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  1. By the sip: scheme, although other protocol schemes are possible (such as, tel ,:). More than one user agent can register at the same URI, with the result that
  2. Gordon Loud. The Oriental Institute intended to comple tel y excavate the whole, tel , layer by layer, but fortuna tel y money ran out before they could do so. Today
  3. Shrimp Co. Shrimp Man http://www.example.com/dir_photos/my_photo.gif work voice, tel ,: +1-111-555-1212 home voice tel : +1-404-555-1212 work 42 Plantation St. Baytown
  4. Avoid tours raisin, c'est UN grand tort ", Plon,1982 *Memoirs II," Si, tel ,dot Eyre Mon destiny CE Sir ", Plon,1984 *Discourse pronounce pour la reception
  5. During the Canaanite period, a status adopted by the Israelites. The top of the, tel , where Finkelstein supposes that the tabernacle would have been placed, is now
  6. The original entrance to the spring, which brings them out at the foot of the, tel , The Megiddo Stables At Megiddo two stable complexes were excavated from
  7. Settlement expanded to cover part of the plain and hills surrounding the, tel , After the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE, Rabban Buchanan Ben
  8. An' slap my face, an ' make a mighty fuss.: De udder gals day 'gin to fight, I, tel , 'd them wait a bit;: I'd had them all, jis one by one, as I court fit.: I WIP de
  9. Jewish homeland. Avid is Hebrew for" spring ", symbolizing renewal, and, tel , is a man-made mound accumulating layers of civilization built one over the
  10. Out on the ancient raised tel which developed on a natural Turkey hill. The, tel ,was inhabited, possibly continuously, until the British Mandate period. During
  11. The junction between Via Maris and the trunk road leading to Jerusalem. The, tel ,consists of two mounds with a saddle between them, spanning roughly. A dozen
  12. Influence operations in France). Michel Lewis wrote in 1976" Le Monde, tel ,EU'IL est ". According to this former journalist of Le Monde, the journal
  13. Material from ancient mounds; a mound of this type is also known as a tel l, or, tel , An archaeological site could provide an excellent source of seraph because
  14. Was an ardent admirer of Bacon, on whose writings he published two works; Bacon, tel ,quit est (8vo,Berlin,1800),showing the bad faith of the French translator
  15. 2006 archaeological excavations were carried out adjacent to Shiloh’s, tel , A team led by the Archaeological Staff Officer for Judea and Samaria in Israel
  16. As Tel Megiddo (Hebrew) and Tell al-Mutesellim (Arabic). Megiddo is a, tel ,(hill or mound) made of 26 layers of the ruins of ancient cities in a
  17. Network since 1986,health-care, tel ephone (just one line since 1996, tel , : +98 056 2533 -3400),drinking water since 1998,unrefined piped water
  18. Talbot refers to the Temple. It was said to be a compound of the Hebrew words, tel ,(hill) and pilot (mouths),as in" the hill to which all mouths turn in
  19. TEL; TYPE" work, voice "; VALUE URI:, tel ,: +1-111-555-1212 TEL; TYPE" home, voice "; VALUE URI: tel : +1-404-555-1212 ADR
  20. And tel ling the story of its history. The City of London for example, sits on a, tel ,which preserves a layer of dark material attributed to the burning of the city
  21. And part of a commercial/industrial area were uncovered at the west of the, tel ,in 2009. Madam Abu Aurora, described as" one of the finest domed mausoleums
  22. Van Meighen Museum (Ernest Van Dijckkaai 9,B 2000 Antwerpen, tel , mail: van. Mieghem. Museum@skynet. Be). * The exhibition 'Off
  23. 116 CE. Byzantine period finds from excavations include an aqueduct east of the, tel , and a kiln. In 2007,remains ranging from the Early Islamic period until the
  24. House, National Center for Cultural Heritage, Hversfigata 15,101 Reykjavík., tel ,545 1400 * Bæjarins Best Pulsar — a small hot dog stand in central Reykjavík *
  25. The 2nd millennium BCE),Gazer became a major city in the Land of Israel. The, tel ,was surrounded by a massive stone wall and towers, protected by a five meter
  26. Carrying the label" heyday ", ekmek kadayıfı is totally different from ", tel ,heyday" ( see
  27. In Haiti *http://hospitals-port-au-prince.haitiearthquake. tel / HaitiEarthQuake., tel ,: Hospitals & Clinics in Haiti Ayla Razz, known originally as Lightning Lass (
  28. Remains yielded a pillared two-storey public building near the top of the, tel , the earliest attributed to Israelites. Collared rim storage jars and some
  29. Look' at what the newspapers were reporting which this has become prominent in, tel ,vision programs such as the Sunday Supplement and The Wright Stuff. In the
  30. Oils, is gaining prominence. This later group is popularly known as" sad, tel ,", meaning white oil, bringing out the contrast in color between the lightly
  31. Age II A); however, it is not mentioned in any pre-biblical source. There is a, tel ,and many impressive remains from the Canaanite and Israelite eras, until the
  32. Hebrew inscriptions found engraved on rocks several hundred meters from the, tel , These inscriptions from the 1st century BCE read" boundary of Gazer. "
  33. East of the Mediterranean. Excavations were carried out on the ancient raised, tel ,which developed on a natural Turkey hill. The tel was inhabited, possibly
  34. And are used as an accompaniment to rice. Cooking medium and spices Shorter, tel ,(mustard oil) is the primary cooking medium in Bengali cuisine although Adam
  35. Voice "; VALUE URI: tel : +1-111-555-1212 TEL; TYPE" home, voice "; VALUE URI:, tel ,: +1-404-555-1212 ADR; TYPE work; LABEL" 42 Plantation St. \Baytown, LA
  36. Rock-cut caves. In the Early Bronze Age, an unfortified settlement covered the, tel , It was destroyed in the middle of the 3rd millennium BCE and abandoned for
  37. Replaced them. Thus, Kazakh til 'language' and run 'day' correspond to Tatar, tel ,and on, while Kazakh men 'I ', qol 'hand ', and KOK 'sky' are in Tatar min
  38. Work voice tel : +1-111-555-1212 home voice, tel ,: +1-404-555-1212 work 42 Plantation St. Baytown, LA 30314 United States of
  39. Form of the site's original ancient Canaanite/Phoenician name, Achzib. A, tel ,in Azazel excavated between 1941–44 and 1959-1964 found evidence of settlement
  40. One with carbonized wheat. The destruction layer evident throughout the, tel ,may have occurred in the wake of the Philistine victory at Ebeneezer. One of
  41. Mustard oil) is the primary cooking medium in Bengali cuisine although Adam, tel ,(groundnut oil) is also used, because of its high smoke point. Of late, the
  42. The 14th century BCE, a palace was constructed on the high western part of the, tel , Toward the end of the Bronze Age, the city declined and its population
  43. By the Office of Foreign Asset Control at the Department of the Treasury, tel , (202) 622-0077 (ask for Document #1900). The document also is available at
  44. Its original height on a plateau of archaeology. This is most apparent in the, tel ,sites of the Near East where towns that have been occupied for thousands of
  45. Is called as mohair, and is used frequently in Maharashtra recipes. Carson key, tel ,(mustard oil) is used for body massage during extreme winters, as it is
  46. Period and up to the Early Bronze Age. After a 400-year gap when only the upper, tel ,was occupied, the city underwent a major expansion c.1600 BCE, under the
  47. Of the Iron Age wall. Other EB remains were discovered at the top of the, tel ,but the stratigraphy had been destroyed by British gunfire during the First
  48. 1999 – Claude Askolovitch, Voyage Au bout de la France: Le Front National, tel ,EU'IL est *2005 – Charles Anti, Dictionnaire egoist de la literature
  49. Testing), Org, Pl (over HTTPS), Pro, Pt, Ru, Sc, Se, Sh, Si, Su, ., tel , Tl, Tm, Travel, Tv, Tw, Uk, Us, Vc, Ve and. Za as well as ENIM

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