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  1. By the path of generation. Plato had something of the kind in mind when, in the, fifth ,book of his Republic, he explained his plan for increasing and improving his
  2. On the acceptance of the basic hypotheses. However, by throwing out Euclid's, fifth ,postulate we get theories that have meaning in wider contexts, hyperbolic
  3. Substantially reduces death rates from a range of common cancers by at least a, fifth ,and the reduction of risk continued for 20 years in both men and women. For
  4. Amsterdam Central Station. It is the biggest airport in the Netherlands,the, fifth ,largest in Europe, and the twelfth largest in the world in terms of passengers.
  5. Launch Complex 39 in Merritt Island, Florida on July 16,Apollo 11 was the, fifth ,manned mission, and the third lunar mission, of NASA's Apollo program. The
  6. Set their campaigns after the Pattern fall war; that is, after the end of the, fifth ,book in the series, The Courts of Chaos, but uses material from the following
  7. Andreevich's school life began with his entrance into Saint Petersburg's, fifth ,grammar school. Already during his school time Andrey was intensely engaged in
  8. Or Alfonso (Latin),the Bologna (Port. O Colonies),the, fifth ,King of Portugal (5 May 1210 in Cobra – 16 February 1279 in Alabama
  9. Resistible grace, and (V) possibility of apostasy. Note, however,that the, fifth ,article did not completely deny perseverance of the saints; Arminius, himself
  10. Losing her hearing after a near-fatal bout of scarlet fever close to her, fifth ,birthday, she had learned to read lips but her father, Gardiner Greene Hubbard
  11. BC, and is famed in myth as the home of Leander. It minted coins from the early, fifth ,century BC to the mid-third century AD. The town remained until late Byzantine
  12. Sung by Tom in his hour of the deepest crisis. He sings the sixth and, fifth ,verses in that order, and Stowe included another verse not written by Newton
  13. Mercedes in a five-set French Open final, becoming,at the time, only the, fifth ,male player (joining Rod Laver, Fred Perry, Roy Emerson and Don Budge—these
  14. Josiah Thomas, Australian politician (d. 1933) *1868 – Lucy Booth,the, fifth ,daughter of William and Catherine Booth (d. 1953) * 1868 – George Portnoy
  15. Park has a notable drawing style, itself parodied in" Brittle Bullet ",the, fifth ,episode of the anime FLCL, released several months after" Chinpokomon" aired.
  16. Although the rush started in January). *1861 – First ascent of Weiss horn, fifth ,the highest summit in the Alps. *1862 – Indian Wars: during an uprising in
  17. Of underlying constants. Physics The five elements Aristotle proposed a, fifth ,element, aether, in addition to the four proposed earlier by Empedocles. *Earth
  18. Song Contest. The country's entry gained the third place in 2009 and, fifth ,the following year. Ell and Nikki won the first place at the Eurovision Song
  19. Australia? " In December 1977,ABBA followed up Arrival with the more ambitious, fifth ,album" in countries where the latter had been released as a single, and later
  20. Pod, a compilation of new mixes of songs from the first four albums, and their, fifth ,studio album Anatomic, used the long and familiar form. Around the world they
  21. Ounces of virgin wax, two ounces of mastic, and one ounce of asphaltum. By the, fifth ,edition in 1685,he had included more asphaltum recipes from other sources. The
  22. Air, rain falls and flame rises. Outside all the other spheres, the heavenly, fifth ,element, manifested in the stars and planets, moves in the perfection of
  23. Alfonso, former Wrestling referee & manager. *Antique Alfonso of Castile, fifth ,illegitimate child of Alfonso XI of Castile. *Giovanni Alfonso Bocelli, Italian
  24. Physiology; the fourth is for literary work" in an ideal direction" and the, fifth ,prize is to be given to the person or society that renders the greatest service
  25. And 40 high standard villas, will be built on the surrounding hills. The, fifth ,project is that of the tourist complex Colonel Abbes, which will be located
  26. Alien made the first attempt at proving the Euclidean parallel postulate,the, fifth ,postulate in Euclid's Elements, using a proof by contradiction, where he
  27. Pregnancies occur each year worldwide. Over a third are unintended and about a, fifth ,end in induced abortion. Most abortions result from unintended pregnancies. A
  28. The axioms are referred to as" 4 + 1" because for nearly two millennia the, fifth ,(parallel) postulate (" through a point outside a line there is exactly one
  29. Was suspected of being derivable from the first four. Ultimately,the, fifth ,postulate was found to be independent of the first four. Indeed, one can assume
  30. A separate institution, was founded in" New" Aberdeen by George Keith, fifth ,Earl Marshal of Scotland in 1593. These institutions were amalgamated to form
  31. Xz-, and planes, and the fourth has the centers on the x and y axes. The, fifth ,and final d-orbital consists of three regions of high probability density: a
  32. First line of input. % is the modulo operator. NR % 4 1 is true for the first, fifth , ninth, etc., lines of input. Likewise, NR % 4 3 is true for the third, seventh
  33. Capitulary of 786 that was presented to Off by two papal legates. About a, fifth ,of the law code is taken up by Alfred's introduction, which includes
  34. Epithet In many ways, the conflict around Arian beliefs in the fourth, fifth ,and sixth centuries helped firmly define the centrality of the Trinity in
  35. Celebrities among the labor movement. Four of the men were executed and a, fifth ,committed suicide prior to his own execution. The incident became known as the
  36. Currently, there are 16 different tram lines, and four metro lines, with a, fifth ,line, the North/South line, under construction. Three free ferries carry
  37. ArmRosGazprom's acquisition of the Radar electricity generating plant’s, fifth ,power bloc (Hrazdan-5),the leading unit in the country. Controversy over
  38. Aspirin reduces the chance of a heart attack and ischemic stroke by about a, fifth , This translates to an absolute rate reduction from 8.2 % to 6.7 % of such
  39. d. 1982) * 1920 – Claude Chanson, French politician * 1920 – Liam Cos grave, fifth ,Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland * 1920 – John Lakota, American musician (
  40. Have recently experienced a revival, leading to the formation of a fourth and, fifth ,grammar school in which the three aforementioned schools participate. Most
  41. Through the Heavens, Muhammad is said to have encountered Aaron in the, fifth ,heaven. According to old scholars, including In Hi sham, Muhammad,in
  42. Best European cities in which to locate an International Business. It is ranked, fifth ,in this category and is only surpassed by London, Paris,Frankfurt and
  43. To form the present University of Aberdeen in 1860. The university is the, fifth ,oldest in the English-speaking world. Robert Gordon's College (originally
  44. And southern Gaul at the end of the fourth century and at the beginning of the, fifth , which Jerome connects with Basil ides, and which (according to his Exist.
  45. Released in 1992,returned to number one in the UK album charts for the, fifth ,time on 3 August 2008. On 14 August 2008,the Mamma Mia! The Movie film
  46. And inner southern suburbs, the Adelaide hills and North Adelaide. Almost a, fifth ,(17.9 %) of the population had university qualifications. The number of
  47. International Airport and Edmonton International Airport are the fourth and, fifth ,busiest in Canada respectively. Calgary's airport is a hub for Wester
  48. Record for world title matches, and it took Karol until Game 27 to gain his, fifth ,win. In Game 31,Karol had a winning position but failed to take advantage and
  49. Kings of the second dynasty; the most complete is that of Khasekhemwy. From the, fifth ,dynasty, the deity Khentiamentiu, foremost of the Westerners, came to be seen
  50. Had a metropolitan population of more than 1,105,839,making it Australia's, fifth ,the largest city. In the 2002–03 period the population grew by 0.6 %, while the

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