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  1. Or giving, which is the intention of altruism. This can be altruism towards, humanity ,that leads to altruism towards the creator or God. Kabbalah defines God as the
  2. That we receive in return. He offers a criticism of nature worship; a study of, humanity ,'s metaphysical loneliness, and his view that we can consider God to be in
  3. Sun (1953),the hero ends up in an alternate earth of thick forests in which, humanity ,never developed but where a band of mutants is establishing a colony; the story
  4. Later Deign meets him in Galt's Gulch. Notes Anthropology is the study of, humanity , It has origins in the humanities, the natural sciences, and the social
  5. One of these, the De plant natural, is an ingenious satire on the vices of, humanity , He created the allegory of grammatical" conjugation" which was to have its
  6. While Taoist thought generally focuses on nature, the relationship between, humanity ,and the cosmos; health and longevity; and WU Wei (action through inaction).
  7. Not have a ladder. " Speer was found guilty of war crimes and crimes against, humanity , though he was acquitted on the other two counts. On October 1,1946,he was
  8. Intellectuality and technology. Both figures exert a negative effect on, humanity ,when their influence becomes misplaced or one-sided, yet their influences are
  9. The backdrop for the band's message of dignity for indigenous people, all of, humanity , and Earth. Aztlan Underground has been cultivating a grassroots audience
  10. He came to see himself as the prophet who was entrusted with informing, humanity ,that it was entering the new Eon of Horus in the early twentieth century. Born
  11. Use of the term" anthropology" in English to refer to a natural science of, humanity ,was apparently in 1593,the first of the" bogies" to be coined. It took
  12. Arcologies, knowing every aspect about them. *In WildFire's CthulhuTech RPG, humanity ,has been forced to live in fortified arcologies due to attacks from the Old
  13. Li" ( etiquette, the rites) in bringing us back to what is essential about, humanity , His opponent Moi, however,argued that music and fine arts were classist and
  14. Follow the absolute letter of the law; rather he was driven by concerns over, humanity ,and equality, and introduced into Roman law many important new principles based
  15. Been there ten thousand years" ), and that the song represents the ability of, humanity ,to transform itself instead of a transformation taking place at the hands of
  16. Is dual in nature. Two spiritual adversaries endeavor to tempt and corrupt, humanity ,away from thinking and doing the good. Lucifer and his counterpart Ahriman
  17. And other crimes against peace, third,war crimes, and lastly, crimes against, humanity , U. S. Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, the chief U. S. prosecutor at
  18. Descartes to Kant had set out to explain the objective world expecting that, humanity ,would be found to have a special meaning within it. But no such meaning was
  19. The life of others becomes the highest principle and the defining purpose of, humanity , Such was the theory which Schweitzer sought to put into practice in his own
  20. Through Anglican social thought – a theology which sees God, nature,and, humanity ,in dynamic interaction, and the interpenetration of the secular and the sacred
  21. Spirits, to Taylor, represented “ survivals” of the original animism of early, humanity , World view In many animistic world views found in hunter-gatherer cultures
  22. Distinction between angels, divine beings created by God before the creation of, humanity ,and are used as messengers, and saints, the souls of humans who have received
  23. Will is limited by original sin, though God's prevent grace restores to, humanity ,the ability to accept God's call of salvation. * God purposely exercises his
  24. Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook stated that love is the most important attribute in, humanity , This is defined as bestowal, or giving, which is the intention of altruism.
  25. Fiction for the game's writing. SMAC set out to capture the whole sweep of, humanity ,'s future, including technology, futuristic warfare, social and economic
  26. Believe that, through grace, God restores free will concerning salvation to all, humanity , and each individual, therefore,is able either to accept the Gospel call
  27. Then clothing and names. Ask and Emblem go on to become the progenitors of all, humanity ,and were given a home within the walls of Midgard. Theories A
  28. Against this, the writing comes to have the quality of an old Flemish picture, humanity ,lively and amusing and loveable in the foreground and nature magnificent beyond
  29. And faith; what Judaism means by teaching that God is one; the essence of, humanity ,and the problem of human needs; the definition of religion in general and of
  30. Of objective spiritual perception, which Steiner maintained was possible for, humanity ,today. The steps of this process of inner development he identified as
  31. Concupiscence, which he regarded as the passion of both, soul and body, making, humanity , a Massey Danuta (mass of perdition, condemned crowd) and much enfeebling
  32. Him, and the poet Euripides derived from him an enthusiasm for science and, humanity , Anaxagoras brought philosophy and the spirit of scientific inquiry from Ionic
  33. Presenting imminent destruction of Earth, ask the inhabitants, of what use is, humanity , what should humanity 's response be? The argument continues that the only
  34. The" correct" history. This is eventually revealed to be the one in which, humanity ,transforms itself into a benevolent super-species that, amongst other
  35. A framework is the purpose of creation, and everything that happens is to raise, humanity ,to the level of altruism, love for one another. Ashley focused on society and
  36. That historians are as fallible at interpreting the facts as the rest of, humanity , Thus, if every historian were to claim that there was a solar eclipse in the
  37. Destruction of Earth, ask the inhabitants, of what use is humanity , what should, humanity ,'s response be? The argument continues that the only justification humanity
  38. His younger interests until the age of thirty and then give himself to serving, humanity , with Jesus serving as his example. In 1906, he published Geschichte her
  39. Of the human being as a natural-supernatural entity, that is: natural in that, humanity ,is a product of nature, supernatural in that through our conceptual powers we
  40. Cities from the times of the scientific breakthroughs shelter the remainder of, humanity , * The anime Get Backers has overarching plots involving a semi-constructed
  41. Anchored in a universal reality, and make it directly available to all of, humanity , Education Born in Kaysersberg, Schweitzer spent his childhood in the village
  42. In and presupposed by Scripture, thus implying co-operation between God and, humanity , God and nature, and between the sacred and secular. Faith is thus regarded as
  43. Concerto. The suggestion is that these are the things of value which define, humanity , Aesthetic universals The philosopher Denis Button
  44. Hunting, husbandry and beekeeping. He was also a culture-hero and taught, humanity ,dairy skills, the use of nets and traps in hunting, and how to cultivate olives
  45. Account of Alboin's demise" a suitably ironic tale of the doings of depraved, humanity ,". Skull cup Elements present in Marius' account are echoed in Paul's
  46. But from their regard to their own interest. We address ourselves, not to their, humanity ,but to their self-love, and never talk to them of our own necessities but of
  47. humanity 's response be? The argument continues that the only justification, humanity ,could give for its continued existence would be the past creation and continued
  48. In neighborly love, grounded in his understanding of the common origin of, humanity , " Jean Bethe Sustain in Augustine and the Limits of Politics finds likeness
  49. People will increasingly take. * He emphasized his belief that in the future, humanity ,would need to be able to recognize the Spirit of Love in all its genuine forms
  50. Cyberpunk genre. * The game Brink is set on a futuristic arcology to preserve, humanity ,after a natural flooding disaster. Role-playing and table-top games *In the

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