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  1. The river. He left a son, Neoptolemus, and a daughter, Cadmea. In a famous, passage ,that is often considered the first specimen of alternative history, Livy
  2. Which bears on the history of celibacy: Ambrose and reading In this same, passage ,of Augustine's Confessions is a curious anecdote in which bears on the history
  3. And is mentioned in Augustine's Confessions. Ambrose and celibacy In a, passage ,of Augustine's Confessions in which Augustine wonders why he could not share
  4. Separated from the main buildings of the monastery, and is connected by a long, passage ,with a building containing the bake house and brew house (M),and the
  5. Opened up Crowley's latest book, The Book of Lies, and showed Crowley the, passage , This sparked a long conversation which led to Crowley assuming the PTH Degree
  6. Late in 1861. He issued his Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 and promoted the, passage ,of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, abolishing
  7. By the end of the second dynasty the type of tomb constructed changed to a long, passage ,bordered with chambers on either side, the royal burial being in the middle of
  8. Wife he had Mustafa III and by second wife he had Abdul Hamid I. In Fiction A, passage ,in Voltaire's Candide has the book's eponymous main character meet the
  9. Documented a sharp drop in employment among individuals with a disability after, passage ,of the Act. Others believe that the law has been ineffectual. " Professional
  10. The mirror in a common bedroom. The room contained an entrance to a secret, passage ,leading out of the palace, but the entrance was inaccessible due to the
  11. Spanish governance (though not its claim),while gaining an unencumbered, passage ,to the gulf. The area making up today's northern and central Alabama, known as
  12. The stage setting of The Flies (1.1.85,2.1.91). " Television The Abraham, passage ,in Damian is later adapted in the anime Revolutionary Girl Ten in a verse
  13. Adapting the rhythms to the requirements of serious argument. In an anapestic, passage ,in The Frogs, for instance, the character Aeschylus presents a view of poetry
  14. Local nurses. The character was in the Brussels police force by 1893. A brief, passage ,in The Big Four furnishes possible information about Poirot's birth or at
  15. To pay the traveling expenses of the soul. But all is not finished with the, passage ,of the soul to the land of the dead. The soul may return to avenge its death by
  16. To annex Cuba as a slave state. The Second Party System broke down after, passage ,of the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854,which replaced the Missouri Compromise ban
  17. Himself as" Do-do-dodgson. " Alice's Adventures in Wonderland In this, passage ,Lewis Carroll incorporated references to the original boating expedition of 4
  18. Abram Also Thereto as names of horses of the sun mentioned by 'Homers. ' The, passage ,is miserably corrupt: but it may not be accidental that the first three
  19. Schweitzer writing to the New York Review of Science Fiction in 1999 quoted a, passage ,from the original van Vogt novelette“ The Mixed Men ”, which he was then
  20. And Called, in the land of Shiner (KJV). The Greek (LXX) spelling in this, passage ,is Arched. History Origins Semitic speakers of the Akkadian language seem to
  21. Speak to the governor of Far's to intervene on his behalf and arrange for safe, passage ,out of German. With the governor having interceded, Hasan Ali Shah surrendered
  22. States' First Transcontinental Railroad, which was completed in 1869. The, passage ,of the Homestead Act and the Pacific Railway Acts was made possible by the
  23. Church, to enable the monks to attend the nocturnal services with readiness. A, passage ,at the other end leads to the" necessarily" ( I),a portion of the monastic
  24. From the monastic buildings. The kitchen, buttery and offices are reached by a, passage ,from the west end of the refectory, and are connected with the bakehouse and
  25. Against the Seekers-After-Smooth-Things; he would hang men alive. ” In this, passage , The Seekers-After-Smooth-Things represent the Jewish Rebels, the Lion of Wrath
  26. North American),which conflates the United States and Canada. With the 1994, passage , of the North American Free Trade Agreement, the following words were used to
  27. Amendment that would outlaw slavery absolutely was brought to Congress for, passage , This first attempt at an amendment failed to pass, falling short of the
  28. Motion as the actuality of a potentiality as such. Aquinas suggested that the, passage ,be understood literally; that motion can indeed be understood as the active
  29. With hook-noses wearing rather flamboyant jewelry "; in later editions the, passage ,was edited to describe" sallow men" wearing same. To contrast with the more
  30. Twice, to the Scrolls of Abraham (87: 18-19; 53: 36-37); in the latter, passage , it is mentioned that Abraham" fulfilled his commandments" ( 53: 37),a
  31. Scientific viewpoints Anthropology Marcel Mauss's book The Gift contains a, passage ,:" Note on alms ". This note describes the evolution of the notion of alms (
  32. Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, under the Civil Rights Act of 1964,later inspiring, passage ,of the No FEAR Act. *2005 – A Massive power blackout hits the Indonesian island
  33. Curious anecdote in which bears on the history of reading: This is a celebrated, passage ,in modern scholarly discussion. The practice of reading to oneself without
  34. Son lost a point, screamed at officials and was ejected more than once. In a, passage ,from the book Open, Agassi details how his father made him play a match for
  35. In meter, length and function. **antepirrhema. This is another declaimed, passage ,and it mirrors the epirrhema in meter, length and function. The Wasps are
  36. Down on the tragedy and moved by Dido's plight, sent Iris to make Dido's, passage ,to Hades quicker and less painful. When Aeneas later traveled to Hades, he
  37. And Tapestries, queen of the mythical Amazons. When Onesicritus read this, passage ,to his patron,Alexander's general and later King Lysimachus reportedly
  38. On the December 13, 2010 episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen reads a, passage ,of A Modest Proposal in support of Ted Turner's suggestions on reducing
  39. Rights, civil rights, and social justice worked together to ensure its, passage , Opposition from religious groups The debate over the Americans with
  40. Often proctored various initiation rites of Grecian youth, for example,the, passage ,into citizenship by young men and for women the elevation to the status of
  41. By Lewis Carroll, a reference to Edith Liddell,Alice's sister. In this, passage ,Lewis Carroll incorporated references to everyone present on the original
  42. And inferior to—God the Father. This belief is grounded in the Gospel of John, passage ,“ You heard me say, ‘ I am going away, and I am coming back to you. ’ If you
  43. Is a high-precision atomic coordinate time standard based on the notional, passage ,of proper time on Earth's gelid. It is the basis for Coordinated Universal
  44. Provisions were strained by the unexpected passengers, but after a difficult, passage ,on very short rations the ship finally reached its destination on 1 October
  45. The state's only four-term governor, was a controversial figure. Only with the, passage ,of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 State elections With the
  46. From business interests Many members of the business community opposed the, passage ,of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Testifying before Congress, Greyhound
  47. The Blind, two other early Christian universalist. One could interpret this, passage ,as being another example of the mainstream Christian belief in a general
  48. Been used in 1903. The discovery of the near-Earth asteroid 433 Eros and its, passage ,near the Earth in 1900–1901 allowed a considerable improvement in parallax
  49. Have vanished without trace. There is a brief reference to his love poetry in a, passage ,by Cicero. Horace, who often wrote in imitation of Antaeus, sketches in verse
  50. With Achilles to permit him to perform for Hector his funeral rites. The final, passage ,in the Iliad is Hector's funeral, after which the doom of Troy was just a

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