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  1. Nothing, and if Ammonium was the principal influence on Platinum, then it is, unlikely ,that Ammonium would have been a Christian. One way to explain much of the
  2. Cause. Treatment may limit or reduce the effects of ataxia, but it is, unlikely ,to eliminate them entirely. Recovery tends to be better in individuals with a
  3. That the absence of any mention of the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 would be, unlikely ,if the book were written afterward. He also suggested that since the book does
  4. Of the fall of Troy (1184 BC) and the founding of Rome (753 BC),this seems, unlikely , The Julian family of Rome, most notably Julius Cæsar and Augustus, traced
  5. If the range of physical constants that allow certain kinds of life are, unlikely ,in a landscape of possible universes. But Lee Solid assumes that conditions
  6. Absurdity, unlike anything thus far performed in French theater, seemed, unlikely , to ever actually be performed on stage. However, impetuous theater director
  7. The second reason was that Alumni was losing a lot of money, and it seemed, unlikely ,that the team could fulfil its matches for 1912 season. Honors Domestic
  8. One such constraint is that the universe must end in a big crunch, which seems, unlikely ,in view of the tentative conclusions drawn since 1998 about dark energy, based
  9. Preferences when there are three or more candidates is not typical. It is an, unlikely ,situation for all voters to have dichotomous preferences when there are more
  10. Especially his attack on the presidential war-making powers. Realizing Clay was, unlikely ,to win the presidency, Lincoln,who had pledged in 1846 to serve only one term
  11. However, whilst the rationale behind the equation is sound, it is, unlikely ,that the equation will be constrained to reasonable error limits any time soon.
  12. Tax, forensic,or accounting related issues countless times, and is thus, unlikely ,to be confused or manipulated. Moreover, the verdict in an inquisitional case
  13. Varieties of Arabic),Ferguson believes that these features in particular are, unlikely ,to have evolved independently more than once or twice, and together suggest the
  14. For a bound orbit is that Proxima's association with Alpha Centauri AB is, unlikely ,to be accidental, since they share approximately the same motion through space.
  15. In America, who " overcame a thick Austrian accent and transcended the, unlikely ,background of bodybuilding to become the biggest movie star in the world in the
  16. That this shows his lineage from the Jute's of the Isle of Wight. This is, unlikely ,as Bede tells us that they were all slaughtered by the Saxons under Cædwalla.
  17. Sources, while Green archaeoastronomy tend to prove that alignments are, unlikely ,to be selected by chance, usually by demonstrating common patterns of alignment
  18. S social and scientific status was far greater than Wallace's, and it was, unlikely ,that, without Darwin,Wallace's views on evolution would have been taken
  19. 2006,frustrated by lack of progress, the Christchurch Coroner said that it was, unlikely ,that Dr. Marks ingested the methanol knowingly, although there is no certainty
  20. Not sent away by Nero until after Agrippina's death in 59,making it highly, unlikely ,that already married Poppaea would be pressing Nero. Some modern historians
  21. Having a marketable skill all predict better outcomes; independent living is, unlikely ,with severe autism. A 2004 British study of 68 adults who were diagnosed before
  22. Of as a theory or ideology—rather than a social process—critics say that it is, unlikely ,ever to be more than a utopian ideal. Some, however,point to actual situations
  23. Of *man-also found in Slavic much) has been proposed, an explanation deemed ", unlikely ," by Jamar Frisk. 19th century scholarship also connected the term to the
  24. Suggested that formation of gas giant planets similar to Jupiter and Saturn is, unlikely ,because of the significant gravitational and angular momentum effects of this
  25. At temperatures of 1,770 K and above. Since such temperatures are highly, unlikely ,on such a small distant body, this discovery is potentially suggestive of
  26. Pages: There are no specific age of consent laws in the Antarctic. In the, unlikely ,event of an adult engaging in sexual activity with a minor, under the Antarctic
  27. Different in the glimpses Hubble has provided, with surface features that are, unlikely ,to be due to simple craters and impact basins, but details will not be known
  28. According to his Exist., lxxv. ) used the name Abraham. It is therefore not, unlikely ,that some Gnostic's used amulets, though the confident assertions of modern
  29. 8 and Surveyor 5 landers along with the Lunar Orbiter mapping spacecraft and, unlikely ,to present major landing or extra-vehicular activity (EVA) challenges. Lunar
  30. Real-time 3D graphics with advanced effects, a feat which might be considered, unlikely ,or even impossible for a system with a 1.02MHz processor. Related terminology *
  31. Could have been done, or what should have been attempted even if success was, unlikely , has continued ever since. Underground media Inmates were able to distribute
  32. A niche market of" antibiotic-free" animal products, but this small market is, unlikely ,to change entrenched industry-wide practices. In 2001,the Union of Concerned
  33. Nitrogenases. The overall process is called nitrogen fixation. Although it is, unlikely ,that biomimetic methods will be developed that are competitive with the Haber
  34. Or rare in American popular culture,e.g. " Copacetic (satisfactory) ", are, unlikely , to be understood by most BRE speakers. Divergence Words and phrases with
  35. Prince William, Duke of Gloucester, died six years later, after which it was, unlikely ,she would have any more children due to her age and the large number of
  36. Reason. She informed him that the book was incomprehensible, and it was, unlikely ,that anyone would ever buy a copy. In a fit of temper Arthur Schopenhauer told
  37. The sense of cultivation terrace) has also been proposed, yet considered very, unlikely , Geography The Andes can be divided into three sections: I. The Southern Andes
  38. Element arch (ἀρχή) means" rule "," leading" or" being first ". It is, unlikely ,that the term" democracy" was coined by its detractors who rejected the
  39. Resistance from passengers and flight crews, making a successful hijacking more, unlikely , An example of active passenger and crew member resistance occurred when
  40. Juan Carlos Lorenzo announced that the club could not pay its players and was, unlikely ,to be able to afford to travel to Vicenza to fulfil its next fixture.
  41. Markets are generally more efficient than central planning, since it is highly, unlikely ,that a few economic planners would have a computational advantage over a
  42. _\math rm + \, ^_\math rm \to \, ^_\math rm ^ \to \ \ no\ atoms It is highly, unlikely ,that this reaction will be useful, given the extremely difficult task of making
  43. Aquinas died six years before Albert us Magnus' death, this legend as stated is, unlikely , However, it is true that Albert us was deeply interested in astrology, as has
  44. Of several skyscrapers were published, but due to a lack of demand it is, unlikely ,these will be constructed. However, beginning with the reconstruction of the
  45. By aggressive pioneer species, such as bamboo and colon grass, which make it, unlikely ,the forests will be able to regenerate. Animal species diversity was also
  46. Hitherto, and far more complex and balanced in composition. It is now thought, unlikely ,that Durer cut any of the woodblocks himself; this task would have been
  47. 1970. Review board accident analysis The oxygen tank failure was caused by an, unlikely ,chain of events, as found by the Apollo 13 Review Board investigation, based on
  48. Sense, is not discussed and given the Nātyashāstra's pithy wording it is, unlikely ,the exact understanding of the original author (s) will be known. The theory
  49. Into the country in an effort to subvert the capitalist north. Although it is, unlikely ,bin Laden or Saudi al-Qaeda were directly involved, the personal connections
  50. Antony saying to Octavian," You, boy,owe everything to your name. " In this, unlikely ,alliance orchestrated by the arch anti-Caesarian senator Cicero, the Senate

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