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  1. Economic system of the former Soviet Union contributed to a severe economic, decline ,in the early 1990s. By 1994,however, the Armenian Government had launched an
  2. From the Knights of Saint John. Modern times With the beginning of the slow, decline ,of the Ottoman Empire in the early 19th century, and as a result of the
  3. Leaders, and urban progressives; they sought solutions for rural economic, decline , social stagnation, and the depopulation of the countryside. Americans In
  4. The difference can be accounted for through technology, and less so via the, decline ,in labor unions and other factors. Angles Particular care must be taken when
  5. The Scholastic sciences and to Alchemy, in theory, practice and doctrine. The, decline ,of alchemy continued in the 18th century with the birth of modern chemistry
  6. Languages such as FORTRAN, and use standard ASCII. Notwithstanding this, decline , APL finds continued use in certain fields, such as accounting research.
  7. To the J programming language, which offers more advanced features. Lastly,the, decline ,was also due in part to the growth of MATLAB, GNU Octave, and Sci lab. These
  8. Are ecological indicators, and in recent decades there has been a dramatic, decline ,in amphibian populations around the globe. Many species are now threatened or
  9. In 1453, it was conquered by the Ottoman Empire and entered a long period of, decline , Following the Greek War of Independence, Athens was chosen as the capital of
  10. As a whole, but the individual selected to receive the special award may, decline ,the offer. They are not always presented on a consistent annual basis. Current
  11. When the anxiety or level of arousal exceeds that optimum, the result is a, decline ,in performance. Test anxiety is the uneasiness, apprehension,or nervousness
  12. There are more than seventy underground churches. The nation has experienced a, decline ,in Christianity as a result of Islamization for over a millennium. Algeria had
  13. Land transformed by humans vary from 39 to 50 %. Land degradation, the long-term, decline ,in ecosystem function and productivity, is estimated to be occurring on 24 % of
  14. After the break-up of the USSR. The rates of emigration and population, decline , however, have decreased drastically in recent years, and a moderate influx
  15. While farmers in Mali and other third-world countries do without. When prices, decline , the heavily subsidized US farmer is not forced to reduce his output, making it
  16. Be considered that Osman became independent of the Mongol Khans. After the, decline ,of the Khanate from 1335 to 1353,the Mongol Empire's legacy in the region was
  17. However, Athens,like many other Bronze Age settlements, went into economic, decline ,for around 150 years following this. Iron Age burials, in the Karamazov and
  18. It had been hoped that his election as Grand Master would reverse the, decline ,of the Teutonic Knights since 1410; Duke Frederick of Saxony of the House of
  19. Rhine also wrote about. In 1757 the physician EU Dan described the further, decline ,of acupuncture, saying it was a lost art, with few experts to instruct; its
  20. Views, which was in-line with the average of the previous ten years, but a, decline ,from the 29 % of the early sixties. The survey concluded that education was a
  21. Form of Sports car racing from 1976,with prototypes going into a general, decline ,apart from Porsche 936 domination at Le Mans and a lower-key series of races
  22. Series underwent a large boom in popularity in the 1990s. This coincided with a, decline ,of popularity in American Championship Car Racing. The FISA decided to separate
  23. Over the film: some see it as an example of Kurosawa's alleged artistic, decline , while others count it among his finest works. Although proposals for
  24. Operating system, AOL was bundled with Windows software. Change in focus, decline , and rebranding Since its merger with Time Warner (the owners of the
  25. Defeated by its rival Sparta. By the end of Late Antiquity the city experienced, decline ,followed by recovery in the second half of the Middle Byzantine Period (
  26. States, as did the number of reported cases of Reye's syndrome; a similar, decline ,was found in the United Kingdom after warnings against pediatric aspirin use
  27. Were eminent in their other studies include Roger Bacon, and Tycho Brahe. The, decline ,of Western alchemy The demise of Western alchemy was brought about by the rise
  28. Also tend to emphasize that Alexander's health may have been in general, decline ,after years of heavy drinking and his suffering severe wounds (including one
  29. Of violence and disease epidemics caused the indigenous Algerian population to, decline ,by nearly one-third from 1830 to 1872. Between 1825 and 1847,50,000 French
  30. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Egyptian pagan culture was in, decline ,after the rise of Christianity and later Islam, but interest in Egyptian
  31. Led by Prince Jahangir, was suppressed in 667. The power vacuum left by the, decline ,of the Abbasid Caliphate was filled by numerous local dynasties such as the
  32. Has been little apparent demand for more sophisticated assemblers since the, decline ,of large-scale assembly language development. In spite of that, they are still
  33. Anatolia became part of the dominion of the Mongols. Taking advantage of Seljuk, decline , a semi religious cast of craftsmen and trade people named While chose Ankara
  34. Intermediate Period during the later 13th and 14th dynasties. During this, decline , the foreign Asiatic settlers began to seize control of the delta region
  35. In December 2010,AIM eliminated access to AOL chat rooms noting a marked, decline ,of patronage in recent months. * On February 7,2011,AOL bought The Huffington
  36. Of US assistance to Armenia remained near 2009 levels; however, longer-term, decline , continued. The original Millennium Challenge Account commitment for $235
  37. Albania and Albanians Got Talent. Health care has been in a steep, decline ,after the collapse of socialism in the country, but a process of modernization
  38. Imagery destroyed. As a consequence,Egypt's pagan culture was continually in, decline , While the native population continued to speak their language, the ability to
  39. To Augustus, though often, to display humility, newly appointed Emperors would, decline ,one or more of the honorifics given to Augustus. Just as often, as their reign
  40. Was not as commercially successful as its predecessors, showing a commercial, decline ,in previously loyal markets such as France, Australia or Japan. A track from
  41. Was a skilled political administrator and leader, and effectively reversed the, decline ,of the Teutonic Order, until he betrayed it by transforming the order's lands
  42. Albatrosses and other seabirds (petrels, auks ), hastening the fish stock, decline ,and contributing to international disputes. Municipal pollution comes from the
  43. Reached a cricketing peak in the 1990s and early 2000s,coupled with a general, decline ,in England's fortunes. After re-establishing its credibility in 1989
  44. Catholics and evangelical Protestants. There has been a problem of population, decline ,due to elevated levels of emigration after the break-up of the USSR. The rates
  45. Prognosis Most cases of MND progress quite quickly, with noticeable, decline ,occurring over the course of months. Although symptoms may present in one
  46. Of some mixed-gender communities. Since the 1960s there has been a sharp, decline ,in the number of professed religious in most parts of the Anglican Communion
  47. Nile floods later in his reign, strained the economy and precipitated the slow, decline ,into the Second Intermediate Period during the later 13th and 14th dynasties.
  48. But Grand makes an unexpected recovery, and deaths from the plague start to, decline , Part five By late January, the plague is in full retreat, and the townspeople
  49. New Kingdom, in the Reside period, after which it entered a period of slow, decline , Egypt was conquered by a succession of foreign powers in this late period. In
  50. Into a proxy force for Pakistan's regional interests which the Taliban, decline , The Taliban seized Kabul on September 27, 1996,and established the Islamic

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