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  1. At room temperature. Because Sabine is thermodynamically unstable (positive, heat ,of formation),antimony does not react with hydrogen directly. Organoantimony
  2. The spacecraft rotating about once per hour along its long axis to ensure even, heat ,distribution across the surface of the spacecraft. In direct sunlight, the
  3. Cfrac ~; ~~ \gamma: \COFRAC ~; ~~ c^2 = \COFRAC ~. Where c_p is the specific, heat ,at constant pressure, c_v is the specific heat at constant volume, and c is the
  4. Titanium, and nickel can be strengthened to some degree by some method of, heat ,treatment, but few respond to this to the same degree that steel does. Meteoric
  5. Convection) before they warm through to the interior and begin to transfer, heat ,to the living space. After the sun sets and the temperature drops, the warm
  6. Become less hot than darker surfaces, reducing their contribution to the urban, heat ,island effect. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI, ) is a private
  7. Container of board conductor, air-to-air radiators, fuel-oil,air-to-air, heat ,exchangers and ventilators In early 2008,reports indicated that an agreement
  8. Of which are very similar to that of soy milk and some of which actually use no, heat , resulting in" raw milk" ( see raw Fordism). The Marconi variety of almond
  9. Living space. The massive walls require a large and relatively long input of, heat ,from the sun (radiation) and from the surrounding air (convection) before
  10. By hot days and cool nights, the high thermal mass of adobe levels out the, heat ,transfer through the wall to the living space. The massive walls require a
  11. Clear demonstration that quantum mechanics could solve the specific, heat ,problem in classical mechanics. Peter Deb ye refined this model. Adiabatic
  12. Liquid crystals are examples of anisotropic liquids. Some materials conduct, heat ,in a way that is isotropic, that is independent of spatial orientation around
  13. Can be made light-colored. Roads made with lighter-colored pitch absorb less, heat ,from solar radiation, and become less hot than darker surfaces, reducing their
  14. By plastic deformation, some alloys can also have their properties altered by, heat ,treatment. Nearly all metals can be softened by annealing, which repairs the
  15. Hills for protection against the wind, and greenhouses with internal light and, heat ,for protection against the cold outside and to provide light in cloudy areas.
  16. Members, and were constructed of mud-brick designed to remain cool in the, heat ,of the day. Each home had a kitchen with an open roof, which contained a
  17. To the same degree that steel does. Meteoric iron could be forged from a red, heat ,to make objects such as tools, weapons,and nails. In many cultures it was
  18. In South America). Thermal properties An adobe wall can serve as a significant, heat ,reservoir due to the thermal properties inherent in the massive walls typical
  19. Osmosis water processors, PET film insulation or other insulation against, heat ,and cold, digging ditches and hills for protection against the wind, and
  20. Hot year round. After sunset, however,the clear, dry air permits rapid loss of, heat , and the nights are cool to chilly. Enormous daily ranges in temperature are
  21. Achieve approximately 12.8 kW·h/kg (46.1 MJ/kg). (Compare this to the, heat ,of reaction,31 MJ/kg, and the Gibbs free energy of reaction,29 MJ/kg. )
  22. Waters and water currents as well as winds. Because of the ocean's great, heat ,retention capacity, maritime climates are more moderate and have less extreme
  23. Of the bloomers process. The ability to modify the hardness of steel by, heat ,treatment had been known since 1100 BC, and the rare material was valued for
  24. The halogen radicals form by hemolysis. Usually, energy in the form of, heat ,or light is required. * Chain reaction or Propagation then takes place—the
  25. Set on fire, in order to prevent the Styrofoam“ stones” from melting in the, heat , the art department coated the surface with four layers of cement, then painted
  26. Sets and the temperature drops, the warm wall will then continue to transfer, heat ,to the interior for several hours due to the time lag effect. Thus, a
  27. Users produce tactile materials, for example diagrams and maps, by applying, heat ,to special swell paper. * Scanner. A device used in conjunction with OCR
  28. Generators, for example in spacecraft. Although americium produces less, heat ,and electricity – the power yield is 114.7 mW/g for 241Am and 6.31 mW/g for
  29. The city's notorious heat waves. The city of Athens is affected by the urban, heat ,island effect in some areas which is caused by human activity, altering its
  30. That may or may not be homogeneous in distribution, depending on thermal (, heat ,treatment) history. Alloys usually have different properties from those of the
  31. This meteorological station are less affected or do not experience the urban, heat ,island Athens holds the World Meteorological Organization record for the
  32. Strong acids, halogen acids, chlorine,or fluorine. It should be kept away from, heat , Antimony leaches from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles into liquids.
  33. To over while the parts in shadow would be. These temperatures could cause the, heat ,shield to crack or propellant lines to burst. As it was impossible to get a
  34. Where c_p is the specific heat at constant pressure, c_v is the specific, heat ,at constant volume, and c is the wave speed. The value of \gamma is 1.4 if the
  35. In the mud on the bottom of the ocean or lake where they lived. Under the, heat ,and pressure of burial deep in the earth, the remains were transformed into
  36. Addition, the exterior of an adobe wall can be covered with glass to increase, heat ,collection. In a passive solar home, this is called a Rome wall. Adobe wall
  37. Then the familiar steeped roof as the native climate yielded more sun and, heat ,than mass amounts of snow or rain that would find use in precipitous roofs.
  38. A way that is isotropic, that is independent of spatial orientation around the, heat ,source. It is more common for heat conduction to be anisotropic, which implies
  39. Fission products of 242mAm can either directly propel the spaceship or they can, heat ,up a thrusting gas; they can also transfer their energy to a fluid and generate
  40. Spectrum Tripartite stated the following regarding Avicenna's theory on, heat ,: Psychology Avicenna's legacy in classical psychology is primarily embodied in
  41. As a result of the components of the specific alloy, but also as a result of, heat ,treatments and manufacturing processes. A lack of knowledge of these aspects
  42. Of a gas. *Fire, which is hot and dry; this corresponds to the modern idea of, heat , *Ether, which is the divine substance that makes up the heavenly spheres and
  43. Necessarily absent, with some patients finding altered sensation to touch and, heat , found in around 10 % of patients. Patients with a predominantly upper motor
  44. Before his death, he reflected on the possibility of using solar panels to, heat ,houses. Metal detector Bell is also credited with the invention of the metal
  45. Life. Another important property of aluminum alloys is their sensitivity to, heat , Workshop procedures involving heat ing are complicated by the fact that
  46. Point where they become" active participants in the drama ... The oppressive, heat ,in Stray Dog and Record of a Living Being is omnipresent and becomes thematized
  47. Cardinal symptoms and signs of any kind of inflammatory process are redness, heat , swelling, pain and loss of function. Abscesses may occur in any kind of solid
  48. Refrigerator was then revolutionary for having no moving parts and using only, heat ,as an input. On 11 November 1930,was awarded to Albert Einstein and Leo
  49. 1991-92,1992–93,and 1993-94 brought enormous hardship to a population lacking, heat ,and electric power. (The large-scale felling of trees for fuel during the
  50. Methane: :2CH4 + 3O2 → 2CO + 4H2O: CH4 + 1.5O2 → CO + 2H2O See the alkane, heat ,of formation table for detailed data. The standard enthalpy change of

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