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  1. Has 50,000 breeding pairs of various kinds of seabirds. A high abundance and, diversity ,of sea cucumbers, over-exploited on other reefs in the region, is present, with
  2. Medicine. A 1998 study reported" There is tremendous heterogeneity and, diversity ,in content, format,and requirements among courses in complementary and
  3. By the Guaraní tribe. Abounding in rivers and shores, it offers an irresistible, diversity ,of fish species, such as dorado, pacú, surubi, boga and silverside. Widely
  4. Tropical regions of the Old World, with 15 genera and 780 species. The greatest, diversity ,occurs in South Africa, usually in arid habitats. They differ from other
  5. Ephedrine; and the antimalarial drug quinine. Although alkaloids act on a, diversity ,of metabolic systems in humans and other animals, they almost uniformly invoke
  6. Region, the Andes is the most important region in the world for amphibians. The, diversity ,of animals in the Andes is high, with almost 600 species of mammals (13 %
  7. Revolution),which to various degrees predicted declassification, diversity , knowledge-based production, and the acceleration of change (one of Löffler’s
  8. Of those marriages seem to have lasted much beyond a year. Adrian finds great, diversity ,and casts doubts on the accounts of Alexander's displays of grief, although he
  9. Variants can bind to a different target, known as an antigen. This enormous, diversity ,of antibodies allows the immune system to recognize an equally wide variety of
  10. Of the Polytechnic campus and extended education sites. His commitment to, diversity , quality in undergraduate education, research,and economic development
  11. Some traditional poly culture systems may, in fact, incorporate a greater, diversity ,of species, occupying several niches, as extensive cultures (low intensity
  12. A more nuanced view. It emphasizes the significance of early sociocultural, diversity , This research suggests that St. Christopher, Barbados,Nevis and Antigua are
  13. Festival. These cultural events in Alberta highlight the province's cultural, diversity , Most of the major cities have several performing theater companies who
  14. Some anarchists advocate a global one, while others do so by local ones. The, diversity ,in anarchism has led to widely different use of identical terms among different
  15. The United States' regional cuisine is characterized by its extreme, diversity ,and style with each region having its own distinctive cuisine. New England:
  16. Claim some of these ancient people as ancestors, contain a striking range of, diversity ,in lifestyles, social organization, language and religious beliefs. This
  17. University administrators and other campus organizations; providing cultural, diversity , educational, and social programming; establishing and working with individual
  18. Crabs, algae,and turtles. Fish. The Amazonian fish fauna is the center of, diversity ,for Neotropical fishes, of which more than 5,600 species are currently known (
  19. By the Indian Ocean and on the north by the Arctic Ocean. Given its size and, diversity , Asia – a toponym dating back to classical antiquity –" is a more cultural
  20. Until the 1980s that AAC began to emerge as an area in its own right. A great, diversity ,of diagnoses, including cerebral palsy, intellectual impairment, autism,and
  21. Arabian Peninsula. Generally, the Arabian Peninsula varieties have much more, diversity ,than the non-peninsula varieties, but have been understudied. ) Within the
  22. By random mutations in this area of the antibody gene, which create further, diversity , Antibody genes also re-organize in a process called class switching that
  23. And are sometimes called alkaloids. Extraction Because of the structural, diversity ,of alkaloids, there is no single method of their extraction from natural raw
  24. Ecoregions Anatolia's diverse topography and climate has fostered a similar, diversity ,of plant and animal communities. The mountains and coastal plain of northern
  25. Been taken as a non-negotiable bottom-line for any form of reunion. Theological, diversity ,Anglicanism in general has always sought a balance between the emphases of
  26. In the realms of liturgy, piety and, to some extent, spirituality. Anglican, diversity ,in this respect has tended to reflect the diversity in the tradition's
  27. region's shores. Furthermore, trout may be found in Patagonian rivers. The, diversity ,of red fruits grown in the area feature cherries, billberries, strawberries
  28. Pot. Why should its cooking not illustrate the American transformation of, diversity ,into unity? Puck's former colleague, Jeremiah Tower became synonymous with
  29. This motto has not only been used in promoting Austin's eccentricity and, diversity , but is also meant to bolster support of local independent businesses. The
  30. States differ from other shopping districts with the presence of a large, diversity ,of privately owned shops. The city also features many open-air
  31. Demand for ethnic foods in the United States reflects the nation's changing, diversity ,as well as its development over time. According to the National Restaurant
  32. Archaic variant. Systematic Amaranths shows a wide variety of morphological, diversity ,among and even within certain species. Although the family (Amaranthaceae) is
  33. To the Olmec culture, and even some bracelets of Mayan origin, as well as a, diversity ,of forms and materials in other cultures. George I. Sanchez," Arithmetic in
  34. Influx of immigrants from many foreign nations; such influx developed a rich, diversity ,in food preparation throughout the country. History Seafood Saltwater fish
  35. Stegosaurus, and Szechuanosaurus. Given modern knowledge of theropod, diversity ,and the advent of cladistic study of evolutionary relationships, none of these
  36. The Valley is still largely dominated by agriculture but also has a growing, diversity ,in its economies, partly aided by the importance of post-secondary education
  37. Forwards and sideways” ). In this post-industrial society, there is a lot of, diversity ,in lifestyles (“ subcultures” ). Autocracies (fluid organizations) adapt
  38. Developed a bit differently from the continental United States. Owing to the, diversity ,of ethnicities in Hawaii and the history of the Chinese influence in Hawaii
  39. Spirituality. Anglican diversity in this respect has tended to reflect the, diversity ,in the tradition's Reformed and Catholic identity. Different individuals
  40. Of making employment opportunities inclusive, Shirley Davis, director of global, diversity ,and inclusion at the Society for Human Resource Management, said: Criticism
  41. Live in the Andes with roughly half being endemic to the region, surpassing the, diversity ,of any other hotspot. Fauna The Andes is rich in fauna: With almost 3,500
  42. To hydrolysis and formation of coordination compounds. The largest chemical, diversity ,among actinides is observed in americium, which can have valence between 2 and
  43. Biology, adaptive radiation is the evolution of ecological and phenotypic, diversity ,within a rapidly multiplying lineage. Starting with a recent single ancestor
  44. Although a small country, Albania is distinguished for its rich biological, diversity , The variation of geomorphology, climate and terrain create favorable
  45. Are very popular and often accompany main dishes on the table. Climatic, diversity ,and fertility of the land are reflected in the national dishes, which are based
  46. And belonging to the Sunnite branch, represent only about 1 %; because of their, diversity , they do not form a community. In 2011,according to the Islamic Community of
  47. And General lowlands. Bio diversity The first reports on the richness and, diversity ,of animal life in Azerbaijan can be found in travel notes of Eastern travelers.
  48. Finally, the extension of Anglicanism into non-English cultures, the growing, diversity ,of prayer books, and the increasing interest in ecumenical dialogue, has led to
  49. Classes of natural compounds, alkaloids are characterized by a great structural, diversity ,and there is no uniform classification of alkaloids. First classification
  50. Massive immigration from Asia and the Middle East has made a large increase in, diversity ,and the will for people to show their cultural identity within the Australian

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