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  1. Were correct, one flap of a seagull's wings could change the course of weather, forever , " Later speeches and papers by Lorenz used the more poetic butterfly.
  2. Will grant Barry an annuity of 500 guineas for life if he leaves England, forever ,and ends his marriage to Lady Lyndon; otherwise, with his credit and bank
  3. What had happened to the promise that the descendants of David would reign, forever , The Babylonian exile lasted approximately 48 years, from 586 to 538 BC, and
  4. Members. Osbourne states" I'm not going to say I've written a reunion out, forever , but right now I don't think there is any chance. But who knows what the
  5. Admitted any religious tests, but on the contrary, all the members hereof shall, forever ,enjoy full, free,absolute, and uninterrupted liberty of conscience. " One of
  6. Important structures such as temples and tombs that were intended to last, forever ,were constructed of stone instead of bricks. The architectural elements used in
  7. Which it is the imperative duty of an indignant people sternly to rebuke and, forever ,silence. Name "/IN"> republican18"/> The South ignored the warnings and did not
  8. Known as the pioneering King of Western Swing. Bob Wills' name will, forever ,be associated with Western Swing. Although he did not invent the genre
  9. Had fashioned the bolt for Zeus. Apollo would have been banished to Tartarus, forever , but was instead sentenced to one year of hard labor as punishment, due to the
  10. To David and to Israel - to David, the promise that his line will rule Israel, forever , to Israel, the promise of the land they will possess. *Apostasy: the great
  11. Whores. The men sing the" Mandalay Song ", warning that love doesn’t last, forever , and urging those ahead of them to make it snappy. Scene 15: Fighting. The men
  12. Was, is and always will be, spatially infinite and has existed, and will exist, forever , Other proposals attempt to describe the ex Hilo creation of the universe
  13. Integrable, or square suitable, that is, of finite energy. Signals that" last, forever ," are treated instead as random processes, in which case different definitions
  14. Are zero? (" Inelegant" computes forever in all cases;" Elegant" computes, forever ,when A = 0. ) What happens if negative numbers are entered? Fractional numbers?
  15. When one number is zero, both numbers are zero? (" Inelegant" computes, forever ,in all cases;" Elegant" computes forever when A = 0. ) What happens if
  16. Translate them to indicate eternity, being translated as eternal, everlasting, forever , etc. However, there are notable exceptions to this in all major translations
  17. To conduct their lives, teach that sinners are destroyed rather than tortured, forever , John 3:16 says that only those that accept Jesus will be given eternal life
  18. Such as Paranoid, an album that Rolling Stone Magazine said" changed music, forever ,", and called the band" The Beatles of heavy metal ". Time Magazine called
  19. Second husband and allay Count Fernando Pairs de Trava of Galicia, exiling her, forever ,to a monastery in Galicia. Thus, the possibility of re-incorporating Portugal (
  20. It is a popular belief among physicists that this steady state cannot continue, forever ,into the past. The inflationary spacetime, which is similar to de Sitter space
  21. The Virgin Mary“ conceived as virgin, gave birth as virgin and stayed virgin, forever ,”. Natural knowledge and biblical interpretation Augustine took the view that
  22. That he is unable to solve the mystery and concludes that" Rosebud" will, forever ,remain an enigma. He theorizes that" Mr. Kane was a man who got everything he
  23. Of Mechanical Theorems, referred to by Sundas and thought to have been lost, forever , Stomachion was also discovered in the palimpsest, with a more complete
  24. One of our sorriest chapters; and I had thought we had done with them, forever ,... Suppression of speech as an effective police measure is an old, old device
  25. Fields, but he knew that Mach's idea would not work if space goes on, forever , In a closed universe, he believed that Mach's principle would hold. Mach's
  26. And moral resources to join in promoting moral leadership to put an end to war, forever , For its inaugural international event, the CPU sponsored a conference to be
  27. To the prophet Nathan telling him that God intends to maintain his family line, forever , Some Christians interpret this as a prediction that Jesus Christ, as a
  28. It lay asleep in the undergrowth. Caparisons asked Apollo to let his tears fall, forever , Apollo granted the request by turning him into the Cypress named after him
  29. Who reminded me that we are mortal, and a pleasure missed today is missed, forever , Now we can proceed, for I missed too many pleasures while being too prudent
  30. Estate in La Honda, California introducing psychedelics to the gang world and, forever ,linking the hippie movement to the Hell's Angels. *1966 – Race riots occur in
  31. Of well-known phrases from the Book of Common Prayer are: *"Speak now or, forever ,hold your peace" from the marriage liturgy. *"Till death us do part ", from
  32. That many of the details of his life remain shrouded in mystery, perhaps, forever , ; even the only known picture of him, shown above, is heavily retouched, with a
  33. Of resistance to scratching. Contrary to the popular belief that" diamonds are, forever ,", they are in fact thermodynamically unstable under normal conditions and
  34. Domain for literature, as previously all literature belonged to the booksellers, forever , Common law copyright When the statutory copyright term provided for by the
  35. Methodology) significantly affected the design and implementation of CPUs, forever , Since the introduction of the first commercially available microprocessor (
  36. Alexandria was handed over to Amalia. However, Amalia could not remain there, forever , and after exacting an enormous tribute, returned to Jerusalem. Byzantine
  37. Above do not exclude the existence of infinite stacks (that can be popped, forever , each time yielding a different state) or circular stacks (that return to the
  38. Yet firmly known, but according to the CCDM model it will continue expanding, forever , Areas of study Below, some of the most active areas of inquiry in cosmology
  39. Too shocked by the vision to throw the knife, and Kirk's ghost faded away, forever , Today, visitors to Down Hill write their wishes on pieces of white silk, or
  40. Brewster, ( c. 1567 – April 10, 1644). In 1910,six-year-old Harry Crosby was, forever ,renamed. The Sunday edition of the Spokesman-Review published a feature called
  41. Destroyed, along with him, leaving the Earth, and humankind at peace with God, forever , free of sin and death. Seventh-day Adventist The teachings of the Seventh-day
  42. All persons held as a slave in the Confederate states will thenceforward, and, forever , be free. " Privately, Lincoln concluded at this point that the war could not
  43. The cult of Yahweh was to be under the control of" Aaron and his sons ", forever , and to the exclusion of all other priestly lines (such as Torah, Dathan and
  44. For it, Odin ordered her to make two kings, each served by twenty kings, fight, forever , unless some christened men, so brave would dare to enter the battle and slay
  45. By him in his haste to leave. Standing on it, Dido uttered a curse that would, forever ,pit Carthage against Rome. She then committed suicide by stabbing herself with
  46. 5. The used command is used to print the first 7 lines, to prevent yes running, forever , It is equivalent to head -n7 if the head command is available. The first part
  47. Means" life ", and/or" being ", though it then tended to mean" age ",", forever ," or" for eternity ". It is a Latin transliteration from the Kline Greek word
  48. Sacrifices shall last only as long as the Temple lasts, thy light shall last, forever , ” Christianity While Aaron and his descendants were the high priests of
  49. Was the original, was so thoroughly ignored that everyone assumed it was lost, forever ,until Phil Richardson, a Woods Hole Oceanographer and Gulf Stream expert
  50. Was a thing of substance, whether visible or invisible; and this substance was, forever ,in motion. Furthermore," Everything that is in motion must be moved by

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