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  1. States, Alaska has only one member in the U. S. House of Representatives. This, seat ,is currently being held by Republican Don Young, who was re-elected to his 19th
  2. In the world ..." In late 1854,Lincoln ran as a Whig for the U. S. Senate, seat ,from Illinois. At that time, senators were elected by the state legislature.
  3. It is a municipality in the Series peripheral unit of Macedonia, Greece. The, seat ,of the municipality is Rodolfo. History Origins Archaeology has uncovered
  4. In either May or June 572. Albion had in the meantime chosen Verona as his, seat , establishing himself and his treasure in a royal palace built there by
  5. Then were standing. This case and another related case established precedent on, seat ,distribution and sight lines issues for ADA enforcement that continues to
  6. Baladiyahs). Each province, district,and municipality is named after its, seat , which is usually the largest city. According to the Algerian constitution, a
  7. Was 58,965. While Ames is the largest city in Story County, the county, seat ,is in the nearby city of Nevada which is east of Ames. Ames is the home of Iowa
  8. Is also considered to be the direction for a future mid-engined gas powered 2, seat , performance coupe. The Audi A1 e-tron concept, based on the Audi A1 production
  9. Anybody eligible to vote and residing in Aarhus municipality can run for a, seat ,on the city council. After elections have determined the members of the city
  10. Retain bishopric of Char, established 451) and Basel, which was an episcopal, seat ,from 740,and which continued the line of Bishops of Augusta Africa, see
  11. Written on their windshields or shouted out by a barker riding in the front, seat , Perhaps the most unusual thing about the privately operated buses is the fact
  12. Of the Emperor in exchange for a promise to cede him the region of Sirius,the, seat ,of the Tepid kings. Thus, in 565 or 566 Justinian's successor Justin II sent
  13. Adelaide Hills. Governance Adelaide, as the capital of South Australia, is the, seat ,of the Government of South Australia. As Adelaide is South Australia's capital
  14. The crowd being attacked, Lincoln grabbed the assailant by his" neck and the, seat ,of his trousers" and threw him. Lincoln finished eighth out of thirteen
  15. Its bishop Herman got into a dispute with King Edward over the movement of the, seat ,of his bishopric to Amesbury Abbey. Herman wished to move the seat of his see
  16. Reform, which replaced the Danish counties with five regions, it was also the, seat ,of Aarhus County, which has now been disbanded in favor of the new Region
  17. De star Amsterdam" ), without mention of capital. In any case,the, seat ,of the government, parliament and supreme court of the Netherlands is (and
  18. Of the United States House of Representatives, but failed in two attempts at a, seat ,in the United States Senate. He was an affectionate, though often absent
  19. The peninsula of Jutland in the geographical center of Denmark. Aarhus is the, seat ,of the council of Aarhus municipality with 311,235 inhabitants and 249,709 (1
  20. Liberties, which led to the moniker" City of Churches ". As South Australia's, seat ,of government and commercial center, Adelaide is the site of many governmental
  21. Might preserve in it the name of Ambrosia, and perhaps Amesbury was the, seat ,of his power base in the later fifth century. Place name scholars have found a
  22. Congregation Anti Ambrosia ad Nexus ", made the original house the main, seat , and laid down a system of government whereby a general chapter met every three
  23. Scenes, to adult themes, and even to" Hello Kitty" themes. Government As the, seat ,of a municipality, the city of Acapulco is the government authority for over
  24. And handle all the day-to-day operations of the city. Aarhus is the, seat ,of Aarhus Municipality. Until the 2007 Danish Municipal Reform, which replaced
  25. Their habit) present few distinctive peculiarities. This order had its first, seat ,in England at Colchester, where a house for Austin canons was founded about AD
  26. New York City in 1776,General Howe concentrated on capturing Philadelphia,the, seat ,of the Revolutionary government, in 1777. He moved slowly, landing 15,000
  27. Ontario, near Niagara Falls. From 1962 sports cars temporarily took a back, seat ,to GT cars with the FIA replacing the World Championship for Sports Cars with
  28. Rome" on the king's errand ", apparently to secure papal approval to move the, seat , or center, of the bishopric of Creditor to Peter. It may also have been to
  29. And connected by waterways to Ravenna, the capital of Byzantine Italy and the, seat ,of the Praetorian prefecture of Italy. Its fall cut direct communications
  30. Leaders were elected to the U. S. Congress, which,however, refused to, seat ,them. Congress and Johnson argued in an increasingly public way about
  31. And Radical factions in harness. To fill the late Chief Justice Taney's, seat ,on the Supreme Court, he named the choice of the Radicals, Salmon P. Chase, who
  32. From among the members of the Legislative Assembly. The City of Edmonton is the, seat ,of the provincial government—the capital of Alberta. Alberta's elections tend
  33. Which has now been disbanded in favor of the new Region Midtjylland, its, seat , located in Cyborg. Aarhus has twinning agreements with Gothenburg, Turku
  34. Of the Reformist paper The Globe in the 1851 election, helping him to win a, seat ,in the assembly. In 1852 Mackenzie became editor of another reformist paper
  35. Defiantly remained in office for more than a year before finally giving up the, seat ,after losing in court. This ultimately would lead to a collapse of support for
  36. A just master ", and converted" Charles James Stuart" into" Claims Arthur's, seat ," (even at that point in time, the letters I and J were more-or-less
  37. When Basis was in power (450/1058. ) In the 14th century Ana was the, seat ,of a Catholics, primate of the Persians (Marin Santa). In 1610 Pietro Della
  38. Applications include children's clothing, toys,aircraft and automobile, seat ,covers. It is also used in the fiberglass composites industry as an additive to
  39. Civil War, but were did not take office: Lewis E. Parsons was refused his, seat ,because Alabama had not yet been reconstructed, and John A. Winston would not
  40. Up the throne. Ahmed voluntarily led his nephew Mahmud I (1730–54) to the, seat ,of sovereignty and paid allegiance to him as Sultan of the Empire. He then
  41. The city showcased the power and prestige of Greek rule, and became a, seat ,of learning and culture, centered at the famous Library of Alexandria. The
  42. Asia. He soon prepared to march to the conquest of Turkestan, the original, seat ,of his ancestors. With a powerful army he advanced to the banks of the Oxus.
  43. To annex Algiers to the Ottoman Empire. Algiers from this time became the chief, seat ,of the Barbary pirates. In October 1541 in the Algiers expedition, the King of
  44. Of the seat of his bishopric to Amesbury Abbey. Herman wished to move the, seat ,of his see, but Edward refused permission for the move. Alfred was a close
  45. Parties, Musavat and Azerbaijani Popular Front Party, failed to win a single, seat , European observers found numerous irregularities in the run-up to the election
  46. To fall into the Lombards' hands was Forum Multi (Dividable del Frills),the, seat ,of the local magister minimum. Alboin's decision to create a duchy and
  47. In 1864. When Lincoln vetoed the bill, the Radicals retaliated by refusing to, seat ,representatives elected from Louisiana, Arkansas,and Tennessee. Lincoln's
  48. Recalling the trillium of the Lateran Palace at Rome, in which is placed the, seat ,of the arguments or abbot. This apartment is chiefly used as a hall of meeting
  49. Left with the death of John Patron, but the Republican Congress eliminated the, seat , Johnson also appointed one judge to the United States Court of Claims, Samuel
  50. Life-force),and a name. The heart, rather than the brain, was considered the, seat ,of thoughts and emotions. After death, the spiritual aspects were released from

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