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  1. A ski-jump ramp for launching lightly loaded conventional fighter aircraft but, recover ,using traditional carrier arresting cables and a tail hook on their aircraft.
  2. Out on the east of the Jordan River, and Ahab with Jehoshaphat of Judah went to, recover ,Ramoth-Gilead. During this battle Ahab disguised himself, but was mortally
  3. Type of algebraic set to be defined below). Given a subset U of An, can one, recover ,the set of polynomials which generate it? If U is any subset of An, define I (
  4. Control over Thrace by conquering the town, which Athens had tried in vain to, recover ,during the previous years. According to the historian Theodosius, this conquest
  5. And 1121,but the tide had turned, the French having assisted the Aragonite to, recover ,Zaragoza. In 1138,Ali in Yusuf was defeated by Alfonso VII of León, and in
  6. And distortion. This is impossible to recover , since amplifying the signal to, recover ,attenuated parts of the signal amplifies the noise (distortion/interference)
  7. Found that a moderate number of patients with schizophrenia were seen to, recover ,over time from their symptoms, raising the possibility that some patients may
  8. Agamemnon, with his brother's assistance, drove out Aegis thus and Theses to, recover ,his father's kingdom. He extended his dominion by conquest and became the most
  9. The effects of noise create signal loss and distortion. This is impossible to, recover , since amplifying the signal to recover attenuated parts of the signal
  10. Partly because of the amount of time needed for a soldier to rest and, recover ,after use and partly because of abuse. For the rest of the war, military
  11. Afternoon, taking four medical personnel from the hospital. * June 3 - Soldiers, recover ,the bodies of hostages Sonny Lacquer and Armando Baloney in Barangay Balancing.
  12. Agricultural activities have been brought to a near standstill. Some efforts to, recover ,have gone forward, however,notably in fisheries. Coffee production, though a
  13. Perspective In Scotland, it was claimed that union would enable Scotland to, recover ,from the financial disaster wrought by the Darren scheme through English
  14. List and make amends to those harmed, and then try to help other alcoholics, recover , The second half of the book," Personal Stories" ( subject to additions
  15. Since the early 1950s on conventional carriers it has been the practice to, recover ,aircraft at an angle to port of the axial line of the ship. The primary
  16. Because of New York's wrongful death statute only permitting certain people to, recover ,damages for wrongful death. Aftermath and posthumous recognition The week after
  17. The city was conquered. Death On 23 August 634,Abu Bakr fell sick and did not, recover ,due to his old age. There are two accounts about the sickness of Abu Bakr. One
  18. 2002 under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1401 to help the nation, recover ,from decades of war and establish a normal functioning government. Today, more
  19. Or services featured there. Adware is usually seen by the developer as a way to, recover ,development costs, and in some cases it may allow the software to be provided
  20. Elizabeth secured the brothers' release. After being assured Andrew would, recover , Elizabeth Jackson volunteered to nurse prisoners of war on board two ships in
  21. Of the Athenians' claim and joined other Greeks in voting to help Athens to, recover ,possession of Amphiboles. With Olympus defeated, Amyntas was now able to
  22. On his brain and keep his blood pressure down, in order to allow his brain to, recover ,from the trauma of the stroke and subsequent surgery. On the night of Sharon's
  23. The subsequent crusader victory at Dorylaion allowed the Byzantine forces to, recover ,much of Western Asia Minor. John Donkeys re-established Byzantine rule in Chaos
  24. Comparison studies indicate that at least some individuals with schizophrenia, recover ,from psychosis without taking antipsychotics, and may do better in the long
  25. A grapnel is often quite light, and may have additional uses as a tool to, recover ,gear lost overboard; its weight also makes it relatively easy to carry onboard.
  26. Works of Aristotle, in which he sought to escape a syncretistic tendency and to, recover ,the pure doctrines of Aristotle. His commentaries are still extant on Prior
  27. Then time, via the Patterson function, is used by X-ray diffractionists to help, recover ,the" Fourier phase information" on atom positions not available through
  28. Prey outright. This strategy would also potentially have allowed the prey to, recover ,and be fed upon similarly later. The arms, compared with those of other
  29. His trusted general and maternal uncle Shasta Khan, the Walk in Golconda to, recover ,forts lost to the Maratha rebels. Shasta Khan drove into Maratha territory and
  30. When the Ashes had been secured by Australia. 2005 to present England began to, recover ,in the early 2000s and were undefeated in Test matches through the 2004
  31. League, was founded in 377 BC and was led by Athens; but Athens would never, recover ,the full extent of her power, and her enemies were now far stronger and more
  32. List of Ashes series for a full listing of all the Ashes series. Quest to ", recover ,those ashes" Later in 1882,following the famous Australian victory at The
  33. Victory at The Oval, Bligh led an England team to Australia, as he said, to ", recover ,those ashes ". Publicity surrounding the series was intense, and it was at some
  34. From them the practical conclusion that for Russia the best thing to do was to, recover ,as quickly as possible from her temporary exhaustion and to prepare for future
  35. Intermittently rather than in a steady stream. Any timing required to, recover ,data from the communication symbols is encoded within the symbols. The most
  36. Personally led an expedition to the south of his realm. His troops were able to, recover ,the corps (provinces) of Jaén and Elvira, while a cavalry detachment was sent
  37. Have dramatically dropped because of the Angolan Civil War, but have begun to, recover ,after 2002. The transformation industry that had come into existence in the
  38. Coalition. Eight years have passed, and the city of Genoa is still trying to, recover ,from the many damages provoked by the rioters, mainly devoted to crash cars
  39. Temperature. Permanent SAS may be initially removable (for example to, recover ,mislabeled goods) and build adhesion to a permanent bond after several hours
  40. Of water heating, either with or without solar, hot water heat recycling units, recover ,heat from drain lines thereby increasing water heating capacity and reducing the
  41. To 70 to 90 % recover with some minor residual disability. The average time to, recover ,is one to six months. ADAM produces multiple inflammatory lesions in the brain
  42. Him, but the new king, Louis the German, came to his aid; after failing to, recover ,Turnout for him, in 847 he awarded him the vacant diocese of Bremen, where he
  43. Helicopters and V/STOL (Vertical/Short Take-Off and Landing) aircraft usually, recover ,by coming abreast the carrier on the port side and then using their hover
  44. The corpse of a Sperm whale found floating in the sea. His plan is to, recover ,the corpse himself in hopes that it contains ambergris. His hope proves
  45. ADI Samir, is against AES-256 that uses only two related keys and 239 time to, recover ,the complete 256-bit key of a 9-round version, or 245 time for a 10-round
  46. Tourist destination. It was not until 2000s that the tourism industry began to, recover , and the country has since experienced a high rate of growth in the number of
  47. War in Egypt, and not at Troy, and that after Troy the Greeks went there to, recover ,her. There is also the strange myth of the brothers Egypt and Dana us, sons
  48. Illness to notify Patrick Bronte, and to take Anne home where she remained to, recover , Employment at Blake Hall Little is known about Anne's life during 1838,but
  49. Bath, England,his brother's condition deteriorated. Edward would never, recover , Upon his brother's death, Bell returned home in 1867. His older brother
  50. As 5 %, full recover y is seen in 50 to 75 % of cases, while up to 70 to 90 %, recover ,with some minor residual disability. The average time to recover is one to six

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