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  1. Not particularly intelligent, yet helpful in his way of being fooled by the, criminal ,and for his tendency to unknowingly" stumble" onto the truth. Hastings
  2. Are carried out not only by the Taliban militants but also by powerful, criminal ,gangs. Drugs from Afghanistan are exported to Iran, Pakistan,Russia, India
  3. Which were first observed in the 1960s. Turing's homosexuality resulted in a, criminal ,prosecution in 1952,when homosexual acts were still illegal in the United
  4. Depending on the specific rules in force. In the U. S. federal court system, criminal ,defendants must file a notice of appeal within 10 days of the entry of either
  5. In droves and who would not have done so under normal circumstances. Cottar,a, criminal ,remorseful enough to attempt suicide yet fearful of being arrested, becomes
  6. Made a material difference in the trial. Another issue suitable for appeal in, criminal ,cases is effective assistance of counsel. If a defendant has been convicted and
  7. The death penalty to be imposed. As a young boy, Tarrou attended one day of a, criminal ,proceeding in which a man was on trial for his life. However, the idea of
  8. Both accidental and deliberate abortions of this kind can be subject to, criminal ,liability in many countries. In Southeast Asia, there is an ancient tradition
  9. The appellant is the defendant or prosecution. Direct or collateral: Appealing, criminal ,convictions in the United States Many jurisdictions recognize two types of
  10. Or Queen, who is the presumed plaintiff in all criminal trials. Acquittals in, criminal ,cases in Canada also are appealable, so the style of a criminal appeal is
  11. Punished by execution, carried out by decapitation, drowning,or impaling the, criminal ,on a stake. Punishment could also be extended to the criminal 's family.
  12. The nature and parameters of the controversy to be decided by the court. In a, criminal ,case, there is usually an arraignment or some other kind of appearance before
  13. Is responsible for interpreting the Constitution and applying the law in state, criminal ,and civil cases. The highest court is the Supreme Court of Alabama. Taxes
  14. Kind of appearance before the defendant comes to court. The pleading in the, criminal ,case, which is entered on the record in open court, is usually either guilty or
  15. Acquittals in criminal cases in Canada also are appealable, so the style of a, criminal ,appeal is always the same whether the appellant is the defendant or prosecution
  16. Criminal code is as complete a register as possible of counter–motives to all, criminal ,actions that can possibly be imagined …. " Should capital punishment be legal?
  17. Word Rex or Regina, or the King or Queen, who is the presumed plaintiff in all, criminal ,trials. Acquittals in criminal cases in Canada also are appealable, so the
  18. The plaintiff within a certain strict time limit after a civil complaint or, criminal ,information or indictment has been served upon the defendant. It may have been
  19. States Many jurisdictions recognize two types of appeals, particularly in the, criminal ,context. The first is the traditional" direct" appeal in which the appellant
  20. As of rights to the Supreme Court of Canada are available, for example, in, criminal , cases where there is dissent on a point of law in a provincial court of appeal.
  21. On Alex for the abuse he once suffered under his command. *P. R. Deltoid: A, criminal ,rehabilitation social worker assigned the task of keeping Alex on the straight
  22. Subject to allowable absences, and not be subject to court judgments or, criminal ,convictions which fall under various disqualifying classifications or may
  23. Wear almost exclusively for the next four years' worth of comics; the debut of, criminal ,mastermind the Rose, in #253 (June 1984); the revelation in #258 (Nov. 1984
  24. Or other civil matters either party to a previous case may file an appeal. In, criminal ,matters, however,the state or prosecution generally has no appeal as of right.
  25. 1986 comedy by the same name) create their own scenarios involving Christie's, criminal ,skill. In the 1986 TV play, Murder by the Book, Christie herself (Dame Peggy
  26. Antoninus passed measures to facilitate the enfranchisement of slaves. In, criminal ,law, Antoninus introduced the important principle that accused persons are not
  27. Into his own hands was far from unique. In The Demean Lion, he sided with the, criminal , Miss Amy Barnaby, and saved her from having to face justice by blackmailing
  28. Law doctrine of wills *Abatement in pleading, a legal defense to civil and, criminal ,actions based purely on procedural and technical issues involving the death of
  29. S largest clients was the Illinois Central Railroad. Lincoln's most notable, criminal ,trial occurred in 1858 when he defended William" Duff" Armstrong, who was on
  30. Two distinct forms of appellate review, direct and collateral. For example,a, criminal ,defendant may be convicted in state court, and lose on direct appeal to higher
  31. Only if the appeal reaches the United States Supreme Court. In Canada, criminal ,cases, including appeals, are always styled in the form R. v. defendant, where
  32. Church unclear. United States The law of the United States, including certain, criminal ,offenses by or against U. S. nationals, such as murder, may apply to areas not
  33. And political elections. Issue #50 (June 1967) introduced the highly enduring, criminal ,mastermind the Kingpin, who would become a major force as well in the superhero
  34. Strongly objected to Speer referring to Hitler in the memoirs draft as a, criminal , Speer had predicted that were the writings to be published, he would lose a "
  35. Support for police operations. The National Police are also developing their, criminal ,investigation and forensic capabilities. The National Police has an estimated
  36. Allowing judgments to specify payments that are reasonably appropriate for most, criminal ,offenses. " The Tanneries raise a similar example, noting that a bank robber
  37. Or impaling the criminal on a stake. Punishment could also be extended to the, criminal ,'s family. Agriculture A combination of favorable geographical features
  38. S devilish clutches" as" belonging to the blackest pages of mankind's, criminal ,record ". Schopenhauer additionally maintained a marked metaphysical and
  39. An appeal brought in a particular case. Arraignment is a formal reading of a, criminal ,complaint in the presence of the defendant to inform the defendant of the
  40. While district courts only hear certain types of cases, including misdemeanor, criminal ,cases and civil cases valued up to $100,000. Local political communities have
  41. His presidency, Aliyev managed to reduce the country's unemployment, rein in, criminal ,groups, establish the fundamental institutions of independent statehood, and
  42. A similar treatment could be advantageously applied to the insane, guilty of, criminal ,acts. The French Foundation for the Study of Human Problems In 1937,Carrel
  43. The relaunch proved controversial with the Sandman being regressed to his, criminal ,ways and the" death" of Mary Jane, which was ultimately reversed due to fan
  44. Serve as the only police force available. In addition to enforcing traffic and, criminal ,law, wildlife Troopers enforce hunting and fishing regulations. Due to the
  45. Borders, especially the Durand Line, which is a disputed border often used by, criminal ,organizations and terrorists for their illegal activities. Reports in 2011
  46. The Abercrombie Forgery and later that year joined forces again to hunt down a, criminal ,known as Baron Altar. They also meet in England where Poirot often helps Lapp
  47. Such as the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which only hears appeals raised in, criminal ,cases, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which
  48. Motive for leaving it undone, in the inescapable punishment. Accordingly,the, criminal ,code is as complete a register as possible of counter–motives to all criminal
  49. Wales, and Northern Ireland, arraignment is the first of eleven stages in a, criminal ,trial, and involves the clerk of the court reading out the indictment. The
  50. 6,000 patrol officers,2,500 Taxation and Frontier Supervision officers,182, criminal , investigators and 100 financial crimes detectives and around 90 Economic

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