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  1. Thousands of Georgians demonstrate against Soviet attempts to change the, constitutional ,status of the Georgian language. *1981 – STS-1 – The first operational space
  2. Government. The United States Bill of Rights (1791),comprising the first 10, constitutional , amendments,quickly followed. It guaranteed many" natural rights" that were
  3. Magnitude alleging the violation of a fundamental right; 3. The alleged, constitutional ,violation clearly exists and clearly deprived the defendant of a fair trial; 4.
  4. In addition to this, Berber has been recognized as a" national language" by, constitutional ,amendment since 8 May 2002. Between them, these two languages are the native
  5. The fairness of Armenia's parliamentary and presidential elections and, constitutional ,referendum since 1995,citing polling deficiencies, lack of cooperation by the
  6. The same class with political constitutions and bills of rights. The demand for, constitutional ,guarantees and for bills of rights was a reaction against arbitrary rule and
  7. He is in reality a figurehead whose actions are restricted by custom and, constitutional ,convention. The government is therefore headed by the premier. The current
  8. The defendant had to object to the error when it occurred in the trial. Because, constitutional ,claims are of great magnitude, appellate courts might be more lenient to review
  9. Such as the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and other, constitutional ,offices take office in the following January. Local elections Many locals
  10. Needed. Along with the Bill of Rights 1689,it remains today one of the main, constitutional ,laws governing the succession to not only the throne of the United Kingdom, but
  11. Representatives (see Ecclesiastical Commissioners). The monarch has no, constitutional ,role in Anglican churches in other parts of the world, although the prayer
  12. And convened the Annapolis Convention in 1786 to petition Congress to call a, constitutional ,convention to meet in Philadelphia to remedy the long-term crisis. Signatures
  13. Error analysis, the state has failed to demonstrate harmlessness of the alleged, constitutional ,violation beyond a reasonable doubt. State Post Conviction Relief: Collateral
  14. Though both ended up as rogue governments and did not follow through on their, constitutional ,promises, they began as responses from the Athenian elite to what they saw as
  15. A conviction and sentence, and as such are generally limited to challenges to, constitutional , jurisdictional, or other fundamental violations that occurred at trial. "
  16. Used in common parlance. It is also widely spoken in Namibia, where it has had, constitutional ,recognition as a national, but not official, language since independence in
  17. Five-year term. The president was formerly limited to two five-year terms but a, constitutional ,amendment passed by the Parliament on 11 November 2008 removed this limitation.
  18. Canada In Canada, where the Act of Settlement is now a part of Canadian, constitutional ,law, Tony O'Donahue, a Canadian civic politician, took issue with the
  19. Secession as anarchy, and explained that majority rule had to be balanced by, constitutional ,restraints in the American system. He said" A majority held in restraint by
  20. March 1861 until his assassination in 1865. He led the country through a great, constitutional , military and moral crisis — the American Civil War — preserving the Union
  21. The legions that Agrippa was to be his successor, and that no matter what the, constitutional ,rules were, they would continue to obey Agrippa. Soon after his bout of illness
  22. In 1761,Boston lawyer James Otis argued that the writs violated the, constitutional ,rights of the colonists. He lost the case, but John Adams later wrote," Then
  23. Princess of Wales divorce. *1998 – Pakistan's National Assembly passes a, constitutional ,amendment to make the" Qur'an and Sunnah" the" supreme law" but the bill is
  24. Administrative law in Germany can be divided into three main parts, which are, constitutional ,law, general administrative law and special administrative law. The
  25. Mozaffar ad-Din Shah Qatar, King of Iran, agrees to convert the government to a, constitutional ,monarchy. *1914 – World War I: the German mine layer Origin Loose lays a
  26. Constitution of his own initiative,introducing in the, constitutional ,history of Serbia the system of two chambers (Kristina and senate). This
  27. An amendment would" clinch the whole matter ". By December 1863 a proposed, constitutional ,amendment that would outlaw slavery absolutely was brought to Congress for
  28. Existing e.g. in the USA or in France. In terms of the classifications used in, constitutional ,law, its regime falls now in the same category as the" Caesars" monarchy of
  29. The APA to establish fair administrative law procedures to comply with the, constitutional ,requirements of due process. The American Bar Association's official journal
  30. And instead supported claim from the Papal States. His reign was marred by a, constitutional ,struggle with the Aragonite nobles, which eventually culminated in the articles
  31. In 1972. The Whitley Government lost office following the 1975 Australian, constitutional ,crisis and Dismissal, and was defeated in a landslide at the resulting 1975
  32. Of governance Contrary to popular misconception, the British monarch is not the, constitutional ," head" but in law the" Supreme Governor" of the Church of England, nor does
  33. Duma to the Russian people. Had he lived, Russia might have followed a path to, constitutional ,monarchy instead of the long road of oppression that defined his successor's
  34. The record is adequate to review the alleged claim of error; 2. The claim is of, constitutional ,magnitude alleging the violation of a fundamental right; 3. The alleged
  35. Restraints in the American system. He said" A majority held in restraint by, constitutional ,checks and limitations, and always changing easily with deliberate changes of
  36. Widespread allegations of ballot-rigging. He went on to propose controversial, constitutional ,amendments on the role of parliament. These were rejected in a referendum the
  37. And DJ Had (Vito Luca Perkins). The band took its name from the Irish, constitutional ,law guaranteeing freedom of the press. Article 31 was one of the first hip hop
  38. S Liberation Army. *1937 – Josie Bros Tito reads the resolution" Manifesto of, constitutional ,congress of KPH" to the constitutive congress of KPH (Croatian Communist
  39. Autocrat, Alexander II acted willfully for several years, somewhat like a, constitutional ,sovereign of the continental type. Soon after the conclusion of peace
  40. Glory, but from incapacity, military habits, and habitual disregard of laws and, constitutional ,provisions, altogether unfit for the office. " Besides Jackson and Crawford
  41. Pressure on Congress to outlaw slavery throughout the entire nation with a, constitutional ,amendment. Lincoln declared that such an amendment would" clinch the whole
  42. Branch consisting of the Governor of Alaska and the other independently elected, constitutional ,officers; a legislative branch consisting of the Alaska House of
  43. Settlement: Henry Halley called the act in the United Kingdom" the seal of our, constitutional ,laws," and David Lindsay Are placed its importance above the Bill of Rights
  44. Arguing that child pornography deemed obscene under the Miller test deserved no, constitutional ,protection and could be banned. 2000–present In November 2000,15 African
  45. An appeal as of right is one that is guaranteed by statute or some underlying, constitutional ,or legal principle. The appellate court cannot refuse to listen to the appeal.
  46. Is distinguished from judicial review, which refers to the court's overriding, constitutional ,or statutory right to determine if a legislative act or administrative decision
  47. Buying the privilege to take possession of this government to which we have a, constitutional ,right. " Lincoln, however,did support the Corwin Amendment to the Constitution
  48. His successor Juan Carlos I oversaw the transition of Spain to a democratic, constitutional ,monarchy. Governments of nationalities and regions were given more autonomy
  49. College Jackson repeatedly called for the abolition of the Electoral College by, constitutional ,amendment in his annual messages to Congress as President. In his third annual
  50. Democrats in Arkansas followed other Southern states in passing legislation and, constitutional ,amendments that disfranchised blacks and poor whites. Democrats wanted to

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