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  1. The classic problem of determining how many circuits were needed to provide an, acceptable ,telephone service. His thinking went further by finding how many telephones
  2. To that. The vessel will now swing in the middle of two anchors, which is, acceptable ,in strong reversing currents but a wind perpendicular to the current may break
  3. That the use of antipsychotics in this way should no longer be regarded as an, acceptable ,routine treatment. A 2006 Cochrane Collaboration review of controlled trials of
  4. White, but particular hounds (white with islands of red or black) are not, acceptable ,and may indicate impure breeding. The long, fine-textured coat requires
  5. Long as it is done well. Also, simple music to be performed by amateurs is also, acceptable , Weill's musical setting of Mahagonny exemplifies many of these
  6. As a noun; for example:" I'll have a talk with him" in which case this is, acceptable ,in both BRE and AME. * In both dialects, from is the preposition prescribed for
  7. Are walking a narrow isthmus between Communists and the World Jewry. Neither is, acceptable ,for us ... And I mean this not in the racial sense, but in the sense of the
  8. But had trouble finding work as a teacher. At first, he thought it an, acceptable ,occupation but soon worried about his spiritual well-being. In March 1823
  9. Made in an open frame, by being a reasonable size, but any convenient size is, acceptable , The mixture is molded by the frame, and then the frame is removed quickly.
  10. A plurality election, will lose, if 65 % indicate another candidate is at least, acceptable ,to them. If 40 % strongly dislike candidate A bit like candidate B, and 60 %
  11. Exhibits the highest resistance to fracture. As the loads are usually fixed,an, acceptable ,design will result from combination of a material selection procedure and
  12. A question such as" Tea or coffee? ", if either alternative is equally, acceptable ,an American may answer," I don't care" while a British person may answer,"
  13. Additional support and did not endanger the patient, they were considered, acceptable , " The non-pharmacologic interventions of complementary medicine can employ
  14. Upwards in modern times. For example, while ages from 10 to 13 were typically, acceptable ,in Western countries during the mid-19th century, * Marriageable age — not all
  15. The labor movement in general. Furthermore, the spelling" labor" had been, acceptable ,in both British and Australian English in earlier periods. (See also: Spelling
  16. Puerto Rico (FCPR). European FCI clubs and the AKC recognize the FCPR as an, acceptable ,registry. The AKC currently recognizes Arawak as a Foundation Stock Service
  17. Of the Parliament of Andalusia. In practice, the monarch always names a person, acceptable ,to the ruling party or coalition of parties in the autonomous region. In theory
  18. Where a statement of intention involves two separate activities, it is, acceptable ,for speakers of AME to use to go plus bare infinitive. Speakers of BRE would
  19. Can also contribute to a pleasant sound, although laminated sides and backs are, acceptable ,alternatives, commonly found in mid-level guitars (in the range of
  20. Dispute between Antaeus and the Pharisees. According to the author, the only, acceptable ,solution was an end to the Tasmanian Priesthood and secular control. This
  21. When first complex numbers, and then elements of an arbitrary field became, acceptable , Homogeneous coordinates of projective geometry offered an extension of the
  22. But the bath was full of children. ) Similarly, to come plus bare infinitive is, acceptable ,to speakers of AME, where speakers of BRE would instead use to come and plus
  23. From charges of unprofessional conduct or failure to practice medicine in an, acceptable ,manner, and thus from disciplinary action, when they prescribe alternative
  24. Although this effect could be due to the placebo effect and the small number of, acceptable ,trials. A further result of this analysis was that acupuncture during early
  25. Of the theory of the via media was essentially a party platform, and not, acceptable ,to Anglicans outside the confines of the Oxford Movement. However, the theory
  26. BASIC as a shortcut for" PRINT ", though spelling out the word is not only, acceptable ,but canonical—Apple soft converted "? " In entered programs to the same token as
  27. Incorrectly called green amethyst, which is an actual misnomer and not an, acceptable ,name for the material, the proper terminology being prasiolite. It is actually
  28. Theology and ethics, the Communion has debated prayer book revision and the, acceptable ,grounds for achieving full communion with non-Anglican churches. Are Kaiser (
  29. The Jewry is embodied in" Federalism" ( i.e. democracy). Neither side is, acceptable ,to us in the case the War breaks out. " He also described the United States as
  30. Up till then it was thought to look cumbersome. The use of akimbo became more, acceptable ,and achieved somewhat of a cult status after much influence from Hong Kong
  31. As part of a single form of English. Though the use of a British word would be, acceptable ,in AME (and vice versa),most listeners would recognize the word as coming
  32. About the divinity of either Jesus or of the Holy Spirit. This makes it, acceptable ,to many Arians and Unitarians. Nor does it address many others theological
  33. Found traditional religious doctrine, such as that of the Church of England, acceptable ,yet were unsatisfied with the completely materialistic and mechanical view of
  34. To manage chronic pain in patients. Complementary medicine is considered more, acceptable ,in the interdisciplinary approach used in palliative care than in other areas
  35. Constituted Constituent Assembly decided that the flag of India must be, acceptable ,to all parties and communities. A flag with three colors, Saffron,White and
  36. The verbal process of preaching, and believed that this service should be, acceptable ,within any branch of Christian teaching. Even in his study of medicine, and
  37. A salvation by perfection, but rather says that," Even perfect holiness is, acceptable ,to God only through Jesus Christ. " Joseph Donnell stated that" open theism
  38. In all sectors of society. Some reliable sources now label this usage as, acceptable ,US English and no longer label it as colloquial. (There are, of course
  39. By ensuring neither side could hope to reduce the effects of retaliation to, acceptable ,levels. In the East, however,it was seen as a way to avoid having to maintain
  40. Vague about doctrinal principles, yet bold in developing parameters of, acceptable ,deviation. These parameters were most clearly articulated in the various
  41. And worked with their manufacturers to ensure that conditions were, acceptable ,to Apple. In 2007,Apple started yearly audits of all its suppliers regarding
  42. Opposition to instruments today. * Modern Christians typically believe it is, acceptable ,to play instruments or to attend weddings, funerals,banquets, etc., where
  43. Fascism part of an era of" absolute evil ", something which was hardly, acceptable ,to the few remaining hardliners of the party. As a result, Alessandra Mussolini
  44. Sequence is suggested by the high casualties involved in foraging, making it an, acceptable ,risk only for ants that are older and are likely to die soon of natural causes.
  45. Debut, Ibsen was forced to write an alternative ending for it to be considered, acceptable , In this ending, Nora is led to her children after having argued with Torvald.
  46. The highways were covered with galloping bishops. " None of these attempts were, acceptable ,to the defenders of Nicene orthodoxy: writing about the latter councils, Saint
  47. Being" fair" - the word having a double meaning of attractive and morally, acceptable , More recently, James Page has suggested that aesthetic ethics might be taken
  48. Name for the element in 1990 but, three years later, recognized aluminum as an, acceptable ,variant. Hence, their periodic table includes both. IUPAC prefers the use of
  49. Names, and allowing users to nominate their preferred word sequence within an, acceptable ,use policy. Because duplicate usernames cannot exist within a domain, account
  50. Lead to misunderstanding. Frequency * In the UK the word whilst is historically, acceptable ,as a conjunction (as an alternative to while, especially prevalent in some

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