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  1. Date back more than 7,000 years. The people of that time relied on primitive, accounting ,methods to record the growth of crops and herds. Because there is a natural
  2. Road, sea,or river can be reached only by air, foot,dogsled, or snow machine, accounting ,for Alaska's extremely well-developed bush air services—an Alaskan novelty.
  3. For the account was the proprietor or record keeper alone. Cruder forms of, accounting ,were inadequate for the problems created by a business entity involving
  4. More rules than management accounting . The body of rules that governs financial, accounting ,in a given jurisdiction is called Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or
  5. The results thereof. " Accounting is thousands of years old; the earliest, accounting ,records, which date back more than 7,000 years, were found in Mesopotamia (
  6. To provide the requisite information. This development resulted in a split of, accounting ,systems for internal (i.e. management accounting ) and external (i.e.
  7. Civil list, saved money by using competitive bidding for contracts, tightened, accounting , procedures,and demanded the federal government's full share of money and
  8. In lesser quantities. In this region irrigation is widely used. Wheat, accounting ,for almost half of the $2 billion agricultural economy, is supplemented by
  9. Transportation through pipelines. * Alberta exports over of oil to US markets, accounting ,for 10 per cent of US oil imports. * The conventional oil resource is estimated
  10. Europe. The largest group of non-European visitors come from the United States, accounting ,for 14 % of the total. Retail Shops in Amsterdam range from large department
  11. Need for independent attestation of external accounts by auditors. Today, accounting ,is called" the language of business" because it is the vehicle for reporting
  12. For internal (i.e. management accounting ) and external (i.e. financial, accounting ,) purposes, and subsequently also in accounting and disclosure regulations and
  13. Relegated the sensational to the sidelines and was reluctant to give a simple, accounting ,of events, but strived on the contrary to pose and solve problems and
  14. 10,091,689 and followed by €804,285 in 2005–06 season. In 2006–07 season the, accounting ,method changed to IFRS, which 2005–06 result was reclassified as net loss of
  15. Convenience, desired me to stay there and receive instruction in the school of, accounting , There, when I had been introduced to the art of the Indians' nine symbols
  16. Included the Vorpommern and the region south to the Elbe (mainly Holstein), accounting , for the implied larger range of the Angles in later sources. Tacitus Possibly
  17. Merchants to audit their own books and to ensure that the entries in the, accounting ,records made by their bookkeepers complied with the method he described.
  18. Atlantic Southeast Airlines, based in Atlanta, Georgia,U. S. * Anglo-Saxon, accounting , accounting methodology used in English-speaking countries - see Anglo-Saxon
  19. Accounts is very structured and subject to many more rules than management, accounting , The body of rules that governs financial accounting in a given jurisdiction is
  20. Found in Mesopotamia (Assyrians). The people of that time relied on primitive, accounting ,methods to record the growth of crops and herds. Accounting evolved, improving
  21. Greek: manager) of the estate which had a complex and standardized system of, accounting ,which was followed by all its local farm managers. Each administrator on each
  22. Vernacular Italian language, and it was a printed book. According to Bacilli, accounting ,is an ad hoc ordering system devised by the merchant. Its regular use provides
  23. Financial Reporting Standards, or IFRS, or US GAAP. Theory The basic, accounting ,equation is assets liabilities + stockholders' equity. This is the balance
  24. Executed one by one until before the trial of the tenth and last an error of, accounting ,was discovered, allowing him to go free. (Antiphon 5.69–70) There was also a
  25. New Testament) in the Book of Matthew, in the Parable of the Talents. Islamic, accounting ,and algebra In the Our’an, the word" account" (,2001,p. 113
  26. Tract of Western American fossil-bearing rock known as the Morrison Formation, accounting ,for 70 to 75 % of theropod specimens, The Morrison Formation is interpreted as
  27. Allows airlines to overbook their flights enough to fill the aircraft while, accounting ,for" no-shows," but not enough (in most cases) to force paying passengers
  28. Are applied to business entities in three divisions of practical art, named, accounting , bookkeeping, and auditing. Accountancy is defined by the Oxford English
  29. Comptroller). History Token accounting in ancient Mesopotamia The earliest, accounting ,records were found amongst the ruins of ancient Babylon, Assyria and Sumeria
  30. Number system to the Western world. The development of mathematics and, accounting ,was intertwined during the Renaissance. Mathematics was in the midst of a
  31. Or the young animals weaned. Early Accounting in India Early references to, accounting ,concepts are found in the ’. Accounting in the Roman Empire The Res Gestate Dive
  32. Southeast Airlines, based in Atlanta, Georgia,U. S. * Anglo-Saxon accounting , accounting ,methodology used in English-speaking countries - see Anglo-Saxon economy Sport
  33. Provides information to people outside the business entity is called financial, accounting ,and provides information to present and potential shareholders, creditors such
  34. Athens, which was the most populous of the Prefectures of Greece at the time, accounting ,for 2,664,776 people (in 2001),University of Athens, and Appear Hall.
  35. And in orthography to its present form (see also comptroller). History Token, accounting ,in ancient Mesopotamia The earliest accounting records were found amongst the
  36. Myth would have Amateur settled instead by one of the sons of Heracles, thus, accounting , for the fact that he was worshiped there. It was said in antiquity that the
  37. An Era of Incarnation, were only used, and are still only used, in Ethiopia, accounting ,for the eight- or seven-year discrepancy between the Gregorian and the
  38. Because the information was purposefully selected and arranged. Simple, accounting ,is mentioned in the Christian Bible (New Testament) in the Book of Matthew
  39. And executed one after the other until, when only one was still alive,the, accounting ,error was discovered and that last surviving treasurer was acquitted. This was
  40. Resulted in a split of accounting systems for internal (i.e. management, accounting ,) and external (i.e. financial accounting ) purposes, and subsequently also
  41. This decline, APL finds continued use in certain fields, such as, accounting ,research. Standardization APL has been standardized by the ANSI working group
  42. On reporting to people inside the business entity is called management, accounting ,and is used to provide information to employees, managers,owner-managers and
  43. Between himself and another scribe regarding everyday calculation tasks such as, accounting ,of land, labor and grain. Texts such as the Rhine Mathematical Papyrus and the
  44. Until hardware of sufficient computing power became commonly available. Perhaps, accounting ,for its lack of mainstream appeal,APL's characteristics have always led to
  45. Has increased in the sector as well, with the top 20 food manufacturers, accounting ,for half the food-processing value in 1995,over double that produced in 1954.
  46. During the first trimester is chromosomal abnormalities of the embryo/fetus, accounting ,for at least 50 % of sampled early pregnancy losses. Other causes include
  47. Form. The historical origin of the use of the words ‘ debit’ and ‘ credit’ in, accounting ,goes back to the days of single-entry bookkeeping in which the chief objective
  48. HIV transmission. Increased risk of anal cancer is relatively rare, accounting ,for about 1 percent of gastrointestinal malignancies, but as many as 4,000 new
  49. And external (i.e. financial accounting ) purposes, and subsequently also in, accounting ,and disclosure regulations and a growing need for independent attestation of
  50. Information to employees, managers,owner-managers and auditors. Management, accounting ,is concerned primarily with providing a basis for making management or

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