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  1. Slogan Milosevic organized coups in Vojvodina, Kosovo and Montenegro to, install ,authorities who would be loyal to his cause. Croatia declared independence from
  2. In Utah (most notably judges),U. S. President James Buchanan decided to, install ,a non-Mormon governor. Buchanan accepted the reports of the judges without any
  3. Standard four-wire phone cabling. Phoneme was considerably less expensive to, install ,and maintain. Ethernet and Token Ring was also supported, known as Ethereal
  4. Place because US intelligence had been convinced that the Soviets would never, install ,nuclear missiles in Cuba. The COMM quickly discussed several possible courses
  5. Sony ATTAC format. It always has a. WAV file extension. To open these files, install ,the ATRAC3 drivers. * Au – the standard audio file format used by Sun, Unix and
  6. Attack, or send documents via e-mail. A very common payload for worms is to, install ,a backdoor in the infected computer to allow the creation of a" zombie "
  7. In 1069,when the northern then rebelled against William and attempted to, install ,Edgar the Ætheling as king, Ealdred continued to support William. Alfred was
  8. Currently available and are not necessary for a standard install ation. Another, install ,method is via a net install CD which is much smaller than a normal install
  9. Car: assume that certain steps in the assembly line are to install the engine, install ,the hood, and install the wheels (in that order, with arbitrary interstitial
  10. Fully intended to continue Hippias's rule. In the meantime, Cleomenes helped, install ,a pro-Spartan tyranny under Sagas in Athens, in opposition to Cleisthenes
  11. Entering World War I as one of the Allied nations. *1921 – The British, install ,the son of Sharif Hussein bin Ali (leader of the Arab Revolt of 1916 against
  12. By both Sargon and Naram-Sin, to maintain control of the country, was to, install ,their daughters, Enheduanna and Emmenanna respectively, as high priestess to
  13. Contain all packages currently available and are not necessary for a standard, install , Another install method is via a net install CD which is much smaller than a
  14. No person shall, except under and in accordance with a radio authorization, install , operate or possess radio apparatus, other than (b)a radio apparatus that is
  15. Of the Sumerian moon deity, Nanna, at Your, in the extreme south of Summer; to, install ,sons as provincial ENSI governors in strategic locations; and to marry their
  16. Support for Bluetooth 1.1,2.0 and 2.0+EDR. Previous versions required users to, install ,their Bluetooth adapter's own drivers, which were not directly supported by
  17. Bottom, either at low tide or by use of a diver. Hence, they can be difficult to, install ,in deep water without special equipment. Weight for weight, screw anchors have
  18. On the user's computer to automatically download, unpack,compile, test,and, install ,modules. It is also capable of updating itself. More recently, an effort to
  19. To as AC-130U Plus 4 or AC-130U+4. ASSOC, however,canceled its plans to, install ,the new cannons on its fleet of AC-130Us. It has since removed the guns and
  20. Modules can check a distribution's dependencies and can be set to recursively, install ,any prerequisites, either automatically or with individual user approval. Both
  21. Have sound cards built-in to the motherboard, though it is common for a user to, install ,a separate sound card as an upgrade. Most sound cards, either built-in or added
  22. European releases on EMI/Capitol Records released in Europe, and it does not, install ,spyware or any form of permanent software. The band stated in mid-2006 that
  23. From 1125 to 1126,he was on campaign against Granada, where he was trying to, install ,a Christian prince, and Córdoba, where got only as far as Motrin. In 1127,he
  24. Promised to build him a new laboratory building. Heidelberg had just begun to, install ,coal-gas street lighting, so the new laboratory building was also supplied with
  25. Running alongside the border to make them impassable to most vehicles and to, install ,barbed wire entanglements and fences along the around the three western sectors
  26. Steps in the assembly line are to install the engine, install the hood, and, install , the wheels (in that order, with arbitrary interstitial steps); only one of
  27. Such as Microsoft's Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook programs, may, install , and execute the worm as soon as the e-mail message is viewed. Once executed
  28. In embedded systems and the IBM server series mainframes. The Debian standard, install ,makes use of the GNOME desktop environment. It includes popular programs such
  29. Was so bad that the interior smelled, and when a decision was taken to, install ,gas lamps, there was a serious worry about the build-up of gas on the lower
  30. Value of centralized director firing of guns. The Royal Navy was prompted to, install ,director firing systems to cruisers and destroyers where it had not thus far
  31. As never before" Cuba During Angola's civil war Cuban forces fought to, install ,a Marxist-Leninist PLANT government, against Western-backed UNITS and FLEA
  32. The game is also highly customizable on the player's end, allowing the user to, install ,or even create their own custom skins, HUDs, sprites,and sound effects, given
  33. Useful worms. The Nacho family of worms, for example, tried to download and, install ,patches from Microsoft's website to fix vulnerabilities in the host system–by
  34. See System Locked Pre install ation). If a user performs a fresh, install ,of Windows, they will need to have possession of both the OEM key and the
  35. Engineers to design microchips. Apple also introduced Boot Camp to help users, install ,Windows XP or Windows Vista on their Intel Macs alongside Mac OS X. Apple's
  36. Dish, either dessert or savory * Cobbler (software),a network-oriented, install ,server for Linux *" The Cobblers ", a nickname for Northampton Town F. C.
  37. Stricter neighborhood ordinances/association rules, and are generally easier to, install ,(the window design and install ation part itself becomes much less of an
  38. Used less of the hardware RAM to run, and used less of the disk space to, install , Besides improving performance, it was a boon to developers: executable
  39. Program and feature package files from repositories on the Internet. Setup can, install , update, and remove programs and their source code packages. A full
  40. Allowance for each unit of a designated pollutant it emits. Operators can then, install ,pollution control equipment, and sell portions of their emissions allowances
  41. With the United States. During Angola's civil war, Cuban forces fought to, install ,a Marxist-Leninist PLANT government; against Western-backed UNITS and FLEA
  42. Asteroids was so popular that video arcade operators sometimes had to, install ,larger boxes to hold the number of coins that were spent by players. Asteroids
  43. In such equipment. The intention is to give operators economic incentives to, install ,pollution controls. The first emissions trading market was established in the
  44. Is mainly an interactive shell which can be used to search for, download,and, install ,distributions. An interactive shell called can is also provided in the Perl
  45. The Children's Internet Protection Act (CIA). Other libraries do not, install ,content control software, believing that acceptable use policies and
  46. Browser window. It is intended for use by people who are unwilling or unable to, install ,a standalone application or those at computers that lack the AIM application.
  47. The assembly of a car: assume that certain steps in the assembly line are to, install ,the engine, install the hood, and install the wheels (in that order, with
  48. Port on any chip, unlike most other Commodore drives, it is not possible to, install ,a parallel cable in this drive, such as that used by Speed DOS, Dolphin DOS and
  49. Dozens of pilgrims were trampled to death. In 1999 the communities agreed to, install ,a new exit door in the church, but there was never any report of this door
  50. Important political force in Rome. They had the power to intimidate the Senate, install ,new emperors, and depose ones they disliked; the last emperor they served was

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