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  1. Of recording the contents of the Abacus. Hindu texts used the term Sonya (, zero ,) to indicate the empty column on the abacus. Japanese abacus In Japanese, the
  2. The Austrian business cycle theory implies that net investment should be below, zero ,during recessions. Mainstream economists argue that the Austrians' theory of
  3. Contrasting a zero probability with one that is nearly indistinguishable from, zero , he prefers to categorize himself as a" de facto atheist ". He specifies his
  4. To move the telescope. The telescope is moved until the distance value reaches, zero , When both the RA and Dec axes are thus" zero ed out ", the object should be in
  5. At all points. Therefore, the second derivative of | x | with respect to x is, zero ,everywhere except zero , where it is undefined. The absolute value function is
  6. The atomic nucleus). One difference is that some of an atom's electrons have, zero ,angular momentum, so they cannot in any sense be thought of as moving" around
  7. About the reals, sometimes it means" all reals but a set of Lebesgue measure, zero ," (formally, almost everywhere). In this sense almost all reals are not a
  8. Deeply shadowed cavities can achieve an effective albedo approaching the, zero ,of a black body. When seen from a distance, the ocean surface has a low albedo
  9. Freezing-point. At extremely rare intervals the thermometer has fallen below, zero ,(-18 °C),as was the case in the remarkable cold wave of the 12th-13 February
  10. Between agnosticism and atheism is unwieldy and depends on how close to, zero ,we are willing to rate the probability of existence for any given god-like
  11. Ions exactly balance, so that average net charge of all forms present is, zero , This pH is known as the Selectric point pi, so pi ½ (pKa1 + pKa2). The
  12. Elegant ": B > A, A > B, A B? (Yes to all). What happens when one number is, zero , both numbers are zero ? (" Inelegant" computes forever in all cases; "
  13. Score in this game is 99,990 points, after which it" rolls over" back to, zero , Other common terms for this bug were" turn over" and" flip over ". Also, an
  14. Problems we assume that the flow is rotational, that is, the vorticity is, zero , In that case: \tabla\times\math bf = 0 and the momentum equation reduces to:
  15. Would cause increases in the money supply so that interest rates would drop to, zero ,or near to it. Rothbard disagreed with this, as he explains in The
  16. Lies, and Are with positive side-chains, pI ½ (par + pKa2). Amino acids have, zero ,mobility in electrophoresis at their Selectric point, although this behavior
  17. Is to include only positive integers including zero , then the failures at, zero ,indicate that the algorithm (and the program that instantiates it) is a
  18. Graphite or diamond. At temperatures close to absolute, zero , atoms can form a Bose–Einstein condensate, at which point quantum mechanical
  19. Mean is the only single number for which the residuals defined this way sum to, zero , *If it is required to use a single number X as an estimate for the value of
  20. The time averaged variables \angle p \range and \angle \rho \range have, zero ,gradients, i. e., : \tabla\angle p \range 0 ~; ~~ \tabla\angle \rho \range 0
  21. Frac, & x = 0 \\ 1,& x > 0,\end where the value of the Heaviside function at, zero ,is conventional. So for all non zero points on the real number line, : u (x) =
  22. Also 3. The absolute value of a number may be thought of as its distance from, zero , Generalizations of the absolute value for real numbers occur in a wide variety
  23. Intuition led him to note that Planck's oscillator energies had an incorrect, zero ,point. He modified Planck's hypothesis by stating that the lowest energy state
  24. B, A B? (Yes to all). What happens when one number is zero , both numbers are, zero , (" Inelegant" computes forever in all cases;" Elegant" computes forever
  25. Including the important class of delta wings). *Dihedral angle – positive, zero , or negative (cathedral). A variable geometry aircraft can change its wing
  26. Energy with respect to the density. At the critical point, this derivative is, zero , leading to large fluctuations. The effect of density fluctuations is that
  27. A + 1; exit when a = 10; end loop; case I is when 0 → Ada. Text_IO. Put (", zero ,"); when 1 → Ada. Text_IO. Put (" one" ); when 2 → Ada. Text_IO. Put ("
  28. Enumerable). * Hence, the set of algebraic numbers has Lebesgue measure, zero ,(as a subset of the complex numbers),i.e." almost all" complex numbers
  29. Residuals. The final sums \text style\sum x_i and \text style\sum y_i should be, zero , but the second pass compensates for any small error. A stable one-pass
  30. The second derivative of | x | with respect to x is zero everywhere except, zero , where it is undefined. The absolute value function is also integrable. Its
  31. Of F, then the polynomial (x − a1) (x − a2) ··· (x − an) + 1 has no, zero ,in F. By contrast, the fundamental theorem of algebra states that the field of
  32. Provided direct contact with India, allowing them to acquire the concept of, zero ,and the decimal point from Indian merchants and mathematicians. Indian abacus
  33. There are no viscous forces in the medium (the bulk and shear viscosity are, zero ,), the momentum equation takes the form: \rho \left (\franc + \math bf \dot
  34. Counting rods, which operated with a decimal system but lacked the concept of, zero ,as a placeholder. The zero was probably introduced to the Chinese in the Tang
  35. By the algorithm/program, is to include only positive integers including, zero , then the failures at zero indicate that the algorithm (and the program that
  36. Were used; and on the other hand used 0,1,2 and 3 were used. Note the use of, zero ,at the beginning an end of the two cycles. Sanchez worked with Sylvan us Morley
  37. Of the main initial consonants. Taney of the Maldives has dependent vowels and a, zero ,vowel sign, but no inherent vowel. India (Brahmin) India scripts originated
  38. It may also be expressed as a percentage, and is measured on a scale from, zero ,for no reflecting power of a perfectly black surface, to 1 for perfect
  39. Efficiency, and controllability of flight the sideslip angle must remain near, zero , though there are instances when an aircraft may be deliberately" sideslipped
  40. For any given god-like entity. Since in practice it is not worth contrasting a, zero ,probability with one that is nearly indistinguishable from zero , he prefers to
  41. Derivative may be needed, however,the subderivative is well-defined at, zero , Where the absolute value function of a real number returns a value without
  42. Creek),there were complaints that" Abbey performed slickly ... but with a, zero ,personality coming across from a total of 16 people on stage" ( Melody Maker)
  43. With dedicated letters for initial vowels, though some traditions use अ as a, zero ,consonant as the graphic base for such vowels. The boundaries between the three
  44. The goal of this code is to not exist, to not move forward, to become a, zero , Haggard struggles to remain unaware that this is his goal. He maintains his
  45. We assume that the medium is at rest which implies that the mean velocity is, zero , i.e. \angle\math bf\range = 0. Then the balance of momentum reduces to:
  46. Numbers, expressed as the quotient of two integers a and b, b not equal to, zero , satisfy the above definition because x = a/b is the root of bx-a. *Some
  47. Isooctane) has an arbitrary value of 100,and heptane has a value of, zero , Apart from their use as fuels, the middle alkanes are also good solvents for
  48. With a decimal system but lacked the concept of zero as a placeholder. The, zero ,was probably introduced to the Chinese in the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) when
  49. In the province aboard trucks or by rail. In 2006,Alberta Agriculture reports, zero ,findings of wild rats; the only rat interceptions have been domesticated rats
  50. Here" almost all" has the sense" all but a set of Lebesgue measure, zero ,"; see Properties below. ) Examples *The rational numbers, expressed as the

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