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  1. At different times or over a certain period of time. The term has acquired wide, currency ,in online learning, where exchanges between teachers and students are
  2. Increasing Finland's autonomy from Russia including establishment of its own, currency , the Markka. Liberation of business led to increased foreign investment and
  3. Policies against suspected Loyalists became harsher, and the army's hard, currency ,ran out. Two small regiments of Canadians were recruited during the operation
  4. Reciprocity, free association, voluntary contract, federation,and credit and, currency ,reform. According to William Batch elder Greene, each worker in the mutualist
  5. Congress printed paper money which was so depreciated that it ceased to pass as, currency , spawning the expression" not worth a continental ". Congress could not levy
  6. Another was to delay actual payments, pay soldiers and suppliers in depreciated, currency , and promise it would be made good after the war. Indeed, in 1783 the soldiers
  7. Eleven. Monetary amounts * Monetary amounts in the range of one to two major, currency ,units are often spoken differently. In AME one may say a dollar fifty or a
  8. Was required as proof of apostolic authorship. As these principles gained, currency , books deemed apocryphal tended to become regarded as spurious and heretical
  9. Haven. It is not a member of the European Union, but the euro is the de facto, currency , The people of Andorra have the 4th highest human life expectancy in the world
  10. And early 1970s about race and IQ or social class and IQ rapidly passed into, currency ,in policy discussions. Many of these statements were proved wrong, but they had
  11. Numerous times as a symbol of a republic by different countries and appears on, currency ,as she did on the ancient drachma of Athens. Athena (Minerva) is the subject
  12. The economy grew by an estimated 4 % in 1999. The government introduced new, currency ,denominations in 1999,including a 1 and 5 quanta note. 2000s An economic
  13. As the central bank of the nation and the" Afghani" ( AFN) is the national, currency , with an exchange rate of 50 Afghanis to 1 US dollar. Since 2003,over 16 new
  14. 3.7 %. Large oil reserves are a major contributor to the economy. The national, currency , the Azerbaijani Manet, was stable in 2000,depreciating 3.8 % against the
  15. Until 31 December 1999,when both currencies were replaced by the EU's single, currency , the euro. Coins and notes of both the franc and the peseta remained legal
  16. The invariable usage is more common in Ireland, where it is the official, currency , * In BRE the use of p instead of pence is common in spoken usage. Each of the
  17. Money by using new instruments, such as introducing new taxes, undermining the, currency ,and leasing his income to Jews and Muslims which increased his unpopularity.
  18. Of assistive technology for visually impairment is included the Canadian, currency ,tactile feature, which a system of raised dots in one corner, based on Braille
  19. Became" not worth a continental. ") The U. S. finally solved its debt and, currency ,problems in the 1790s when Alexander Hamilton spearheaded the establishment of
  20. Loans from other, presumably Western sources, or with some of its hard, currency ,reserves which then totaled about $450 million. Furthermore, Aghajanov points
  21. Korean, and Japanese. An alternative classification, though one with much less, currency ,among Activists, was proposed by John C. Street (1962),according to which
  22. Always and everywhere simply an increase in the money supply (i.e. units of, currency ,or means of exchange),which in turn leads to a nominal price level that is
  23. Write this as £3.24. In all cases there may or may not be a space after the, currency ,symbol, or the currency symbols may be omitted depending on context. *In order
  24. Direct responsibility for them in 20 BC. This was publicized on the Roman, currency ,issued in 16 BC, after he donated vast amounts of money to the aquarium Saturn
  25. Used in cells as a coenzyme. It is often called the" molecular unit of, currency ," of intracellular energy transfer. ATP transports chemical energy within cells
  26. US, although the formats 25/12/2000,25.12.2000,and 12/25/2000 now have more, currency ,than they had before the Year 2000 problem. Occasionally other formats are
  27. These loans are targeted at reducing the budget deficit, stabilizing the local, currency ,; developing private businesses; energy; the agriculture, food processing
  28. President. The Zimbabwe Dollar replaces the Rhodesian Dollar as the official, currency , *1981 – The longest professional baseball game is begun in Pawtucket, Rhode
  29. Of the USA as the largest economy in the world for a day, after the Japanese, currency ,reached a record high of 79 yen/US$. Economic growth in Asia since World War II
  30. As the institution charged with the creation of new money. When newly created, currency ,reserves are injected into the fractional-reserve banking system, private
  31. WTO in January 2003. Armenia also has managed to slash inflation, stabilize its, currency , and privatize most small- and medium-sized enterprises. Armenia's
  32. Virginia and the Carolina's, issued over 200 million dollars of their own, currency , In effect, the paper money was a hidden tax on the people, and indeed was the
  33. The city was effectively ‘ Macedonianized ’. Nomenclature, the calendar and the, currency ,(the gold stater, installed by Philip to capitalize on the gold reserves of
  34. 2009 – Zimbabwe officially abandons the Zimbabwe Dollar as their official, currency , *2010 – A train derailed near Merino, Italy,after running into a landslide
  35. And the MID function),PRINT USING (which formatted numbers with commas and, currency ,signs according to a format string),and INKED (which checked for a key press
  36. Increased Antoninus’s popularity, the frugal emperor had to debase the Roman, currency , He decreased the silver purity of the Darius from 89 % to 83.5 % — the
  37. By some linguists (e.g. Holder Pedersen and Louis Helmsmen) but has no, currency ,today. Miller made his proposal before the relationship between the Semitic and
  38. Write three pounds and 24 pence, three pounds 24 or three pounds 24p,since the, currency ,unit is not preprinted. To make unauthorized amendment difficult, it is useful
  39. New developments in partnerships with multinational companies. Anguilla's, currency ,is the East Caribbean dollar, though the US dollar is also widely accepted. The
  40. The inscription In God We Trust be placed on all coins minted as the United States, currency , *1889 – At high noon, thousands rush to claim land in the Land Run of 1889.
  41. Aegean things find their way to all coasts of the Mediterranean. No traces of, currency ,have come to light, unless certain beheads, too slight for practical use, had
  42. Was" not worth a Continental ", as people said, and a second issue of new, currency ,was attempted. The second issue quickly became nearly worthless—but it was
  43. Write three pounds only. * The term pound sign in BRE always refers to the, currency ,symbol £ whereas in AME pound sign means the number sign, which the British
  44. Bank serves as Azerbaijan's central bank, empowered to issue the national, currency , the Azerbaijani Manet, and to supervise all commercial banks. Two major
  45. In all cases there may or may not be a space after the currency symbol, or the, currency ,symbols may be omitted depending on context. *In order to make explicit the
  46. No tariffs) and as a non-EU member for agricultural products. Andorra lacked a, currency ,of its own and used both the French franc and the Spanish peseta in banking
  47. Formed a customs and defense union with Switzerland, and adopted the Swiss, currency ,instead of the Austrian. In April 1919,Vorarlberg – the westernmost province
  48. As large-scale printing of paper money caused inflation and distrust of the, currency , By 1864 the internal food distribution had broken down, leaving cities without
  49. A strong financial network in the country. It also established a national, currency , In 1862,Congress created, with Lincoln's approval, the Department of
  50. Unreliable. In 1992-93,GDP fell nearly 60 % from its 1989 level. The national, currency , the dram, suffered hyperinflation for the first few years after its

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