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  1. Sight of the" lake of unquenchable fire" into which they are destined to be, cast , The Early Church: 4th and 5th centuries Gregory of Nyasa discusses the
  2. In an elaborate dedication ceremony, was the largest single piece of aluminum, cast ,at the time, when aluminum was as expensive as silver. The Cowley companies
  3. Andrei Ruble, Tarkovsky dismissed color film as a" commercial gimmick" and, cast ,doubt on the idea that contemporary films meaningfully use color. He claimed
  4. For Lincoln and the Republican candidates generally — the first vote I ever, cast ,for a President and State officers. " Alcott was an abolitionist and a friend
  5. In Australia in 1984,to significant public interest and critical acclaim. The, cast ,included Gary Sweet, as Donald Brahman and Hugo Weaving, as England captain
  6. Adventure video game Uninvited features a set of spells that can be, cast ,by the player, all of which end in the word" Abraham ". In the Shadow run
  7. And Celestial – – (1 Cor 15:44-42; Doctrine and Covenants, Section 76) or are, cast ,with Satan into Outer Darkness. (See Doctrine and Covenants, Section 76. )
  8. It in sacks on horse backs, and care the same three, four,or five miles, and, cast , it on the land, which doth very much better the ground for corn and grass.
  9. An object onto the screen. The screen is lit from the side so that the pins, cast ,shadows. The technique has been used to create animated films with a range of
  10. Artist selected in making an object, image video, or event. The decision to, cast ,a sculpture in bronze, for instance, inevitably effects its meaning; the work
  11. Instead the ruler of the bird kingdom and a rival to the gods. *The resourceful, cast ,: The numerous surprising developments in an Aristophanes plot, the changes in
  12. Decomposed vegetative material such as a tree limb or root and is called limb, cast ,agate due to its appearance. Torricelli agate is formed from solidified fossil
  13. Newton's theory of gravitation, and the means of Turing's own death. The, cast ,bronze bench carries in relief the text 'Alan Matheson Turing 1912–1954 ', and
  14. The aluminum metal then sinks to the bottom and is tapped off, usually, cast , into large blocks called aluminum billets for further processing. At the anode
  15. Anchors * Mud weight: Consists of a blunt heavy weight, usually cast iron or, cast ,lead, that will sink into the mud and resist lateral movement. Suitable only
  16. Heyman, David Barron, David Yates and Mike Newell, shared with Harry Potter, cast ,and crew) Independent Spirit Awards: Venice Film Festival: Saturn Awards:
  17. Means of colonial expansion. United States The doctrine that no man can, cast ,off his native allegiance without the consent of his sovereign was early
  18. By way of warning, that philosophers with nuanced thoughts will likely be, cast ,aside in favor of those whose conclusions more intuitively match popular
  19. Entirely on the strength of his support in the North and West, no ballots were, cast ,for him in ten of the fifteen Southern slave states, and he won only two of 996
  20. The work becomes something different from how it might be if it had been, cast ,in gold or plastic or chocolate, even if everything else about the artwork
  21. Asteropaeus, son of Pentagon, challenged Achilles by the river Salamander. He, cast ,two spears at once, one grazed Achilles' elbow," drawing a spurt of blood ".
  22. With his mother by his own guards—and as a mark of contempt, had their remains, cast ,into the Tiber river. He and his cousin were both grandsons of the influential
  23. Has about one-third the density and stiffness of steel. It is easily machined, cast , drawn and extruded. Corrosion resistance can be excellent due to a thin
  24. Becomes the title character’s teacher and spiritual guide," the narrative is, cast ,in the form of a chronicle studying the stages of the hero’s growing mastery
  25. In 1860. In his journal for November 6,1860,he wrote:" At Town House, and, cast , my vote for Lincoln and the Republican candidates generally — the first vote I
  26. Caesar and other Greek authors, but nevertheless gives a distinctly Western, cast ,to the speculations of which he treats. This is particularly manifest in the
  27. Guy Hamilton),based on Christie's 1962 novel. The film featured an all-star, cast ,that included Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, Geraldine Chaplin, Tony Curtis
  28. Rotteth, and will have a strong and loathsome smell; when being so rotten they, cast ,on the land, as they do their muck, and thereof springer good corn, especially
  29. The war, the critically acclaimed Drunken Angel (1948),in which Kurosawa, cast ,then-unknown actor Toshiba Minute in a starring role, cemented the director's
  30. Of Aaron, Aaron modestly shrank back and said:" Who knows whether I have not, cast ,some blemish upon this sacred oil to forfeit this high office. " Moses
  31. The top four were elected),though he received 277 of the 300 votes, cast ,in the New Salem precinct. Lincoln served as New Salem's postmaster and later
  32. Aureoles Paracelsus, ( Theophrastus Bombast us von Blenheim,1493–1541) who, cast ,alchemy into a new form, rejecting some of the occultism that had accumulated
  33. Commercial forms of antimony are generally ingots, broken pieces, granules,and, cast ,cake. Other forms are powder, shot,and single crystals. In 2005,the People's
  34. Of smiting. In another version of this story, Hera,Hephaestus' mother, had, cast , him off Olympus; deeming him ugly and deformed. His revenge was to trap her in
  35. In Prussia, before World War II). Pieces of amber torn from the seafloor are, cast ,up by the waves, and collected by hand, dredging,or diving. Elsewhere, amber
  36. Final performance of the B & B in Concert in Stockholm, Andersson joined the, cast ,for an encore at the piano. Andersson frequently adds an ABBA song to the
  37. In Black Coffee and Lord Edward Dies. Trevor said once that he was probably, cast ,as Poirot simply because he could do a French accent. Leslie S. Scott
  38. And he appears to have received a large amount of money for the vote, which he, cast ,eventually for Charles. Albert's large and liberal ideas, his friendship with
  39. Relation to the Global Financial Crisis has reaffirmed its status and, perhaps, cast , into question the utility of mainstream theories and critiques. Capital
  40. Other Temporary Anchors * Mud weight: Consists of a blunt heavy weight, usually, cast , iron or cast lead, that will sink into the mud and resist lateral movement.
  41. At the Hollywood Bowl) sculpted Gibbons's design in clay and Şahin Smith, cast ,the statuette in 92.5 percent tin and 7.5 percent copper and then gold-plated
  42. It was created is a minor streamlining of the base. The original Oscar mold was, cast ,in 1928 at the C. W. Subway & Sons Foundry in Batavia, Illinois,which also
  43. In all but one (Kirk) of the director's next 16 films. While Minute was not, cast ,as the protagonist in Drunken Angel, his explosive performance as the gangster
  44. Damiani in his Life of St Oil: a pilgrim returning from the Holy Land was, cast ,by a storm on a desolate island. A hermit living there told him that amid the
  45. Cuarón's next project found him returning to Mexico with a Spanish-speaking, cast ,to film Y TU mama ambient, starring Gael García Vernal and Diego Luna. It was a
  46. Dominion of the Mongols. Taking advantage of Seljuk decline, a semi religious, cast ,of craftsmen and trade people named While chose Ankara as their independent
  47. By the devil, and suggested that he be suffocated, although a later critic has, cast ,doubt on the veracity of this report. The earliest well-documented case of
  48. The new Chancellor was busy cleaning a pistol, which he briefly laid aside to, cast ,a short, interested glance at the plans, approving them without even looking at
  49. Republicans on the road to political dominance in the state. One million voters, cast ,ballots in the 1986 Democratic primary. The then-incumbent Lieutenant Governor
  50. An impending attack by bandits, was given a full epic treatment, with a huge, cast ,(largely consisting of veterans of previous Kurosawa productions) and

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