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  1. Information Bulletin and responded to English-language mail. Goldman began to, worry ,about the future of Spain's anarchism when the CNT-FAI joined a coalition
  2. Us O' Messenger of Allah," but he answered," ﻻ ﺗﺤﺰ ﻥ ﺇ ﻥ ﺍﷲ ﻣﻌﻨﺎ" ( Do not, worry , verily Allah is with us). It is narrated from Ana's from Abu Bakr he said, I
  3. Once remarked," In the long run, it is unavoidable that society will begin to, worry ,about the character of the next generation ... It is not a subject at the
  4. Theme in popular culture back to Hiroshima. Anxiety (also called angst or, worry ,) is a psychological and physiological state characterized by somatic
  5. Follows: By January 1945,this lack of official uniform produced considerable, worry ,among the population that the members could be shot if captured, since they
  6. The manatee off the state's endangered species list. Some environmentalists, worry ,that this could erode safeguards for the popular sea creature. Marine pollution
  7. That she did forge the signature,to spare her dying father further, worry ,about her (she was pregnant, poor,and had a seriously ill husband). Krogstad
  8. The DSM-IV states that a patient must experience chronic anxiety and excessive, worry , almost daily, for at least 6 months due to a number of stressors (such as
  9. We won’t be bothered by whatever the other manufacturers do. If all we do is, worry ,about the other cars in the race, we will definitely lose. ” Rebranding In
  10. As if the Bible were a theory like other theories ". He also said:" My, worry ,is creationism can end up reducing the doctrine of creation rather than
  11. Bolt of the boat's pressure hull would have been enough for the whole crew to, worry ,about the U-boat being crushed by water pressure, while Petersen has several
  12. Developing an anxiety disorder in adulthood increases significantly. “ Clinical, worry ,is also associated with risk of comorbidity with other anxiety disorders and
  13. The Franks, the Romans, all Christians, are stung with mourning and great, worry ,... the young and old, glorious nobles, all lament the loss of their Caesar ...
  14. We're living with people on the other side of the world. There's more to, worry ,about than Elsie Tanner and her boyfriends. " Roach was the only remaining
  15. And when a decision was taken to install gas lamps, there was a serious, worry ,about the build-up of gas on the lower floors. It was also said that the staff
  16. 19 % of Americans and 20 % of the Chinese who have heard of the issue say they, worry ,a lot about global warming – the lowest percentages in the 15 countries
  17. Of disability is no longer enough. Even those who support the intent of the law, worry ,that it might have unintended consequences. Among other arguments, supporters
  18. Two-thirds of Japanese (66 %) and Indians (65 %) say they personally, worry ,a great deal about global warming. Roughly half of the populations of Spain (
  19. A concern to the FBI. The letter relates the Mayo Clinic concern that" this, worry ,was interfering with the treatments of Mr. Hemingway. " Meyers writes that" an
  20. Extensively on privateering to harass British shipping. The privateers caused, worry ,disproportionate to their material success, although those operating out of
  21. Such as Richard Stallman, see the current level of compromise to be the bigger, worry , Shouldn't a programmer deserve or ask for rewards for their creativity?
  22. Been exposed to the chemical. While in Vietnam, the veterans were told not to, worry , and were persuaded the chemical was harmless. After returning home, Vietnam
  23. Was devastated, having earlier sent a letter to his father telling him not to, worry ,about financial difficulties; the letter arrived minutes after the suicide. He
  24. Studying this axiom in particular, the majority of researchers do not usually, worry ,whether a result requires the axiom of choice. Christoph Ludwig Agricola (
  25. Behavior once rarely mentioned in polite circles. And the experimentation, they, worry , may be linked to the current increase in sexually transmitted diseases. Anal
  26. M going to have to call the game. I can't see the ball. " Hank replied" Don't, worry , George, I can see it just fine," so the game continued, and finished with the
  27. Must discard before picking up the deck, but this is a home game so we won't, worry ,about such details). Now a second betting round begins. Bob checks, David
  28. Such to discredit Ruiz. Eventually, the activities of the Baptists began to, worry ,the Roman Catholic Church in general and upstage the diocese’s attempts to re
  29. Had proprietary 32-bit extensions to the ISA bus. Meanwhile, IBM began to, worry ,that it was losing control of the industry it had created. In 1987,IBM
  30. Yet encourages artists to take their time and produce great art, without, worry , of being caught or arrested for vandalism or trespassing. Others disagree with
  31. Case of" segments" ) was that—rather than have the operating system itself, worry ,about mandatory access separation by means of military-style labeling—it is
  32. PRC needs economic growth to spur its development, the government has begun to, worry ,that rapid economic growth has negatively impacted the country's resources and
  33. Ross by number in this case would be about = 6000. Needless to say, one does not, worry ,about which hemisphere one is in when playing catch in the garden. However, an
  34. A mission). The conference participants decided that there was little to, worry ,about and that Borman's illness was either a 24-hour flu, as Borman thought
  35. Has a crush on Lin, but cannot find any way to express it. Agnes's parents, worry ,about their daughter's reclusive life, and try to be reassuring. Her mother
  36. In. This offers several advantages. Computer programmers no longer need to, worry ,about where the memory is physically stored or whether the user's computer
  37. Functionality due to Visa and MasterCard merchant acceptance, not having to, worry ,about paying a credit card bill or going into debt, the ability for anyone over
  38. Blocks objectionable material before it enters the home can help parents who, worry ,about their children viewing objectionable content. Most content control
  39. Was broken and what I've done hasn't turned out. ' And he said,'Don't, worry , David, take the rest of the money and make something else for me. Just give me
  40. S no mistake, boy,just sign it and return it ", Parker directed. " Don't, worry , we'll fill it in later. " Later declined, and Presley's fruitful
  41. Tension had eased in Britain and writers, including William Instantly, began to, worry ,that Christmas was dying out. These writers imagined Tudor Christmas as a time
  42. Are less effective than antidepressants in alleviating ruminative, worry , the core symptom of GAD. However, in some cases, a prolonged treatment with
  43. GAD),which can be identified by symptoms of exaggerated and excessive, worry , chronic anxiety, and constant, irrational thoughts. The anxious thoughts and
  44. Long chain, ability to grasp ideas more or less clearly, the human capacity to, worry ,about conflating unrelated circumstances, a sage prudence which arrests
  45. Moment. He patted me on the back and said,'It'll be all right. Don't you, worry ,about it. '" Presley continued to play to sellout crowds. As cultural critic
  46. someone's tendencies such as" He always takes a long lunch," or" Don’t, worry , that’s just how she is. " TLK Healthcare cites as examples of gossip,"
  47. PRC needs economic growth to spur its development, the government has begun to, worry ,that rapid economic growth has negatively impacted the country's resources and
  48. Wealth of the society. All economists (neoliberal through progressive) still, worry ,about that, and so they weaken the wealth of the poor to maintain economic
  49. He merely lifted Prince's chin and told him" Hold your head up and don't, worry ,about mistakes. Just play the game. " Prince commented," He was trying to
  50. From among us? He said," O Abu Bakr, you and your believing brothers need not, worry ,about it because worldly hardships that you face shall make amends for your

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