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  1. Their interaction with the modern world. Recreating the ancient sky Once the, researcher ,has data to test, it is often necessary to attempt to recreate ancient sky
  2. Such as William Alan son White (psychiatry),physicist P. W. Bridgman, and, researcher , W. Horsey Gantt (a former student and colleague of Pavlov). He also
  3. Statistics were difficult for the average fan to access until 1951,when, researcher ,HY Turin published The Complete Encyclopedia of Baseball. In 1969,Macmillan
  4. Was driving crashes into the Statue of Liberty). Later on, Edward Dogma,a, researcher ,at Wayne Enterprises, develops a device to beam television directly to a person
  5. Style and can be difficult to understand without a background in the field. One, researcher ,from Bell Telephone Laboratories is said to have learned Danish to study them.
  6. Such as Victor Java and Inti-Illimani. Other important folk singer and, researcher ,on folklore and Chilean ethnography, is Margot Loyola. Also, many Chilean Rock
  7. That about 20 % of heterosexuals had engaged in male-to-female anal sex. Sex, researcher ,Alfred Kinsey, working in the 1940s,had found that number to be closer to 40 %
  8. High taxes mean that wages are reduced after mandatory deduction. A beneficial, researcher ,scheme with low taxation of foreign specialists has made Denmark an attractive
  9. Instead, it tends to depend on the location of kind of data available to the, researcher , In the Old World, there is little data but the sites themselves; in the New
  10. With Alcoa. During the 1980s,Darwin worked with UCLA cardiothoracic surgery, researcher ,Jerry Leaf at Alcoa to develop a medical model for cryonics procedures. They
  11. State and local taxes, facilities owned by private contractors are not. Area 51, researcher , Glenn Campbell claimed in 1994 that the base only declares a taxable value of
  12. Ubiquitous computing, often as supervisor of Ph.D. students or a postdoctoral, researcher , These projects include: * http://www.few.vu.nl/~leendert/paramecium. HTML
  13. D. Banter (born June 3,1955, in Washington, DC,United States) is a climate, researcher ,at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and former researcher at the
  14. She was introduced at Court. Adult years Lovelace knew Mary Somerville, noted, researcher , and scientific author of the 19th century, who introduced her to Charles
  15. 1940s,had found that number to be closer to 40 % at the time. More recently,a, researcher ,from the University of British Columbia in 2005 put the number of heterosexuals
  16. Harte, American writer (d. 1902) *1841 – Emil Theodor Kosher, Swiss medical, researcher ,; Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1917) *1867 – James W. Gerard, American jurist and
  17. In Amsterdam; Fran's Ashok, a professor at MIT; Same Sullener,a, researcher ,at Bell Labs; Robert van Release, a professor at Cornell University; Lender
  18. Poet and writer (d. 1956) *1893 – Henry Trendy Dean, American dental, researcher ,(d. 1962) *1898 – Helmut Hesse, German mathematician (d. 1975) * 1898 –
  19. Further searches for other celestial objects. Discovery of Pluto While a young, researcher ,working for the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona,Tombaugh was given
  20. Teacher, and composer Carl Almenräder. Assisted by the German acoustic, researcher ,Gottfried Weber, he developed the 17-key bassoon with a range spanning four
  21. Aspects of research into acupuncture is not uncommon. Over the last decade, researcher ,Edward Ernst and colleagues have produced regular systematic reviews of the
  22. Antibiotic resistance gene as well as the gene being engineered or expressed,a, researcher ,can ensure that when bacteria replicate, only the copies which carry along the
  23. Telephone calls by means of jack plugs. Out of necessity, Erlang was a hands-on, researcher , He would conduct measurements and was prepared to climb into street manholes
  24. A long period from the fourth to the 7th century AD, but recently long-time, researcher ,Walter M. Spin declared that most of the work took place over short time
  25. Spray form (i.e., not engineered) when used in organic agriculture. The same, researcher ,has now reported the first documented case of pest resistance to biotech cotton
  26. Of evidence. The ruling was appealed. Queensland, Australia In 2008 Australian, researcher ,Jean Williams claimed that cancer rates in the town of Innisfree, Queensland
  27. Advisor and film executive (b. 1921) *2009 – Hans Holder, American paranormal, researcher ,(b. 1920) *2010 – Urs Ferber, Swiss industrialist (b. 1942) Holidays and
  28. As 'fanciful '. A similar theory had previously been put forward by a German, researcher , Trainer W. Kühne, but based only on satellite imagery and placing Atlantis in
  29. Speech synthesizer was invented and demonstrated by Homer Dudley. Bell, researcher ,Clinton Davidson shared the Nobel Prize in Physics with George Page Thomson
  30. American Arctic explorer (d. 1955) *1874 – Charles Fort, American writer and, researcher ,(d. 1932) *1877 – Wallace H. White, Jr., American politician (d. 1952)
  31. Being tested may produce confounded or difficult-to-interpret results. Cancer, researcher ,Andrew J. Kickers has stated: Safety Interactions with conventional
  32. As plotters in a political coup against the AIDS. The Ismail Shia Institute, researcher ,Wilfred Made lung portrays Abu Bakr as a political opportunist whose character
  33. Alternative in the United States. David M. Eisenberg, an integrative medicine, researcher , defines it as" medical interventions not taught widely at US medical schools
  34. English writer (b. 1916) * 2000 – Jerry Bighorn, Polish-Swedish doctor, researcher ,and politician (b. 1925) *2002 – Alexander Lobed, Russian general (b. 1950)
  35. 1. The first non-governmental space traveler was Byron K. Schoenberg,a, researcher ,from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who flew on STS-9 in 1983. In
  36. Of his working methods. It is not sufficient that the criticisms of a, researcher ,'s working methods exist; the DCSD must consider the criticisms and take a
  37. Was blue, but many colors are now available. History In 1970,laboratory, researcher ,Alan Holloway was working for sealant manufacturer Rally Bond ite of
  38. List. An August 2010 claim of proof that P ≠ NP, by Vinay Deolalikar, researcher ,at HP Labs, Palo Alto, received heavy Internet and press attention after being
  39. Eventually killed most of the Caribbean's native population, although no, researcher ,has conclusively proven any of these causes as the real reason for these deaths
  40. Is a climate researcher at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and former, researcher ,at the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit. He specializes
  41. Well-known from his earlier work, and had developed a reputation as a brilliant, researcher , but his laboratory was often untidy. On 3 September 1928,Fleming returned to
  42. To write. Skinner received a PhD from Harvard in 1931,and remained there as a, researcher ,until 1936. He then taught at the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis and
  43. Have listed" Pilgrims" as the early Boston AL team's official nickname, but, researcher , Bill Bowling has demonstrated that the name was barely used, if at all, during
  44. Player (b. 1918) *2000 – Alain Fournier, French-born computer graphics, researcher ,(b. 1943) * 2000 – Can McCarthy, South African cricketer (b. 1929) *2001 –
  45. With this funding, he spent part of the summer as a visiting lecturer and, researcher ,at University of Alder in 2006 and 2007,and does other work remotely. During
  46. Institute of Psychiatry. Upon returning to the United States, he became a, researcher ,and professor at the University of California, Berkeley,where he focused on
  47. In 1974 by Trans Time, Inc., a for-profit company started by BACK members. BACK, researcher ,Dr. Paul Se gall, working with Jerry Leaf of Cryolite, developed a medical model
  48. Along with some domestic dog (Cans lupus familiars) DNA; this prompted one, researcher ,to suggest, jokingly,that they be called" Cans soups," as they are a "
  49. Eaten by vultures before it could be taken for testing. New information from, researcher ,Benjamin Bradford in 2010 revealed that Madeline Tolentino, the original
  50. In what the Orphic interface infrastructure could do. Andreas RAAF was a, researcher ,working in Kay's group, then at Hewlett-Packard. He proposed defining a "

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