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  1. Regency Atlanta—one of the tallest buildings in Atlanta at the time of its, completion ,in 1967—made a significant mark on hospitality architecture, both nationally
  2. Reports, midterm review reports, technical assistance or project/program, completion ,reports, and country portfolio reviews. All projects are self-evaluated by the
  3. Body parts manufactured by different workshops that were later assembled to, completion , Notably, each workshop inscribed its name on the part they manufactured to add
  4. Davis resigned as AFL commissioner on July 25 rather than remain until the, completion ,of the merger, and Milt Woodard was named President of the AFL. On January 15
  5. Are completing a course of study, are not awarded degrees but certificates of, completion ,of a course of study. The degrees granted by Kepler are not recognized by
  6. First computer programmer. However, the engine was never actually constructed to, completion ,during Lovelace's lifetime. The computer language Ada, created on behalf of
  7. In a closed decision. The operating system With the hardware design nearing, completion , the Atari team started looking at solutions for the operating system. Soon
  8. 190 million development, Union Square, reached, completion , in late September/early October 2009. Major retail parks away from the city
  9. The railway, prompting the incorporation of the City as Vancouver in 1886. The, completion ,of the Port of Vancouver spurred rapid growth, and in less than fifty years the
  10. Games console intended to replace the 2600. However, as the system was reaching, completion , the personal computer revolution was starting with the release of machines
  11. Site. Client governments are also required to prepare their own project, completion ,reports. Independent evaluation is a foundation block of organizational
  12. Reviews. All projects are self-evaluated by the relevant units in a project, completion ,report. ADB’s project completion reports are publicly disclosed on ADB’s
  13. Education is offered at a number of institutions, some offering a diploma upon, completion ,of the course and an examination. In addition, the University of Wales Trinity
  14. The" Horseshoe Line" for the shape of the route on a map. Soon after the, completion ,of the Bay Bridge, Alameda trains ran directly to San Francisco on the lower
  15. The Acropolis Restoration Project The Project began in 1975 and is now nearing, completion , The aim of the restoration was to reverse the decay of centuries of attrition
  16. Were not aware of the details of Babbage's Analytical Engine work prior to the, completion ,of their design for the first electronic general-purpose computer, the ENAC.
  17. Aachen Cathedral was erected on the orders of Charlemagne in AD 786 and was on, completion ,the largest cathedral north of the Alps. On his death Charlemagne's remains
  18. For first-order logic: every consistent set of first-order sentences has a, completion , That is, every consistent set of first-order sentences can be extended to a
  19. Center. Midtown Atlanta, located north of Downtown, developed rapidly after the, completion ,of One Atlantic Center in 1987. In addition to being a major employment center
  20. By 8 %. There are three reasons for this population loss: firstly, since the, completion ,of Tells (a large apartment complex),the city has not had anymore
  21. Those surviving the deceased are often considered necessary for the successful, completion ,of this journey. From the belief in the survival of the dead arose the practice
  22. Point of view, Granada remained separate for many years even after the, completion ,of the Reconquista The often-used expression" Four Kingdoms of Andalusia "
  23. Still in use at Nazarene in 1946. Sir Donald Today dedicated his conjectural, completion ,of Bach's Die Must her Huge (Art of the Fugue) to Schweitzer. Dr Schweitzer
  24. Activities about principles. To qualify as a teacher of Alexander Technique, completion ,is required of at least 1600 hours, spanning at least three years of supervised
  25. Rainforests of the coast, which was also the locus of a growing fishery. The, completion ,of the railway in 1885 was a huge boost to the province's economy
  26. Carolina at Chapel Hill. Complexity results, contributions to rewriting and, completion , instance-based theorem proving. * http://www.csl.sri.com/users/rushby/ John
  27. By the relevant units in a project completion report. ADB’s project, completion ,reports are publicly disclosed on ADB’s Internet site. Client governments are
  28. Road construction. Instead, the irrigated agriculture project was headed for, completion ,with apparently no prospects for extension beyond 2011. During the first 11
  29. With the proper species and number of game fish in 1965–66 shortly after its, completion ,date. The recreational facilities include a large area cleared and zoned for
  30. Under Clement Stone Jr., the elder Stone, then 79,resumed control until the, completion ,of a merger with Ryan Insurance Co. allowed him to transfer control to Patrick
  31. And is called" Lords of Gossamer and Shadow ". The project is still pending, completion ,as of Mar 2011. Community Despite the game's out-of-print status, a thriving
  32. Of evaluation in ADB in 1978. Initially, the focus was on assessing after, completion ,the extent to which projects had achieved their expected economic and social
  33. And former Estonian Minister of Education in a Lanka Prison cell. After, completion , Solzhenitsyn's original handwritten script was kept hidden from the KGB in
  34. For an additional $700 million over the originally contracted price for the, completion ,of the reconstruction of the Admiral Gershon, bringing the total requested
  35. In Anchorage. The 1968 discovery of oil at Proudhon Bay and the 1977, completion , of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline led to an oil boom. Royalty revenues from oil have
  36. Would not have seen the light of day even if the war had continued beyond its, completion , First postwar works (1946–1950) The war now ended, Kurosawa,absorbing the
  37. Near-worthless. Towards the end of his tenure in power, Bennett oversaw the, completion ,of several megaprojects meant to stimulate the economy and win votes - unlike
  38. Became a deacon at the church Saint-Nicolas of Strasbourg. In 1900,with the, completion ,of his licentiate in theology, he was ordained as curate, and that year he
  39. Man. " Mackenzie also served as Minister of Public Works and oversaw the, completion ,of the Parliament Buildings. While drawing up the plans, he included a circular
  40. Health clubs. The park closed down in 1939 because of the Great Depression,the, completion ,of the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge, people circumventing paying the
  41. God of collecting the earth which would be used in the creation of Adam. Upon, completion ,of this task, the angel was then named to be guardian. Everybody, including the
  42. In the myth of Psyche and Eros, Psyche is given ambrosia by Hermes upon her, completion ,of the quests set by Aphrodite and her acceptance on Olympus. After she
  43. Russia, cosmonauts are awarded Pilot-Cosmonaut of the Russian Federation upon, completion ,of their missions, often accompanied by the award of Hero of the Russian
  44. Years-long research facility capital building effort, resulting in the, completion ,of the Biodesign Institute and several large interdisciplinary research
  45. His students, William of Middleton and John of Rubella, were charged with its, completion , It was certainly read by the Franciscans at Paris, including Bonaventure.
  46. Different to play, but still compatible with the existing game mechanics. Upon, completion , the team felt that MAX was somewhere between an expansion and a full-blown
  47. Air disaster. *1992 – Canada, Mexico and the United States announce, completion ,of negotiations for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). *1994 –
  48. In his Paris office several times in the following years. It was not until the, completion ,of the Daimio Sanatorium (1929) and Jaipur Library (1935) that Alto first
  49. Completed its post-Soviet transition into a major oil based economy (with the, completion ,of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline),from one where the state played the
  50. That is seen beyond and through the opening of a dark grotto. The date of, completion ,on the resurrection panel is 1518. Adorer often distorts perspective to

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