cultural legacy.
  13. General's office began an inquiry of AOL's customer service policies. The, investigation ,revealed that the company had an elaborate scheme for rewarding employees who
  14. To break into his house, Turing reported the crime to the police. During the, investigation , Turing acknowledged a sexual relationship with Murray. Homosexual acts were
  15. Amway has several times been accused of being a pyramid scheme. A 1979 FTC, investigation ,in the United States (see below),a 1997 Belgian court and a 2008 court
  16. Caused by an unlikely chain of events, as found by the Apollo 13 Review Board, investigation , based on detailed manufacturing records and logs. Tanks storing cryogenic, such
  17. AOL's alleged labor law violations, but came to no conclusion closing their, investigation ,in 2001. AOL began drastically reducing the responsibilities and privileges of
  18. Reasons, including examination of the uterine lining for possible malignancy, investigation ,of abnormal bleeding, and abortion. Curettage refers to cleaning the walls of
  19. Diverting research time, money,and other resources from more fruitful lines of, investigation ,in order to pursue a theory that has no basis in biology ”. " Academic
  20. And funeral occurred in" Curtain ", years after his retirement from active, investigation , it was not the first time Hastings attended the funeral of his best friend. In
  21. Pulled his“ Shape Up” line of supplements off the market in the face of an, investigation ,by the U. S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The supplements were
  22. Of $10 million for peace promotion, Carnegie also encouraged the" scientific ", investigation ,of the various causes of war, and the adoption of judicial methods that should
  23. Weaving together of personal testimony, philosophical analysis, and historical, investigation , and its unrelenting indictment of communist ideology made The Gulag
  24. Identify ambergris as a component in the perfume, and in doing so direct the, investigation ,towards affluent boutique shops throughout the world with the capability to use
  25. Was 72. Thought Philosophy of the" Will" A key focus of Schopenhauer was his, investigation ,of individual motivation. Before Schopenhauer, Hegel had popularized the
  26. But remained unresolved during a lengthy period of vote counting and fraud, investigation , Two months later, under international pressure, a second round run-off vote
  27. Reduce or eliminate microbial contamination of to undetectable levels. Further, investigation ,by The New York Times published in December 2009 revealed safety concerns
  28. Last parliamentary election was held in September 2010,but due to disputes and, investigation ,of fraud, the sworn in ceremony took place in late January 2011. After the
  29. It under his own name. These rumors first appeared in the late 1920s,but an, investigation ,upheld Sholokhov's authorship of And Quiet Flows the Don and the allegations
  30. L'Air et de l'Space, in Paris. The interior components were removed during the, investigation ,of the accident and reassembled into BP-1102A,the water egress training module
  31. Smuggling. In 2003 the government began Operation Brilliant, an anti-smuggling, investigation ,that arrested and deported 250,000 smugglers between 2003 and 2006. Rafael
  32. James E. Webb got the approval of President Lyndon Johnson for an internal NASA, investigation , and notified appropriate leaders of Congress. According to Webb's official
  33. The AOL Browser. * AOL 9.0 was once identified by Stopbadware as being under, investigation ,for installing additional software without disclosure, and modifying browser
  34. Education and a narrow social moralism. Gide's work can be seen as an, investigation ,of freedom and empowerment in the face of moralistic and puritanical
  35. After a warm welcome by Caesar's soldiers at Brunssum, A later senatorial, investigation ,into the disappearance of the public funds made no action against Octavian
  36. Witnesses who were reluctant to testify during the Christchurch Coroner's, investigation ,into the death by poisoning of Australian astrophysicist Rodney Marks at the
  37. Of workers' earnings. Immediately after the allegations, Apple launched an, investigation ,and worked with their manufacturers to ensure that conditions were acceptable
  38. Investigation, U. S. law enforcement officials said that there was no active, investigation ,of him or of the Qatari citizens mentioned in the cable. Flight The American
  39. Another person. During media interviews, the police detective in charge of the, investigation ,criticized the National Science Foundation and contractor Raytheon for failing
  40. That he was:" as it were of set purpose to have covered up the traces of his, investigation ,as if he had grudged posterity the secret of his method of inquiry while he
  41. Squad (NCRS),and the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) led the crime scene, investigation ,at the Pentagon. The ceremony also honored the five victims whose remains were
  42. He became a specialist in marine ichthyology, but devoted much time to the, investigation , superintendence and exploitation of mines. E. J. Hubert, a friend of Agassiz
  43. Science Foundation and contractor Raytheon for failing to co-operate with the, investigation , South Africa South African law applies to all South African citizens in
  44. 14, 2007,the Supreme Court of India ordered the state police to complete the, investigation ,against Amway in 6 months. In 2008,citing the High Court decision, the Andhra
  45. Thermal control (PTC) roll (nicknamed the" barbecue roll" ). While the, investigation ,board did recreate the oxygen tank failure, they did not report on any
  46. Airplanes bound for Canada and the U. S. The massively complex police and MI5, investigation , of the plot involved more than a year of surveillance work conducted by over
  47. Near Gloversville, Virginia. The CAB investigation of the accident is the first, investigation ,to be conducted under the Bureau of Air Commerce act of 1938. *1941 – World War
  48. President Lyndon Johnson and asked that NASA be allowed to handle the accident, investigation ,and direct the recovery from the accident. He promised to be truthful in
  49. Were true,Amway's Indian subsidiary would be in violation of the act and the, investigation ,should continue. On August 14, 2007,the Supreme Court of India ordered the
  50. That Dr. Marks died from methanol poisoning. The New Zealand Police launched an, investigation , In 2006,frustrated by lack of progress, the Christchurch Coroner said that it

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