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  1. AC05031512 Article about the PhD thesis of Johanna Fastener in the, catalogue , of the Austrian Library Network. 2005. (German and English) Political
  2. Sequels in Demand ", naming the games" steadfast legacies in the Square Enix, catalogue ," and asking," what's the damn holdup?! " In Electronic Gaming Monthly's
  3. Design safe systems. A point of reference for clinical engineers would be the, catalogue , published by The American Society for Hospital Engineering in the Hospital
  4. Sixty (sexaginta) genera. His work at Hartekamp led to another book,a, catalogue , of the botanical holdings in the her barium and botanical garden of Hartekamp.
  5. In Canis Major (α CMA). Halley's positional comparison was Ptolemy's, catalogue , of stars contained in the Almost whose original data included portions from
  6. Conducted by Valery Georgie and released by Philips/Polygamy Records (, catalogue , number 462 114) on October 20, 1998,clocks at 81:14. Disc two of Gold (
  7. Requires a catalog. Codes called" call numbers" relate the books to the, catalogue , and determine their locations on the shelves. Call numbers are based on a
  8. Mission. Today, the catalog most often used is USNO-B1.0,an all-sky, catalogue , that tracks proper motions, positions,magnitudes and other characteristics for
  9. Dog, as Canes Venation, the Hunting Dogs, in his star atlas. In his star, catalogue , the Czech astronomer Bear assigned Asterion to β CVN and Chart to α CVN.
  10. This all stopped around September 1939 with the outbreak of war. A revised, catalogue , with a much reduced range was issued in March 1940 which also saw the launch of
  11. 11,597 variable stars also analyzed during the Hipparcos mission. Today,the, catalogue , most often used is USNO-B1.0,an all-sky catalog that tracks proper motions
  12. Movements. This can be dated back to Hipparchus, who around 190 BC used the, catalogue , of his predecessors Timeshares and Aristides to discover the earth’s
  13. Advertised in the nationally distributed L. D. Heater Co. wholesale jobber, catalogue , of '48. However, the Summary family inventions did not achieve market success.
  14. Currency since probably the majority of coin reference books and coin albums, catalogue , in the same manner. *Mint mark collections: Many collectors consider different
  15. It has been said that the Shield of Achilles described by Homer is also a, catalogue , of constellations. In North America shields depicted in Comanche petroglyph
  16. It was bequeathed in 1895 on condition of its producing within fifty years a, catalogue , of half-a-million stars. The castle was classified as a protected historical
  17. On the diagram. This can be a letter-number code, as used in the Scott Glass, catalogue , or a 6-digit glass code. Abbé numbers are used to calculate the necessary
  18. Of the experiment, as US broadcasters such as ABC already have an HDTV back, catalogue , Previous channels At the Races In 2000,Channel 4 launched a dedicated horse
  19. Egypt on his way home from the Trojan War. Based on the evidence provided by a, catalogue , of Aeschylus play titles, scholia, and play fragments recorded by later
  20. With its 1985 album Brothers in Arms. The first major artist to have his entire, catalogue , converted to CD was David Bowie, whose 15 studio albums were made available by
  21. And, thus,ABBA's label Polar Music International),control of the group's, catalogue , was returned to Stockholm. Since then, the original logo has been reinstated on
  22. Up to 16 volumes, and many more are forthcoming. An additional three volumes, catalogue , just his bibliography. The Russell Archives at McMaster University also have
  23. Also developed the brightness scale still in use today. Hipparchus compiled a, catalogue , with at least 850 stars and their positions. Hipparchus's successor, Ptolemy
  24. Double basses and violins). An advertisement published in N. Y. Music Service, catalogue , ( 1930) reads:" ... made entirely of aluminum except the
  25. Publish books which do not have ISBNs. A large or public collection requires a, catalogue , Codes called" call numbers" relate the books to the catalog, and determine
  26. They were included by Ptolemy within the constellation Ursa Major in his star, catalogue , Α CVN was Ptolemy's" 28th of Ursa Major ", and β CVN was his" 29th of Ursa
  27. And the members of ABBA liked it. Following their acquisition of the group's, catalogue , Poly gram began using variations of the ABBA logo, using a different font and
  28. The juvenile (SZ. 1–25) thematically, as DD numbers 1 to 77. The most recent, catalogue , is that of László Songhai; this is a chronological index with works identified
  29. Young man confronting old-fashioned opposition. Are Fog has established a, catalogue , of criticisms against Lomborg on the Lomborg-errors website, established in
  30. L'Even tail" are among the most prominent. In 1986 Francine Lancelot's, catalogue , raisonné of baroque dance, entitled " La Belle Dance" was published. The
  31. To years later. The prints produced by Giacometti are often overlooked but the, catalogue , raisonné, Giacometti - The Complete Graphics and 15 Drawings by Herbert Lust (
  32. Became a popular download hit in 2006 when Universal Records made their back, catalogue , available to purchase online, with this version of the song ranking as the
  33. On selling the rights to Nirvana's catalog, eventually selling 25 % of the, catalogue , later that year. " I'm thinking about selling off all of Kurt's publishing.
  34. And using BSA components for the missing bits. The first BSA produced Sunbeam, catalogue , was published in 1949 Post war BSA expanded their bicycle range but faced
  35. Lennox Berkeley and Arthur Bliss, were attracted to Housman's poetry. A 1976,catalog, listed 400 musical settings of Housman's poems. Housman's poetry influenced
  36. Hercules and Lights may close the class of heroic compositions, although the, catalogue , might be swelled by the enumeration of various others, such as Hector and Ajax
  37. 1,019 stars. Like the earlier catalogs of Hipparchus and Ptolemy, Ulugh Beg's, catalogue , is estimated to have been precise to within approximately 20 minutes of arc. In
  38. And Leander's story took place near Abyss. Abyss was first mentioned in the, catalogue , of Trojan allies (Iliad ii.836). It probably was a Thracian town, as Strabo
  39. Comprised several thousand acres of grouse moor and is referred to in the sale, catalogue , of 1889 as the" Finest grouse moor in the Kingdom ". The property included
  40. On the 48 listed by Ptolemy in his Almost in the 2nd century. Ptolemy's, catalogue , is informed by Euros of Hindus, a Greek astronomer of the 4th century BC who
  41. At the Hayward Gallery, London. He commissioned Barney Bubbles to design the, catalogue , and poster. Together with photographer Chris Gain, Barney Bubbles exhibited a
  42. Lomborg on the Lomborg-errors website, established in 2004. Fog maintains the, catalogue , which includes a section for each page in each chapter in The Skeptical
  43. The lancer ". The term Al Speak Al Ramie was appeared in Al Chase Al Market, catalogue , which was translated into Latin as Al Speak Ancestor. This has been variously
  44. Of 1603. Several more were created by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille in his star, catalogue , published in 1756. Some modern proposals for new constellations were not
  45. Also in 1958 Gibson released the maple arched top EB-2 described in the Gibson, catalogue , as A hollow-body electric bass that features a Bass/Baritone pushbutton for two
  46. In 2006,Love stated that she was planning on selling the rights to Nirvana's, catalogue , eventually selling 25 % of the catalog later that year. " I'm thinking
  47. Either Pisistratus or Philters, and a man by the latter name appears in the, catalogue , of Denied victors with two victories, the first probably in the late 370s.
  48. 850 stars and their positions. Hipparchus's successor, Ptolemy,included a, catalogue , of 1,022 stars in his work the Almost, giving their location, coordinates
  49. Pop music with an incendiary mix of Timbaland's Shock Value and her own back, catalogue , " Dennis LIM of Blender commented," Spears’s fifth studio album is her most
  50. Students to Malaria. Funded by the Governor of Malaria, the expedition was to, catalogue , known natural resources and discover new ones, but also to gather intelligence

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