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  1. This enormous diversity of antibodies allows the immune system to recognize an, equally ,wide variety of antigens. The large and diverse population of antibodies is
  2. Mg),and this relief does not last as long. It appears ibuprofen is at least, equally , and possibly more, effective than this combination. According to a 1998
  3. Elevated class habits and scholarly leisure as opposed to other possible and, equally ,valid" aesthetic" experiences which lay outside Kant's narrow definition.
  4. To throw herself on the mercy of Otto the Great of Germany. His brothers were, equally ,willing to save the heiress of Italy, but Otto got an army into the field: they
  5. Both versions in general). These drugs (such as rofecoxib and celecoxib) are, equally ,effective analgesics when compared with NSAIDs, but cause less gastrointestinal
  6. Miles (6 km) in length, was cut beside them from Scene to While. Sweet was, equally ,important as a military station as that of a place of traffic. Under every
  7. With the optimal strategy if the voter thinks that all pairwise ties are, equally ,likely * Vote for any candidate that is more preferred than the expected winner
  8. Are the voter's possible sincere approval votes:::::: If the voter instead, equally ,prefers B and C, while A is still the most preferred candidate and D is the
  9. Armenians partially deny the allegation, claiming that Russian side was, equally ,supplying Armenian and Azerbaijani sides with weapons and mercenaries. During
  10. Basil of Ankara. It condemned the grosser Arian blasphemies, but set forth an, equally ,heretical doctrine in the proposition that the Son was in all things similar to
  11. All choose their votes based on the assumption that all pairwise ties are, equally ,likely. As a result, they vote for any candidate with an above-average utility.
  12. Double-blind randomized clinical trial, saffron (Crocus natives L.) was to be, equally ,effective with migraine for treating mild to moderate depression. However, no
  13. Can be described geometrically as: * Linear, when a number of firing units are, equally ,distant from the linear kill zone. * L-shaped, when a short leg of firing units
  14. At least one sincere vote. The definition also allows a sincere vote to treat, equally ,preferred candidates differently. When there are two or more candidates, every
  15. Way. They were not the only ones to use the Roman highway network, which was, equally ,convenient for invaders. In the second half of the 3rd century, Ancyra was
  16. Brown said he would start a drive to recall the governor. Schwarzenegger was, equally ,entrenched in what he considered to be his mandate in cleaning up gridlock.
  17. Whether stewed, roasted,baked, or boiled; and I make no doubt that it will, equally ,serve in a fricassee, or a ragout. " Readers unacquainted with its reputation
  18. Far into the biological or volitional domains. The five basic steps are found, equally ,well whether we are talking about an earthquake, a submarine using sonar to
  19. Price of totally destroying the world that has taken its place, and which is, equally ,deserving of existence. The stakes are the highest imaginable: billions of
  20. 5 groups of markings. In the center of the tablet is a set of 5 parallel lines, equally ,divided by a vertical line, capped with a semicircle at the intersection of the
  21. To take oaths to any government after the overthrow of Charles X. He was an, equally ,staunch Catholic and a member of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. He also
  22. In answering a question such as" Tea or coffee? ", if either alternative is, equally ,acceptable an American may answer," I don't care" while a British person may
  23. Just hard but impossible for a central planner, then the impossibility applies, equally ,well to a market system, since a system of dispersed calculators (i.e. a
  24. The alpha component may be used to blend to red, green and blue components, equally , as in 32-bit RGBA, or,alternatively, there may be three alpha values
  25. In the Einstein model, each atom oscillates independently – a series of, equally ,spaced quantized states for each oscillator. Einstein was aware that getting
  26. Cleveland. " * In AME, the phrases aside from and apart from are used about, equally ,; in BRE, apart from is far more common. * In AME, the compound" off of" may
  27. Concerned. Some linguists believe the case for either interpretation is about, equally ,strong; they have been called the" skeptics ". Another view accepts Altaic as
  28. Secular and spiritual authority were not distinct categories for Alfred. He was, equally ,comfortable distributing his translation of Gregory the Great's Pastoral Care
  29. Occasionally mixed with carbonated water known as soda); tea and coffee are, equally ,important. Quizzes is the national brand of pale lager, named after the town of
  30. Are components of all forms of Buddhism, and both are focused on all beings, equally ,: the wish that all beings be happy (love) and the wish that all beings be
  31. Box office, earning more than any previous Kurosawa film. Critical reaction was, equally ,positive, and the film proved a major influence on its genre in Japan, ushering
  32. Skill is the ability to force one's opponents to back down. With two, or more, equally ,determined players this can result in a" bidding war" where the attribute is
  33. Two will result in unstable arrow flight. When three-fletched the Fletcher are, equally ,spaced around the shaft with one placed such that it is perpendicular to the
  34. Their names, one after another, in some notation. But humans can do something, equally ,useful, in the case of certain enumerable infinite sets: They can give explicit
  35. A fast Fourier transform),an additive resynthesis system can construct an, equally ,weighted sinusoidal at the same frequency for each partial. Because the sound is
  36. Up until the vessel is lying between the two anchors and the load is taken, equally ,on each cable. This moor also to some degree limits the range of a vessel's
  37. Contain multiple layers of meanings, allegories,and references to other, equally ,cryptic works; and must be laboriously decoded to discover their true meaning.
  38. As Archbishop of Land in 1177,he chose Absalom as his successor. Absalom was, equally ,great as churchman, statesman and warrior. His policy of expansion was to give
  39. That" an angel might have miscarried after this sort. " The commission was, equally ,divided, and the King gave a casting vote in the Archbishop's favor, though
  40. Truth. Certainly, it requires the skills of counsel on both sides to be fairly, equally ,pitted and subjected to an impartial judge. By contrast, while defendants in
  41. The fame of its palm-groves. In the river, facing the town, is a succession of, equally ,productive islands. The most easterly contains the ruins of the old castle
  42. For Tenor, Horn and Strings, played on horn without the use of valves but, equally ,suited to the Alford, is a beautiful, inspired example of the lyric
  43. Not sufficiently specific to the United States of America, since it would be, equally ,applicable to citizens of Mexico, which is officially named Estates UNIDO
  44. Origin. Climate and Health Lying almost entirely within the tropics, and, equally , to north and south of the equator, Africa does not show excessive variations of
  45. Rather than any specific ideology, and both right and left were represented, equally ,in both parties. The African American trend of voting for Democrats can be
  46. Without chronological gap, and the Medieval western tradition was influenced, equally ,by Christian thinkers such as Thomas Aquinas and Muslim theologians such as
  47. Any land reform movement that sought to redistribute cultivated lands, equally , Today, the word has largely shed this radical political meaning. Instead
  48. England. A number of his works still exist. His letters and his poetry are, equally ,interesting. Besides some graceful epistles in the style of Penalties
  49. In a pair of studies, high-functioning autistic children aged 8–15 performed, equally ,well as, and adults better than, individually matched controls at basic
  50. Inspired by the example of Charlemagne almost a century before, undertook an, equally ,ambitious effort to revive learning. It entailed the recruitment of clerical

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