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  1. And, in some armies, armor units. This means they generally do not have to, concentrate ,their fire, so their shorter range is not a disadvantage. Some armies also
  2. Which favored the defenders and gave the Soviet Union time to amass and, concentrate ,its forces for its pincer movement. Some Germans felt Hitler had sacrificed one
  3. Generation of television chefs such as Robert Carrier and Julia Child tended to, concentrate ,on cooking based primarily on European, especially French and Italian, cuisines
  4. Benjamin Judge of the type specimen of Allosaurus in Colorado, Marsh elected to, concentrate ,work in Wyoming; when work resumed at Garden Park in 1883’M. P. Fetch found an
  5. School, he began to detach himself from the rest of the family, preferring to, concentrate ,on his interest in foreign literature. Moved in with him, and the two brothers
  6. Gave up dancing lessons to complete her education, whereas Brigitte decided to, concentrate ,on a ballet career. In 1947 Bar dot was accepted to the Conservatoire de Paris
  7. The death of Scott La Rock prior to the group's second album, KRS began to, concentrate ,on consciously focused music. While Criminal Minded contained vivid
  8. To confront them with this in interviews. To escape the media swirl and, concentrate ,on their writing, Andersson and Slaves secretly traveled to Compass Point
  9. In the U. S., the " Radioactive Boy Scout" David Hahn was able to, concentrate ,americium from smoke detectors after managing to buy a hundred of them at
  10. And it is because of this kind of reduction that most complexity theorists, concentrate ,on decision problems, algorithms that produce a simple yes/no answer. For
  11. Aware of the problems of globalization. Others would prefer that delegates, concentrate ,their efforts on the coordination and organization of the movement and on the
  12. Around 240 have survived. In particular,150 volumes of his surviving works, concentrate ,on philosophy and 40 of them concentrate on medicine. * Surat al-Sheikh
  13. Where the two are practically inseparable. Specialist builders also exist and, concentrate ,on building buses for special uses, or modifying standard buses into
  14. New generation. " He went on to advise Chekhov to slow down, write less, and, concentrate , on literary quality. Chekhov replied that the letter had struck him" like a
  15. Play. With a runner on third and fewer than two outs, a batter may instead, concentrate ,on hitting a fly ball that, even if it is caught, will be deep enough to allow
  16. South Africa ended local production of the 5-Series and 7-Series,in order to, concentrate ,on production of the 3-Series for the export market. South African–built BMWs
  17. Content Music While most commercial stations, concentrate ,on two main themes,1980s music & classic rock, Radio 1 plays a mix of current
  18. Of the UK television series Teachers. Stuart David soon left the band to, concentrate ,on his side-project, Looper, and his book writing, which included his The Idle
  19. Left the tour. Shortly afterward, he announced his withdrawal from touring to, concentrate ,entirely on songwriting and record production. This wasn't the first time
  20. 150 of his surviving treatises concentrate on philosophy and 40 of them, concentrate ,on medicine. His most famous works are The Book of Healing, a vast
  21. Army. By the end of September 1916,Austria-Hungary could mobilize and, concentrate ,new divisions, and the successful Russian advance was halted and slowly
  22. Commonplace. However, the Allies in their strategic bombing campaign did not, concentrate ,on industry, and Speer, with his improvisational skill, was able to overcome
  23. Headaches. Returning to Boston in fall 1873,Bell made a fateful decision to, concentrate ,on his experiments in sound. Deciding to give up his lucrative private Boston
  24. By being already aware of what will happen, the audience can then better, concentrate ,on what is going on in the scene. Often, Brecht will also have seemingly
  25. A vassal of Eastern Roman Empire. He had ordered other Muslim commanders to, concentrate ,their armies at Basra, which were still near the Syrian-Arabia border. At
  26. Be forgotten by anyone. Amitabh should ignore these silly accusations and, concentrate ,on his acting. " On 23 March 2008,more than a month and half after Raj's
  27. Held weapon until firearms were invented. Arrows may be designed to spread or, concentrate ,force, depending on their applications. Practice arrows, for instance, can use
  28. Was shocked by the speed of Napoleon's advance. He hastily ordered his army to, concentrate ,on Square Bras, where the Prince of Orange, with the brigade of Prince Bernhard
  29. Comparable to that of 1950s aspheric lenses. The Viking lenses effectively, concentrate ,sunlight enough to ignite fires; however it is not known whether they were used
  30. Donkeys was deprived of his status as co-emperor. Which forced the Normans to, concentrate ,on their defenses at home in 1083–1084. He also secured the alliance of Henry
  31. Africa became increasingly hot and dry, forcing the populations of the area to, concentrate ,along the region. Predynastic period In Predynastic and Early Dynastic times
  32. Ernst Boris Chain and Edward Abraham worked out how to isolate and, concentrate ,penicillin. Abraham was the first to propose the correct structure of
  33. The company on to Sir Arthur Sutherland. In 1936,the company decided to, concentrate ,on road cars. Car production had always been on a small scale and until the
  34. Or the parallels with Greek drama. In recent years theories have arisen which, concentrate ,upon how readers and texts interact to create meaning and are less interested
  35. In closely spaced battalion lines behind one another. This allowed them to, concentrate ,their fire, but it did not leave room for them to change formation. The
  36. The other character's mind using a power, changing it to Psyche; or they could, concentrate ,their strength on defense, changing it to Endurance. If there is a substantial
  37. In the Middle Ages would use a very narrow and sharp tip (" bodkin head" ) to, concentrate ,the force. Arrows used for hunting would use a narrow tip (" broad head" )
  38. To INGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) urban areas already, concentrate ,84.35 % of the population, while the Southeast region remains the most
  39. A retail area, and restoration and leisure facilities. The first project will, concentrate ,on the reorganization and the development of the infrastructures of the railway
  40. Are used to translate Godliness into human terms and also to help individuals, concentrate ,on their own attributes in worshiping God to develop their potentialities on
  41. Division to Commodore Business Machines' founder Jack Trammel, who wanted to, concentrate ,on home computers. He froze all development of console games, including a 2600
  42. Competition, Bartók wrote little for two or three years, preferring to, concentrate ,on collecting and arranging folk music. He collected first in the Carpathian
  43. Which around 240 have survived. In particular,150 of his surviving treatises, concentrate ,on philosophy and 40 of them concentrate on medicine. His most famous works are
  44. Wolff. " A burning glass or burning lens is a large convex lens that can, concentrate ,the sun's rays onto a small area, heating up the area and thus resulting in
  45. Under Gottlieb Ernst Schulz, the author of Aenesidemus, who advised him to, concentrate ,on Plato and Immanuel Kant. In Berlin, from 1811 to 1812,he had attended
  46. To make industry leading flash memory. AMD decided to switch gears and, concentrate ,solely on Intel-compatible microprocessors and flash memory, placing them in
  47. 13, 2007,The US division announces to exit the game development business to, concentrate ,solely on publishing and distribution. On March 6,2008,InnoGames made an
  48. 150 volumes of his surviving works concentrate on philosophy and 40 of them, concentrate ,on medicine. * Surat al-Sheikh alpha’is (The Life of In Sing),ed. and trans
  49. Be the illegality of issuing private money, which he believed caused capital to, concentrate ,in the hands of a privileged few which he called the" banking monopoly. " He
  50. His film Clear Skies. Tchaikovsky initially showed interest, but then decided to, concentrate ,on his studies and his own projects. In 1972,he completed Polaris, an

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