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  1. That Charles had been led astray by the malign influence of the Earl, and that, moreover , the ambiguity surrounding Mornings' Law meant that, instead of ensuring that
  2. somebody's hands, we can hardly doubt that the censors had this power. It is, moreover ,expressly stated that on one occasion they made an extravagant surcharge on
  3. Then by the rules of propriety, they will have the sense of the shame, and, moreover , will become good. " (Translated by James Legged) in the Great Learning ().
  4. To found a religious order. The Order of St Benedict is of later origin and, moreover , not an" order" as commonly understood but merely a confederation of
  5. Says," the subjects treated of in the Epistle are many and various;, moreover , St. James not infrequently, whilst elucidating a certain point, passes
  6. Their enemies demonstrate that they have no need for a king (who will, moreover , introduce inequality),yet despite this the people demand a king. But the
  7. On 28 May 1235. Before his death, he was absolved from the excommunication;, moreover , the Pope also promised that the King of Hungary and his relatives would not be
  8. Of the body or facial grimaces, and one hour of literary study; all this, moreover , before lunch. After, half-an-hour would be devoted to musical theory, another
  9. But the soils around Sydney were poor, the climate was unfamiliar, and, moreover , very few of the convicts had any knowledge of agriculture. Farming tools were
  10. As" he had seen something there which he was not permitted to describe and, moreover ,could not describe ". Speer later concluded that Hank must have been speaking
  11. Of them and not entitled to the full sum charged. ” Hopkinson’s itemized bill, moreover , is the only contemporary claim that exists for creating the American flag.
  12. Inherits these following additional properties from \Gamma:: \franc \franc;, moreover ,: \dot = \franc. The resulting function has been little-studied, apparently
  13. It a botanical name, may have been easily corrupted into foxglove. It happens, moreover , the name foxglove is a very ancient one and exists in a list of plants as old
  14. Penetrative intercourse between men is particularly prevalent and accepted;, moreover ,he was one of the first writers to advance the premise that such an orientation
  15. Reconstruction of the opening lines of The Merchant's Prologue; it is likely, moreover , that when a word ending in a vowel was followed by a word beginning in a vowel
  16. Are called functors, subject to specific defining commutativity conditions;, moreover , categorical diagrams and sequences can be defined as functors (viz. Mitchell
  17. Electric field, magnetic field, electric charge, and electric current. He could, moreover ,prove that such a wave would necessarily travel at the speed of light, and thus
  18. Canterbury, also a Doctor of the Church, was originally from Italy). Bede was, moreover ,a skilled linguist and translator, and his work with the Latin and Greek
  19. Can be extended indefinitely with k-combinations of ever larger sets. If, moreover ,the intervals of the integers are taken to start at 0,then the k-combination
  20. It is so. '… Yet the deification of the world…did not admit of any true ethics;, moreover , it was in flagrant contradiction with the physical evils and moral wickedness
  21. Of foreign bacteria into the human GI tract via infusion of fecal enemas is, moreover , an established medical practice in cases of ulcerative colitis, especially
  22. Stone were used. The Copper Age features the use of copper, excluding bronze;, moreover , stone continued to be used in a minor industry throughout both the Bronze Age
  23. Trilogy and Prometheus trilogy, respectively (see below). Scholars have, moreover ,suggested several completely lost trilogies derived from known play titles. A
  24. For acquiring supernatural faculties, highest bliss and ultimate salvation;, moreover ,it is said to protect against all kinds of dangers. The Many Smith (10.63)
  25. Of the innovations at once – it becomes a question of explanatory parsimony;, moreover , early Dravidian influence accounts for the several of the innovative traits in
  26. And infuses faith, has bestowed on the human soul the light of reason;, moreover , God cannot deny Himself, nor ever contradict truth with truth. But, a vain
  27. Well,“ …statues of a female deity far outnumber those of the male deity, who, moreover , does not appear to be represented at all after Level VI ”. To date, eighteen
  28. From intelligence rather than from special revelation. Abraham Kuiper argues, moreover , that Abigail's conduct indicates" a most appealing character and unwavering
  29. To produce DMT is found in the pineal gland (see evidence in mammals),and, moreover ,in substantially greater concentrations than in any other part of the body
  30. And other methods. The copies are not perfect: memes are copied with variation;, moreover , they compete for space in our memories and for the chance to be copied again.
  31. Technique requires that sufficient space in front of the subject be available;, moreover , the perspective of the scene changes because of the different camera position
  32. By comparison with works by other authors. In particular," one and the same, moreover ,incorrectly interpreted woodcut, is presented to the reader three times in a
  33. Function and meaning in the worlds of the physical and the spiritual. It has, moreover , in its essential nature a corresponding relation to one of the human psychic
  34. Of Mediterranean. For the most important varieties of this species, which are, moreover ,the most eminent actors in what is called" Universal History," first rose to
  35. Done. Then Abraham justified what he had said as not being a lie at all:" And, moreover ,she is indeed my sister, the daughter of my father, but not the daughter of my
  36. By the following censors, or by a led (roughly" law" ). A censorial mark was, moreover ,not valid unless both censors agreed. The ignominy was thus only a transitory
  37. That no evidence for such a flood is observed in the preserved rock layers and, moreover ,that such a flood is physically impossible, given the current layout of land
  38. 1012 (even if they are young enough to have been taught otherwise at school);, moreover ,usage of the" long" a billion is standard in some non-English speaking
  39. We do not know whether this case resulted in a successful prosecution or not;, moreover , Poirot is not above lying in order to produce a particular effect in the
  40. Are generally distinguished, whose duration are not comparable. These times, moreover , can depend on the range of wavelengths used to observe the event even
  41. Lacks garbage collection, and this makes this style of programming impractical;, moreover , memory allocation routines in C are slower than allocation in a typical
  42. And Austen argue that women are crucial to the development of the nation;, moreover , they portray women as rational beings who should choose companion ate marriage.
  43. Claim that: In this 673-page book, Michel Foucault devotes three pages- and, moreover , in a kind of prologue to his second chapter- to a certain passage from the
  44. Must be received by all, must have the sanction of Jewish antiquity, and must, moreover ,be adapted not only to edification, but also to the" confirmation of the
  45. This rendered understanding difficult at best to Dutch and Cape Dutch speakers, moreover ,increasingly unintelligible to Afrikaans speakers. C. P. Homogenous, lit.
  46. Political prisoners and the indemnity from prosecution for returning exiles and, moreover ,channels of communication were established between the Government and the ANC.
  47. Were received by a private person who was not even employed by the state, and, moreover , was a musician (a class of people who had been perceived as lackeys at court
  48. x). See also the subsection on Handel functions below. When α is an integer, moreover , as was similarly the case for the functions of the first kind, the following
  49. For example, see Carnation Castle) and its urban infrastructure was, moreover ,a marvel throughout the Middle Ages, keeping alive the art, skill and technical
  50. Troops, along with foreign mercenaries, became the core of the Roman Army;, moreover , by the time of the Late Roman Empire tribes such as the Visigoths were paid to

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