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  1. S in S, repeatedly subtract the measuring number s in S from the remaining, length ,r in R.: 7 IF S > R THEN done measuring so GOT 10 ELSE measure again, : 8 R ← R
  2. Later discussion).: 5 R ← S: 6 S ← L E1: Find remainder: Until the remaining, length ,r in R is less than the shorter length s in S, repeatedly subtract the
  3. Tamworth proposes that a measure of the complexity of a program be the, length ,of its correctness proof. Measuring and improving the Euclid algorithms
  4. Were grown for the fibers of their stems. These fibers were split along their, length ,and spun into thread, which was used to weave sheets of linen and to make
  5. Lies between latitudes 38° and 42° N, and longitudes 44° and 51° E. The total, length ,of Azerbaijan's land borders is, of which 1007 kilometers are with Armenia
  6. His druids for his formidable fighting abilities, his weapon of choice being a, length ,of bike chain. He later becomes a police officer, exacting his revenge on Alex
  7. E1: Find remainder: Until the remaining length r in R is less than the shorter, length ’s in S, repeatedly subtract the measuring number s in S from the remaining
  8. Were different phonemes in the first syllable. Starting et al. (2003) treat, length ,together with pitch as a prosaic feature. Prosody As reconstructed by
  9. Is characterized by a range of steep mountains that extend along the entire, length ,of the coast, separating it from the inland Anatolian plateau. In the west, the
  10. And Lake Louise, with mountain ranges and glaciers on either side of its entire, length , Another major corridor through central Alberta is Highway 11 (also known as
  11. 19° and 21° E (a small area lies east of 21°). Albania's coastline, length ,is and extends along the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. The lowlands of the west
  12. Minuend − Subtrahend),the minuend can become s (the new measuring, length ,) and the subtrahend can become the new r (the length to be measured); in
  13. Integer not including 0. And to" measure" is to place a shorter measuring, length ’s successively (q times) along longer length l until the remaining portion r
  14. It uses successive subtractions of the shorter length s from the remaining, length ,r until r is less than s. The high-level description, shown in boldface, is
  15. With Russia and 15 kilometers with Turkey. The coastline stretches for, and the, length ,of the widest area of the Azerbaijani section of the Caspian Sea is. The
  16. Above has a time requirement of O (n),using the big O notation with n as the, length ,of the list. At all times the algorithm only needs to remember two values: the
  17. Algorithms in some loosely defined aesthetic sense. One criterion... is the, length ,of time taken to perform the algorithm.... Other criteria are adaptability of
  18. Current that will produce an attractive force of 2 × 10–7 newton per meter of, length ,between two straight, parallel conductors of infinite length and negligible
  19. To multicellular forms, such as the giant helps that grow to 65 meters in, length , They are photosynthetic like plants, and " simple" because their tissues are
  20. The surface waters. However, only 24 of the 8,350 rivers are greater than in, length , Landscape Azerbaijan is home to a vast variety of landscapes. Over half of
  21. Sometimes written with a macron and breve today: Ᾱᾱ, Ᾰᾰ. In Modern Greek, vowel, length , has been lost, and all instances of alpha represent the short. In the poly tonic
  22. Region in central Anatolia. They mostly have a white, silky,medium to long, length ,coat, no undercoat and a fine bone structure. There seems to be a connection
  23. Along the sea bottom. These amphibians were as much as one to five meters in, length , However, amphibians never developed the ability to live their entire lives on
  24. 2 Initialize R: make the remaining length r equal to the starting/initial/input, length ,l R ← L E0: Insure r ≥ s.: 3 Insure the smaller of the two numbers is in S and
  25. The Macedonian phalanx, armed with the Carissa, a spear six meters in, length , had been developed and perfected by Philip II through rigorous training, At
  26. Been amended time and time again since the inception of the law to extend the, length ,of this fixed period where the work is exclusively controlled by the copyright
  27. Reds, various browns, and the charophytes. — some of which may reach 50 m in, length ,(helps)—the red algae, and the green algae. The most complex forms are found
  28. Division to find the remainder it uses successive subtractions of the shorter, length ’s from the remaining length r until r is less than s. The high-level
  29. Contrastive in Standard Arabic. It bears a strong relationship to vowel, length , The basic rules for Modern Standard Arabic are: * A final vowel, long or short
  30. One criticism of the current constitution claims that its complexity and, length ,were intentional to codify segregation and racism. Alabama is divided into
  31. At the end of a woody stem. Only in a few cases are leaves produced along the, length ,of the stem. The flowers are often at the tip of the stem and are mainly of a
  32. Liquid alkanes are highly flammable, although this risk decreases with the, length ,of the carbon chain. Pentane, hexane, heptane,and octane are classed as
  33. Is to place a shorter measuring length s successively (q times) along longer, length ,l until the remaining portion r is less than the shorter length s. In modern
  34. His own words," said goodbye to all that in 70,000 words" ( the approximate, length ,of his four principal children's books),he had no intention of producing any
  35. Thought to have been lost, until scenes from the picture were shown at some, length ,in the 2006 documentary Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis. Warhol's
  36. Along longer length l until the remaining portion r is less than the shorter, length ’s. In modern words, remainder r = l − q*s, q being the quotient, or remainder r
  37. That represent the two length s: INPUT L, S: 2 Initialize R: make the remaining, length ,r equal to the starting/initial/input length l R ← L E0: Insure r ≥ s.: 3
  38. By steep ranges, known as the Taurus mountains, that run along the entire, length ,of the coast. The Taurus Mountains (Torso Dagmar) are Anatolia's second
  39. Chiara to Anna no Yo no NASA, produced by Masada in 1933. The first feature, length ,animated film was Momotaro's Divine Sea Warriors directed by SEO in 1945 with
  40. Such as the pre-VMS DEC operating systems, along with CP/M, tracked file, length ,only in units of disk blocks and used Control-Z (SUB) to mark the end of the
  41. The amount of current that generates a force of two dunes per centimeter of, length ,between two wires one centimeter apart. The size of the unit was chosen so that
  42. If the crew had not burned the engine or the burn had not lasted the planned, length ,of time, the crew would appear early from behind the Moon. However, this time
  43. Are usually odd-numbered, between twenty-seven and thirty-three carbon atoms in, length ,Ecological relations One example, in which both plant and animal alkanes play a
  44. S (the new measuring length ) and the subtrahend can become the new r (the, length ,to be measured); in other words the" sense" of the subtraction reverses.
  45. Words, it is the world's the longest constitution and is roughly forty times the, length ,of the U. S. Constitution. There is a significant movement to rewrite and
  46. Per meter of length between two straight, parallel conductors of infinite, length ,and negligible circular cross-section placed one meter apart in a vacuum ". In
  47. Through November 2011. Am or am may refer to: * Attometer (am),a unit of, length ,(equal to 10−18 m) * am, a form of the verb to be used as a Copula (
  48. Of about. A great rift valley also extends along the ridge over most of its, length , The depth of water at the apex of the ridge is less than in most places, the
  49. However with true wax, which consists primarily of esters. Alkanes with a chain, length ,of approximately 35 or more carbon atoms are found in bitumen, used,for
  50. Of the walls. Adobe bricks are laid by course. Each course is laid the whole, length ,of the wall, overlapping at the corners on a layer of adobe mortar. Adobe walls

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