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  1. BC he returned with an army of mercenaries under a solemn oath to observe the, democratic ,constitution which was then set up. Having banished or murdered some 10,000
  2. Made the preceding democratic regime look like a Golden Age). Whether the, democratic ,failures should be seen as systematic, or as a product of the extreme
  3. Film had already been savaged by Japanese wartime censors as too Western and ", democratic ," (they particularly disliked the comic porter played by Broken),so the
  4. In Calgary, Alberta,in 1935,precursor to Canada's modern-day social, democratic ,party, the New Democratic Party. Demerit (1995) argues that in British
  5. The beginning of the fourth century but such appointments were very common in, democratic ,Athens. Socrates, in the trial leading up to his own death, put the issue of a
  6. MPs - while José Eduardo dos Santos continued to exercise his functions without, democratic ,legitimation. And the other hand, the armed forces of the MPA (now the
  7. Labor governments, in that it pursued social- democratic policies rather than, democratic ,socialist policies, a precursor to the party's current third way position.
  8. Politics of Armenia takes place in a framework of a presidential representative, democratic ,republic, whereby the President is the head of government, and of a platform
  9. Its membership of the Socialist International, the ALP is affiliated with, democratic ,socialist, social- democratic and labor parties in many countries. The party
  10. Principles of the Founding Fathers, especially the equality of all men and, democratic ,self-government as expressed in the Declaration of Independence. On October 16
  11. Believed that the conquest of the islands is a denial of the fundamental, democratic ,principle, and he also urged William McKinley to withdraw American troops and
  12. People might be thus deceived into a belief that he Crawford was the regular, democratic ,candidate. " Gallatin criticized Jackson as" an honest man and the idol of the
  13. The government operates under a framework of a presidential representative, democratic ,dependency, whereby the Governor of American Samoa is the head of government.
  14. And providing consultations to the Armenian Defense Ministry in the field of, democratic ,control of armed forces, military and defense concepts and public relations
  15. e.g. within anarcho-primitivism and insurrectionary anarchism),and the, democratic ,process may be sharply criticized within some anarchist tendencies and
  16. Of war-torn Afghanistan kicked off in 2002. The Afghan nation was able to build, democratic ,structures over the years, and some progress was made in key areas such as
  17. And might be an action lasting only a moment. But any stepping forward into the, democratic ,limelight was risky and if someone chose (another citizen initiator) they
  18. Plato in the Seventh Epistle does remark that the Thirty made the preceding, democratic ,regime look like a Golden Age). Whether the democratic failures should be seen
  19. Their alleged restoration of Athenian freedom. The greatest and longest lasting, democratic ,leader was Pericles; after his death, Athenian democracy was twice briefly
  20. Name him 'Democrats ', a name which may have been manufactured as a gesture of, democratic ,loyalty; the name can also be found in Eolian Genus, not a particularly
  21. That the word" democracy" was extant when systems that came to be called, democratic ,were first instituted, but around 460 BC an individual is known whose parents
  22. Barbuda takes place in a framework of a federal parliamentary representative, democratic ,monarchy, wherein the Sovereign of Antigua and Barbuda is the head of state
  23. Events leading up to and during the Stalin era before World War II. Orwell,a, democratic ,socialist, was a critic of Joseph Stalin and hostile to Moscow-directed
  24. Its politics take place in a framework of a parliamentary representative, democratic ,dependency, whereby the Chief Minister is the head of government, and of a
  25. Selection by lottery was the standard means as it was regarded as the more, democratic ,: elections would favor those who were rich, noble,eloquent and well-known
  26. Traditional one-person, one-vote system, trustee elections will become more, democratic ,and will more accurately reflect the desires of our alumni base. " Strategic
  27. As a social Democratic Party, but its constitution stipulates that it is a, democratic ,socialist party. The light on the hill is a phrase used to describe the
  28. To stabilize, President Dos Santos has so far refused to institute regular, democratic ,processes, UNITA head officials being given senior positions in top level
  29. The political liberty which was one of the enduring strengths of western, democratic ,societies. In a major speech delivered to the International Academy of
  30. Party, although in the knowledge that in the present regime a legitimate, democratic ,election is impossible. Although the political situation of the country began
  31. Of American Samoa takes place in a framework of a presidential representative, democratic ,dependency, whereby the Governor is the head of government, and of an is
  32. As a Queensland governmental advisor. Structure The Australian Labor Party is a, democratic ,and federal party, which consists of both individual members and affiliated
  33. Insurgents' senior leadership at the cost of the democratic constitution,the, democratic ,process and process in the field of human rights especially women's rights.
  34. Aristophanes survived The Peloponnesian War, two oligarchic revolutions and two, democratic ,restorations; this has been interpreted as evidence that he was not actively
  35. Responsible for which institution, and which of them most represented a truly, democratic ,movement. It is most usual to date Athenian democracy from Cleisthenes, since
  36. Dramatic structure and a softer tone. Old Comedy was the comedy of a vigorously, democratic ,Polish at the height of its power, and it gave Aristophanes the freedom to
  37. Administration throughout the whole citizen body, engaging them in the crucial, democratic ,experience of, to use Aristotle's words," ruling and being ruled in turn" (
  38. The Platform. Early ideology The Labor Party is commonly described as a social, democratic ,party, but its constitution stipulates that it is a democratic socialist party.
  39. From within as well as from the international environment, to become more, democratic ,and less authoritarian. Its reaction was to operate a number of changes without
  40. By the people. As an example or inspiration After the Revolution, genuinely, democratic , politics became possible. The rights of the people were incorporated into state
  41. By a pastry chef before a jury of children. Two coups briefly interrupted, democratic ,rule during the Peloponnesian war, both named by the numbers in control: the
  42. Einstein writes: What makes the new arrival devoted to this country is the, democratic ,trait among the people. No one humbles himself before another person or class.
  43. Of the Lusaka Protocol, created a split situation. On the one hand, the new, democratic ,institutions worked, notably the National Assembly, with the active
  44. Karma plans to appease the insurgents' senior leadership at the cost of the, democratic ,constitution, the democratic process and process in the field of human rights
  45. With Turkey to the northwest. The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the first, democratic ,and secular republic in the Muslim world, was established in 1918,but was
  46. Desperate. Remaining steadfast to his pedagogy, a forerunner of progressive and, democratic ,schooling, he alienated parents in a later" parlor school" by admitting an
  47. In 1911,and in Queensland in 1915. Such success eluded equivalent social, democratic ,and labor parties in other countries for many years. One of the party's early
  48. Loyalty; the name can also be found in Eolian Genus, not a particularly, democratic ,state. Participation and exclusion Size and make-up of the Athenian population
  49. Conservatives (" Conservatives" or" Tories" ), the Liberals, and the social, democratic ,New Democrats. A fourth party, the strongly conservative Social Credit Party
  50. First postwar works (1946–1950) The war now ended, Kurosawa,absorbing the, democratic ,ideals of the Occupation, sought to make films that would establish a new

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