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  1. Ceases' ), ed. Large O. Nielsen, Cahiers de l'Institute Du doyen Age GREC et, latin ,42, 1982: 1-83. *Geometric speculative (Speculative Geometry),Latin text and
  2. Achievements were due to the experiments with new sounds for Simon, including,Latin, music,jazz, blues,and also reggae, with the song" Mother and Child Reunion "
  3. Unintentionally reveals all the" Cupid dissolve" feeling always present in, latin , literature; a feeling perfectly seized by T. S. Eliot. Graphic arts A series of
  4. Be used for a humorous effect. Another word game somewhat reminiscent of pig, latin , is played by children. Here a nonsense syllable (chosen by the child) is
  5. E" for Eastern group, and " W" for Western group. Image: Newtons laws in, latin , JPG|thumb|right|200px|Newton's First and Second laws, in Latin, from the
  6. Paul Olaf Bidding, Norwegian missionary to India and creator of San tali, latin , alphabet (d. 1938) * December 8 – Jean Sibelius, Finnish composer (d. 1957)
  7. In the home. The phrase appears to be a portmanteau word formed from domes (, latin , meaning house) and informatics, and therefore refers specifically to the
  8. Unexpectedly lands in between the second and third beats, creating a familiar ", latin , rhythm ": Backbeat transformation of simple 4/4 The accent may be shifted from
  9. Think You Can Dance. *Dance sport, which is focused exclusively on ballroom and, latin , dance. Popular examples of this are TV programs Dancing with the Stars and
  10. On what by convention was considered the eastern side of the Moon, hence the, latin , name for" Eastern Sea ". In 1961,however, the International Astronomical
  11. Advantage of modern digital control. Abraham is the second studio album by the, latin , band Santana. Consolidating their live success at the Woodstock Festival in
  12. The quasigroup's Cayley table. So the Cayley tables of quasi groups are simply, latin , squares. ) The unique solutions to these equations are written x a \ b and y b
  13. Cours DES emperors, rois, princes & republishes de l'Europe. Write en, latin , par Antoine Maria Grating, et graduate en Francois par Monsieur Fleshier (
  14. Ex rel. McCann,317 U. S. 269 (1942).: This signal, an abbreviation of the, latin , phrase " exempli gratia," means" for example. " It tells the reader that what
  15. Gilda's (c. 500–570),a 6th-century British cleric * Homo sapiens, the species, latin , name of the Human beings * Humus Sapiens, an alternative name for Humus Sapiens
  16. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, known by the Chinese name Chuan BEI Mu, and,Latin, Bulbs Fritillariae Cirrhosis. In one study Fritillaria modulated airway
  17. Who used the term" organza" ( plural form of organum, the diminutive of, latin , organum ). From the context, it is clear that he referred to reproduction
  18. At the 2000 census. History The town was named by Scottish settlers after the, latin , name for Scotland. Geography According to the United States Census Bureau, the
  19. Holbein with Melchior & Gaspar Precise near 1526,later printed an edited in, latin , by Jean & Francois Fellow with 92 woodcuts. These work shares the first four
  20. After their non-diacritic equivalent.; Slavic: * Bosnian, Croatian,and Serbian, latin , alphabet have the symbols č, ć,đ, š and ž, which are considered separate
  21. Music. In the 1970s and 1980s,jazz drumming incorporated elements of rock and, latin , styles. Notable jazz drummers include: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T V
  22. Bighorn:: L’g Nu of Saint Testament the nos Signer Jesus Christi / pries our Del, latin , & our d’others language & fossa the Noel MIS in Arumaunsch tree Achim Bighorn
  23. Playing smooth quarter note lines that imitate the double bass. For, latin , or salsa tunes and rock-infused jazz fusion tunes, the electric bass may play
  24. Orbium celestial in Framework, northeastern Poland. In his book, written in, latin , Copernicus used the Latin name of the town and region - Freiburg Prussia
  25. Gambling (bk. xiv. c. xxi. ). For his career see Rey, in the Revue de l'orient, latin , vol. iv. With Constance, Raymond had three children, a son and heir Bound
  26. Of the Hollanders" ( which, like " Gets ", was translated into" Goths" in, latin , ) were also used by Danish royalty. The Wends is a term normally used to
  27. 5.56 % from other races, and 0.86 % from two or more races. Hispanic or (, latin , ) (U. S. Census)|Latino of any race were 10.12 % of the population. There were
  28. In the Warhammer 40,000 universes, the Imperium's police force, the Arbiter, (,Latin, ; translates as Judge or judgment) were visually based upon Judge Dread
  29. Of Plan dome and Plan dome Heights to its south, derive their name from the, latin ,'Plans Domes ', meaning plain, or level home. The manor of Matthias Nicole who
  30. Name Frankonovurd (in old high German language) or Vaduz Franco rum (in, latin , language ) were the first names mentioned in written records from 794. It
  31. A Basque word meaning" beautiful pastures ". Laredo might also stem from the, latin , Larida which means gull. From 1965 to 1967,NBC aired a western television
  32. Palaces in Persepolis and Susan. Etymology Darius (or Dares) is the, latin , form of the Greek Dairies, which is a shortened form of the Old Persian
  33. Players, including guitarists from related jazz genres such as Western Swing, latin , jazz,and jazz-rock fusion. For an article giving a short history of the most
  34. Many United States universities and colleges award bachelor's degrees with, latin , honors,usually (in ascending order) cum laude 'with honor/praise,' magma
  35. Little or no formal similarity, the standard letter order (preserved in the, latin , alphabet as A, B,C, D,etc.) shows strong similarities between the two
  36. Individuals associated with the genre. Etymology The word Fade comes from the, latin , word datum, from which the English word fate also originates. The word is
  37. Generally) in Spanish. Latin Ballad The Latin or romantic ballad is a, latin , music genres that originated in the 60s. This kind of ballad is very popular in
  38. And double gold by the IFPI. Further, singles released from the album included, latin , pop ballad" Still in Love with You ", which reached the top five and was
  39. The drum set) in jazz, jazz fusion, and other jazz subgenres such as, latin , jazz. The techniques and instrumentation of this type of performance have
  40. A wave of mainstream success across Africa, and to a lesser extent, abroad,as, latin , influences,Martini can souk, and pop music changed its form. The two musicians
  41. Less in one spot. In competitions, the women are often dressed in short-skirted, latin , outfits while the men are outfitted in tight-fitting shirts and pants, the goal
  42. Including eight students, which was established to research the matter. The, latin , motto," Serum cognoscente causes ", is taken from Virgil's Georgios. Its
  43. With her husband, musician Michael Mozart, to form the band Opera. Adopting a, latin , pop sound, she and Mozart released Opera’s debut album Violence in 2004. That
  44. Et gran salt. The Latin word sales means both" salt" and" wit," so that the, latin , phrase " cum grand sales" could be translated as both" with a grain of salt "
  45. French or the Hessian dialect. The variant" Hessian" comes from the medieval, latin , Hassia. The German term Hesse is used by the European Commission, not because
  46. From the French Crown. Both Orders still educate girls in 2010). The" fiery, latin , temperament " described by early scholars on New Orleans culture made sweeping
  47. Five-time Champions ", Esquadrão de Ouro (the Golden Squad),some, latin , american commentators often refer to the Brazil National team El Scratch (The
  48. Villages Plan dome Manor and Plan dome Heights, derive their name from the, latin ,'Plans Domes ', meaning plain, or level home. The Cameron and Olive Smith
  49. Is the only official state language, and since 1992 is officially written in, latin , alphabet. The Tail language is widespread in the cities of Bukhara and
  50. Conspiracy theories. Creating an imaginary link between the poor governance of, latin , american countries and the malignant intent of U. S. Some of the most known

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