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  1. Versions. This resolved issues that the original Phenom had including low, clock ,speed, a small L3 cache and a Cool'n'Quiet bug that decreased performance. This
  2. For the Apple III. The original Apple III came with a built-in real-time, clock , which was recognized by Apple SOS. The clock was later removed from the "
  3. Figure out how to wedge up to 1 MB of additional memory and a real-time, clock ,into the machine, and a later revision of the motherboard provided an expansion
  4. A meeting later this week, while " Not until Thursday next ". Time The 24-hour, clock , ( 18:00 or 1800) is considered normal in the UK and Europe in many
  5. In Apple soft BASIC for several reasons: * In that era of carefully counting, clock ,cycles and limited memory, it was inefficient to write speed-dependent programs
  6. In medicine and psychology In timekeeping * Ante Meridian, in 12-hour, clock , notation,Latin for" before noon" ( also written A. M.,a. m., and am),in
  7. Lack of contention for the bus, the point-to-point connection allows for higher, clock ,speeds. AGP also uses side band addressing, meaning that the address and data
  8. Side bus and cache accesses. Initially, the L2 cache was run at half the CPU, clock ,speed, on Athlon CPUs clock ed up to 700 MHz. Faster Slot-A processors were
  9. Often used sample rates as high as 8192 Hz, often integer factors of video, clock ,signals. Newer files have a header that consists of six unsigned 32-bit words
  10. Up to 700 MHz. Faster Slot-A processors were forced to compromise with cache, clock ,speed and ran at 2/5 (up to 850 MHz) or 1/3 (up to 1 GHz). The SRAM
  11. Wave table synthesis, FM synthesis, FM Sample synthesis, and AM synthesis **A, clock ,control block, incorporating timers, and a PART **General purpose 16/32-bit
  12. Could potentially decode three x86 instructions to six microinstructions per, clock , although this was somewhat unlikely in real-world use. The critical branch
  13. The stars at the Istanbul observatory of Taxi Alvin using the" observational, clock ," he invented. When telescopes became commonplace, setting circles sped
  14. Advantage of the way that 6502 instructions only access memory every other, clock ,cycle, the video generation circuitry's memory access on the otherwise unused
  15. Communications are variable bit rate, or that the transmitter and receiver, clock ,generators do not have to be exactly synchronized. Physical layer In
  16. Came with a built-in real-time clock , which was recognized by Apple SOS. The, clock ,was later removed from the" revised" and" Plus" models, and instead was
  17. Needing only a draw to win the title, Karpov cracked under pressure from the, clock ,at the end of the first session of play, missed a variation leading to an
  18. Two bytes multiplied by the effective clock rate, and presumes that every, clock ,cycle is used to transfer end-user data. In practice, of course, protocol
  19. Rate on the cable. This is simply two bytes multiplied by the effective, clock ,rate, and presumes that every clock cycle is used to transfer end-user data. In
  20. 1634,it was re-erected in 1636 and after. For this building, the city bought a, clock ,in Canterbury, Old Town Hall The Old Town Hall was first documented in 1575.
  21. Cycles, the resulting loss of processing power is minor, reducing the effective, clock ,rate to approximately 3.3 MHz. Memory Amstrad PCs are equipped with either 64
  22. And some early models did not include the Bitter chip. Included a real-time, clock ,and internal expansion connector. Some early MEGA 2 had a MEGA 4 main board with
  23. 1 GHz). The SRAM available at the time was incapable of matching the Athlon's, clock ,scalability, due both to cache chip technology limitations and electrical/cache
  24. Consisted of quartz clock s with frequencies calibrated by a single atomic, clock ,; the atomic clock s were not operated continuously. The" Greenwich Atomic" (
  25. From 600 MHz to 1.4 GHz (Athlon Classics using the Slot A package could, clock ,up to 1 GHz). The major difference, however,was cache design. Just as Intel
  26. Services started experimentally in 1955,using the first cesium atomic, clock ,at the National Physical Laboratory, UK (NPL). Early atomic time scales
  27. Themselves in the form of an exchange of single speeches timed by water, clock , first prosecutor then defendant. In a public suit the litigants each had three
  28. Australian football, quarters are 20 minutes plus time on. Time on refers to, clock ,being stopped when the ball is out of play, meaning that an average quarter
  29. Would use an image associated with their trade such as a boot, a suit, a hat,a, clock , a diamond, a horse shoe, a candle or even a bag of flour. Fruits and
  30. Intended to give broader protections for disabled workers and" turn back the, clock ," on court rulings which Congress deemed too restrictive. The ADANA includes a
  31. Ratiocinator (ca 1680): Mechanical contrivances with discrete states The, clock ,: Bolter credits the invention of the weight-driven clock as" The key invention
  32. Resulted in lower power consumption, permitting AMD to increase Athlon, clock ,speeds to the 1 GHz range. Yields on the new process exceeded expectations
  33. Communication is transmission of data without the use of an external, clock ,signal, where data can be transmitted intermittently rather than in a steady
  34. On interpretation of the assembled evidence. Even though one may set an alarm, clock ,prior to the following day, believing that waking up will be possible, that
  35. While Turing was dealt with under the law of the time and we can't put the, clock ,back, his treatment was of course utterly unfair, and I am pleased to have the
  36. Around the globe. AMD's older CPUs could simply be set to run at whatever, clock ,speed the user chose on the motherboard, making it trivial to relabel a CPU and
  37. L2 cache. This cache, again like its competitors, ran at a fraction of the core, clock ,rate and had its own 64-bit bus, called a" back-side bus ", that allowed
  38. Can affect the expression of genes in brain cells, by influencing ", clock ,genes ". Other research suggests that delayed onset of clinical effects from
  39. The verge escapement that provides us with the tick and took of a mechanical, clock , " The accurate automatic machine" led immediately to" mechanical automata "
  40. Latency. A simpler L2 cache reduced the possibility of the L2 cache causing, clock ,scaling and yield issues. Still, instead of the 2-way associative scheme used
  41. At a time (3000 bits). The AC power line frequency of 60 Hz was the primary, clock ,rate for the lowest level operations. The arithmetic logic functions were fully
  42. Began the A.1 scale 13 September 1956,using an Omicron commercial atomic, clock , followed by the NBS-A scale at the National Bureau of Standards, Boulder
  43. Indicates that these drugs may interact with transcription factors known as ", clock ,genes ", which may play a role in the addictive properties of drugs (drug
  44. And Frequency Transfer. Due to the averaging it is far more stable than any, clock ,would be alone (see signal averaging for a discussion). The majority of the
  45. Also wrote a treatise providing a description on the construction of a water, clock , Philosophy In early Islamic philosophy,Alhazen's Rival phi’Lankan (
  46. To what was on board the K6. Deeper pipe lining with more stages allowed higher, clock ,speeds to be attained. Whereas the AMD K6-III+ topped out at 570 MHz due to its
  47. Little from the new bus, with the only improvement used being the 66 MHz bus, clock , with its resulting doubled bandwidth over PCI, and bus exclusivity. Examples
  48. Poor in the proper way. He was responsible for the destruction of the musical, clock ,organ that Elizabeth I of England sent to the court during the reign of his
  49. Discrete states The clock : Bolter credits the invention of the weight-driven, clock ,as" The key invention of Europe in the Middle Ages ", in particular the verge
  50. Advantage of the way that 6502 instructions only access memory every other, clock ,cycle, the video generation circuitry's memory access on the otherwise unused

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