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  1. n) P (n). For example, the prime number theorem states that the number of, prime ,numbers less than or equal to N is asymptotically equal to N/LN N. Therefore
  2. Or just minute) is 1/60 of a degree 1/3600 turn. It is denoted by a single, prime ,(′). For example,3° 30′ is equal to 3 + 30/60 degrees, or 3.5 degrees. A
  3. Sets. **Stone's representation theorem for Boolean algebras needs the Boolean, prime ,ideal theorem. **The Nielsen–Schrader theorem, that every subgroup of a free
  4. Merged to become the National Peasant Party. Julia Mani (1873–1953) was, prime ,minister with an agrarian cabinet from 1928 to 1930,but the Great Depression
  5. Rests with the Council of Ministers (cabinet). The Chairman of the Council (, prime ,minister) is appointed by the president; ministers are nominated by the
  6. Up one of the most scenic districts of the city. It remains a traditionally, prime ,tourist destination with a number of picturesque taverns, live performances
  7. Product and, therefore,it must also be a first degree polynomial. Relatively, prime ,polynomials and roots For any field F, if two polynomials p (x),q (x) ∈ FX
  8. Degree is at least 1 without roots. Then p (x) and p (x) are not relatively, prime , but they have no common roots (since none of them has roots). Other
  9. In Antigua and Barbuda by a governor general who acts on the advice of the, prime ,minister and the cabinet. | | Legislative branch Antigua and Barbuda elects on
  10. Create art that can not be bought by the wealthy as a status object. One of the, prime ,original motivators of much of the art of the late 1960s and 1970s was to
  11. Roots For any field F, if two polynomials p (x),q (x) ∈ FX are relatively, prime ,then they don't have a common root, for if a ∈ F was a common root, then p (x
  12. From 1918 to 1929; during the dictatorship of the 1930s,it furnished the, prime ,minister. Poland In Poland Coleslaw Ivanovski thought deeply about Agrarianism
  13. Appointed for a six-year term by the monarch, and the prime minister and deputy, prime ,minister are elected by the Staten (or" Parliament" ) for four-year terms.
  14. By the president; ministers are nominated by the president on the basis of the, prime ,minister's recommendation. The People's Assembly must give final approval of
  15. Is 1/60 of a minute of arc and 1/3600 of a degree. It is denoted by a double, prime ,(″). For example,3° 7′ 30″ is equal to 3 + 7/60 + 30/3600 degrees, or 3.125
  16. Is not in session, and appoint the Chairman of the Council of Ministers (, prime ,minister). Executive power rests with the Council of Ministers (cabinet).
  17. And dialect The sociolinguistic situation of Arabic in modern times provides a, prime ,example of the linguistic phenomenon of diglossia, which is the normal use of
  18. To call an election for January 1874. The Liberals won, and Mackenzie remained, prime ,minister until the 1878 election when Macdonald's Conservatives returned to
  19. Such that whenever two polynomials have no common root then they are relatively, prime ,) are precisely the algebraically closed fields. If the field F is
  20. Almost. A simple example is that almost all prime numbers are odd. (Two is a, prime ,number. ) When speaking about the reals, sometimes it means" all reals but a
  21. Closed, let p (x) and q (x) two polynomials which are not relatively, prime ,and let r (x) be their greatest common divisor. Then, since r (x) is not
  22. Of Soviet Azerbaijan, Heydar Alien. In 1994,Surat Human, by that time a, prime ,minister, attempted another military coup against Hadar Alien, but Human
  23. Almost surely) and write: (\formally\nifty n) P (n). For example,the, prime ,number theorem states that the number of prime numbers less than or equal to N
  24. Yields 0). Euclid's original proof adds a third: the two lengths are not, prime ,to one another. Euclid stipulated this so that he could construct a reduction ad
  25. First-order sentences in a given signature is weaker, equivalent to the Boolean, prime ,ideal theorem; see the section" Weaker forms" below. Category theory There
  26. Degree have roots J. Shipman showed in 2007 that if every polynomial over F of, prime ,degree has a root in F, then every non-constant polynomial has a root in F
  27. The governor of Aruba is appointed for a six-year term by the monarch, and the, prime ,minister and deputy prime minister are elected by the Staten (or" Parliament
  28. Formally, a cocountable set); see almost. A simple example is that almost all, prime ,numbers are odd. (Two is a prime number. ) When speaking about the reals
  29. Order to maintain party unity and ensure the loyalty of his fellow Liberals. As, prime ,minister, he asked the soldier accompanying him if he knew the thickness of the
  30. In Sunburn, Victoria. This was before the matches had started. The, prime ,evidence for this theory was provided by a descendant of Clarke. The contents
  31. Majority party in the House and conducts affairs of state with the cabinet. The, prime ,minister and the cabinet are responsible to the Parliament. Elections must be
  32. Pětka coalition. The party's leader Antonin Sheila (1873–1933) was, prime ,minister several times. The party was banned. Romania In Romania, in 1919 older
  33. While Nicolaus' algorithm is the same as Euclid's, when the numbers are, prime ,to one another it yields the number" 1" for their common measure. So to be
  34. Explain. The Catholic journal Le novelist reported that she named him the, prime ,witness of her cure. Alexis Carrel refused to discount a supernatural
  35. Because they drained into the Arctic Ocean instead of Hudson Bay, and they were, prime ,habitat for fur-bearing animals. The first explorer of the Athabasca region was
  36. Aesthetically appealing to a majority of viewers. In other words, an artist's, prime ,motivation need not be the pursuit of the aesthetic. Also, art often depicts
  37. Elections must be held at least every five years but may be called by the, prime ,minister at any time. There are special legislative provisions to account for
  38. Of a Jewish presence on the island before the 18th century. The current, prime ,minister of the island nation, Mike Man, is of Jewish descent. Average daily
  39. In meetings and be involved in the minutiae of mission planning, while the, prime ,and backup crews trained. They also served as captors during the mission. For
  40. x) would both be multiples of x − a, and therefore they would not relatively, prime , The fields for which the reverse implication holds (that is, the fields such
  41. Theory" ) of his Elements. Euclid poses the problem:" Given two numbers not, prime ,to one another, to find their greatest common measure ". He defines" A number
  42. In Km can be written as a product of irreducible polynomials. Polynomials of, prime ,degree have roots J. Shipman showed in 2007 that if every polynomial over F of
  43. Module. Aldrin was originally the backup LMP. When Lovell was rotated to the, prime ,crew, no one with experience on CSM 103 (the specific spacecraft used for the
  44. 1 ex-officio member and 1 Speaker. The Senate has 17 appointed members. The, prime ,minister is the leader of the majority party in the House and conducts affairs
  45. The size of the international market. " According to the estimate of a former, prime ,minister, Hrant Agrarian,55 percent of Armenia's GDP is controlled by 44
  46. His analytical engine. Luigi Mens rea, a young Italian engineer, and future, prime ,minister of Italy, wrote up Babbage's lecture in French, and this transcript
  47. Caesar deposited a new will with the Vestal Virgins, naming Octavius as the, prime ,beneficiary. Rise to power Heir to Caesar At the time Caesar was killed on the
  48. Of choice. Other choice axioms weaker than axiom of choice include the Boolean, prime ,ideal theorem and the axiom of uniformization. The former is equivalent in ZF
  49. Costello, French anthropologist (b. 1912) *1991 – Shakur Akhtar, Iranian, prime , minister (assassinated) (b. 1915) * 1991 – Roland Kitchener, Canadian
  50. Augustus arranged a system where the Senate designated three of its members as, prime ,commissioners in charge of the water supply and to ensure that Rome's

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