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  1. Engineer must satisfy a range of requirements (including work experience and, exam ,requirements) before being certified. Once certified, the engineer is
  2. 6,1993 (the day the murder victims were found),Hutches on took a polygraph, exam ,by Detective Don Bray at the Marion Police Department to determine if she had
  3. Mocked by Cliff Calvin, for continually failing to pass the Massachusetts bar, exam , " Al ", played by Al Rose, appeared in 38 episodes, and was known for his
  4. Intake grammar schools, to which entrance is subject to passing the eleven plus, exam , Around 7.2 % of English schoolchildren attend private schools, which are
  5. Urged him to apply to the Naval Academy. Though Eisenhower passed the entrance, exam , he was beyond the age of eligibility for admission to the Naval Academy.
  6. In the US, a teacher writes (prepares) and then gives (administers) an, exam , BRE::" I sat my Spanish exam yesterday. ":" I plan to set a difficult exam
  7. That creationism and evolution are equally valid" faith positions ". One, exam ,board (OCR) also specifically mentions and deals with creationism in its
  8. Seth Thomas in the nearby town of Plymouth. At age 17,Alcott passed the, exam ,for a teaching certificate but had trouble finding work as a teacher. At first
  9. Now cover biology (although technically not BME). For the second, exam , called Part 2 or the Professional Engineering exam , candidates may select a
  10. College is the largest school in Peter, and is achieving the second highest, exam ,results in the county of Devon. In addition: *Peter School is the oldest of
  11. The possibility of seeking to implement a BME-specific version of this, exam ,to facilitate biomedical engineers pursuing licensure. Beyond governmental
  12. I took my exam s at Yale. ":" I spent the entire day yesterday writing the, exam , I'm almost ready to give it to my students. " Another source of confusion is
  13. Number of modules. General terms In the UK a student is said to sit or take an, exam ,while in the US, a student takes an exam . The expression he sits for an exam
  14. Prepares) and then gives (administers) an exam . BRE::" I sat my Spanish, exam ,yesterday. ":" I plan to set a difficult exam for my students, but I don't
  15. Arts and archaeology library) resides in the Great Hall. It is traditional at, exam ,time for students to leave offerings to the goddess with a note asking for good
  16. He suffered for his perceived lack of political zeal, and initially failed his, exam ,in Marxist methodology in 1926. His first major musical achievement was the
  17. Sit them (standard British usage). Those who supervise students during an, exam ,are sometimes called invigilators as in Britain, or sometimes proctors as in
  18. Not BME). For the second exam , called Part 2 or the Professional Engineering, exam , candidates may select a particular engineering discipline's content to be
  19. General a correct diagnosis can be achieved by combining findings from physical, exam , imaging, and history components and will direct the appropriate therapy.
  20. My Life and Game, Eugene Scott relates that this rumor arose from a medical, exam ,the 18-year-old Borg once took for military service, where his pulse was
  21. Exam. BRE::" I sat my Spanish exam yesterday. ":" I plan to set a difficult, exam ,for my students, but I don't have it ready yet. " AME::" I took my exam s at
  22. Kaye then flew home for dinner. When Kaye went for his first written pilot's, exam , he brought a liverwurst sandwich in case he was there for hours. The first
  23. To become a Certified Economic Developer (CCD) one must sit through the, exam ,and fulfill a number of requirements. Other professional certifications include
  24. And then, in the fall 1962 in Munich, law. In 1967, he passed the state law, exam ,and then worked at the University of Regensburg in criminal law and Eastern
  25. Or homework. In US higher education, it is common for a student to take an, exam ,using a blue book. There is a large set of books that are made only to write
  26. Primrose Hill Primary School in Brentwood. At nine, he passed the entrance, exam ,for Brentwood School, an independent school whose alumni include Robin Day
  27. Engineering in Medicine and Health Division. The Fundamentals of Engineering, exam ,- the first (and more general) of two licensure exam inations for most U. S.
  28. The Cole Poly technique. In 1805, he placed second out of 293 applicants on this, exam , and he was admitted. One of the main purposes of this school was to give
  29. Of all abilities. Grammar Schools cream from 10 % to 23 % of those who sit the, exam , However, nationally only 6 % of pupils attend Grammar Schools. Private schools
  30. UK a student is said to sit or take an exam while in the US, a student takes an, exam , The expression he sits for an exam also arises in BRE but only rarely in AME;
  31. Then his forehand. * Collection (Oxford Colleges),a beginning-of-term, exam ,or Principal's Collections * Cash collection, the function of an account
  32. Upon completion of the program, students are qualified to take the state board, exam ,to become a licensed cosmetologist or specialty technician. Colleges The Baker
  33. Gymnasium, where he was kept down for a year at fifteen for failing a Greek, exam , He sang at the Greek Orthodox monastery in Tagalog and in his father's
  34. As prevailing in research studies. An initial assessment may include a physical, exam ,by a physician. Although there are no biological tests which confirm bipolar
  35. An optimal level of arousal is necessary to best complete a task such as an, exam , performance, or competitive event. However, when the anxiety or level of
  36. An exam while in the US, a student takes an exam . The expression he sits for an, exam ,also arises in BRE but only rarely in AME; American lawyers-to-be sit for their
  37. Books and even took her to an opera. A passionate student, Goldman passed the, exam ,for admission into a gymnasium, but her religion teacher refused to provide a
  38. By summing all the scores and dividing by the number of students taking the, exam , For exam ple, consider the test score values: 15,20,21,36,15,25,15 The
  39. And international issues. Ireland It is taught in the Republic of Ireland as an, exam ,subject for the Junior Certificate. It is known as Civic, Social and Political
  40. The Michigan Military Academy. Graduating in 1895,and failing the entrance, exam ,for the United States Military Academy (West Point),he ended up as an
  41. Apprehension, or nervousness felt by students who had a fear of failing an, exam , Students who have test anxiety may experience any of the following: the
  42. Nearly all other instances, Americans take their exam s. When preparing for an, exam ,students revise (BRE)/review (AME) what they have studied; the BRE idiom to
  43. C Class driver's license in 31 languages along with English, and the audio, exam ,in 11 languages. Culture The culture of California is a Western culture and
  44. Is no distinction between two branches. A person who passed the national bar, exam , after 2 years of national education, becomes a judge, a prosecutor or a "
  45. Was on local relief. Each enrolled volunteered and, upon passing a physical, exam ,and/or a period of conditioning, was required to serve a minimum six months
  46. At the University of Oxford or Cambridge). In the UK a teacher sets an, exam ,while in the US, a teacher writes (prepares) and then gives (administers)
  47. 9: Course Review and Disaster Simulation (2.5 hrs). Students take a written, exam , then participate in a real-time practical disaster simulation where the
  48. AME. Examinations are supervised by invigilators in the UK and proctors (or (, exam ,) supervisors) in the US (a proctor in the UK is an official responsible for
  49. Performance * Knowledge-based programs wherein an individual must pass an, exam ,* Experience-based programs wherein an individual must provide evidence of
  50. For exam ple, the California Department of Motor Vehicles offers the written, exam ,for the standard C Class driver's license in 31 languages along with English

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