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  1. The program to reduce the processing time for SUB calls. * No sound support, aside ,from a PEEK command that could be used to click the speaker, though one could
  2. By way of warning, that philosophers with nuanced thoughts will likely be cast, aside ,in favor of those whose conclusions more intuitively match popular opinion.
  3. Amount of money at stake). Decisions were made by voting without any time set, aside ,for deliberation. Jurors did talk informally amongst themselves during the
  4. Club in Paris, Nobel signed his last will and testament and set, aside ,the bulk of his estate to establish the Nobel Prizes, to be awarded annually
  5. Provisions pertaining to newly-formed boroughs. Smaller portions are set, aside ,for rural subdivisions and other homesteading-related opportunities, though
  6. Of" Mediterranean" Poseidon, on the basis of hints in Homer, has been laid, aside , The contrasting view that" Achaeans ", as understood through Homer, are " a
  7. Entered, the new Chancellor was busy cleaning a pistol, which he briefly laid, aside ,to cast a short, interested glance at the plans, approving them without even
  8. Tiles, and draw six new tiles at the beginning of his or her turn. Tiles set, aside ,are discarded from the game. # Bank doesn't have enough shares to allow
  9. Where some requirements of" realism ", in its flexible meanings, are set, aside , allegory can come more strongly to the surface, as in the work of Bert old
  10. Sent typescripts of the work to several occultists whom he knew, and then" put, aside ,the book with relief. " Kangchenjunga and China: 1905–1906 Returning to
  11. The dynamic editing and complex compositions of his earlier pictures were set, aside , with the artist focusing on the creation of a bold, almost surreal palette of
  12. Guns from coastal emplacements but his plan for the taking of Toulon was set, aside ,as one incompetent officer superseded another. By December, they decided to try
  13. To pose a serious problem for the empirical account, though Hume brushes it, aside ,as an exceptional case by stating that one may experience a novel idea that
  14. Same as that of the monks. But by the 10th century the rule was commonly set, aside , and we find frequent complaints of abbots dressing in silk, and adopting
  15. Construction, New York Mayor Fiorella LaGuardia had an upper-level lounge set, aside ,for press conferences and business meetings. At one such press conference, he
  16. Was in demand, he still reworked models, often destroying them or setting them, aside ,to be returned to years later. The prints produced by Giacometti are often
  17. Plays an increasingly important role in the pharmaceutical industry where, aside ,from QA, it is used in discovery of new drug candidates and in clinical
  18. Had" got religion. " Teacher also told Wilson he could get sober too if he set, aside ,his objections to religion and form a personal conception of God," another
  19. The famous encounter with Diogenes the Cynic, who asked him to stand a little, aside ,as he was blocking the sun, Alexander was given the title Hegemony, and like
  20. Buried under the riverbed of the Bento. The stream was temporarily turned, aside ,from its course while the grave was dug wherein the Gothic chief and some of
  21. Power and authority to connect the sacraments, or at least all the sacraments, aside ,from baptism and matrimony (the first of which may be administered by anyone
  22. Of abbots dressing in silk, and adopting sumptuous attire. Some even laid, aside ,the monastic habit altogether, and assumed a secular dress. With the increase
  23. Was discontinued, the design had been completed to allow multiple users. As an, aside , an unusual aspect of The APL Machine was that the library of workspaces was
  24. Ark, and was smitten by God for touching it. David, in fear, carried the Ark, aside ,into the house of Obed-edom the Hittite, instead of carrying it on to Zion, and
  25. Caused them to become the ears of a donkey. Marshal Apollo has ominous aspects, aside ,from his plague-bringing, death-dealing arrows: Marshal was a satyr who
  26. And many of the world's Jews instead live in a small strip of Alaska set, aside ,by the US government for Jewish settlement. The story follows a Jewish
  27. Have come to define Arsenal and the team have worn the combination ever since, aside ,from two seasons. The first was 1966–67,when Arsenal wore all-red shirts; In
  28. Expert in the theory of topological vector spaces. By 1957,he set this subject, aside ,in order to work in algebraic geometry and horological algebra. The IVES years
  29. On the concept of“ waves”—each wave pushes the older societies and cultures, aside , * First Wave is the society after agrarian revolution and replaced the first
  30. Which mostly lie north and east of Fort Freely. This area was largely set, aside ,and developed under a state program spearheaded by Hammond during his second
  31. Traditional curriculum of Sparta, the agog. But Leotychidas was ultimately set, aside ,as illegitimate, contemporary rumors representing him as the son of Alcibiades
  32. At some 50 km from the capital. All the city's fortifications were destroyed, aside ,from the citadel, which was left as residence of the governor and a garrison
  33. In terms of ultra vires actions in the broad sense, a reviewing court may set, aside ,an administrative decision if it is unreasonable (under Canadian law
  34. Australian Progressive Alliance. On 6 December 2003,Andrew Bartlett stepped, aside ,temporarily as leader of the party, after an incident in which he assaulted
  35. Buyers and tourists who kept hotels reasonably busy. The tourist development, aside ,from construction, also brought numerous businesses such as restaurants, bars
  36. Financial disclosed forms one week before the election. The conviction was set, aside ,in April 2009 after evidence of prosecutorial misconduct emerged. Republican
  37. In Britain and throughout the British Dominions to allow for Edward's stepping, aside ,and to ensure that if he had any children they would have no claim to the
  38. As well as by Hadrian's law forbidding circumcision, secretly started putting, aside ,arms from the Roman munitions workshops; soon after, a revolt broke out under
  39. Euro. " Quid" does not (generally) have a plural form but" buck" does (, aside ,from the expression" quids in"—meaning having made or won a lot of money). *
  40. Not to interfere and drew his bow, but his foot slipped, the arrow glanced, aside ,and he received the assassin's dagger in his breast. Alp Asian died four days
  41. Too old to remain on the main sequence and would have turned into white dwarfs, aside ,from the dimmest red dwarfs, and stable planetary systems would have already
  42. Works of art simulate experiences of the world. #Special focus. Art is set, aside ,from ordinary life and made a dramatic focus of experience. It might be
  43. As a village in 1833. The Ann Arbor Land Company, a group of speculators, set, aside , of undeveloped land and offered it to the state of Michigan as the site of the
  44. The admission of new states, the division of land into useful units, and set, aside ,land in each township for public use. This system represented a sharp break
  45. All 6 tiles in his or her hand are unplayable may reveal his or her hand, set, aside , his or her unplayable tiles, and draw six new tiles at the beginning of his or
  46. For" their constituency:" MP for East Cleveland. " * In AME, the phrases, aside ,from and apart from are used about equally; in BRE, apart from is far more
  47. To honor their late relatives. As a dedication to Agrippina, Caligula set, aside ,the Circus Games to honor the memory of his late mother. On the day that the
  48. Runs smoothly. The pigs elevate themselves to positions of leadership and set, aside ,special food items, ostensibly for their personal health. Napoleon takes the
  49. A voice of their God, and was used as a weapon of great power, sweeping enemies, aside , In his book The Lost Ark of the Covenant (2008),Parity also suggests that
  50. 3.2 were fairly rare; however, as DOS 3.3 was not a major architectural change, aside ,from the number of sectors per track, a program called MUFFIN was provided with

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