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  1. With the orbital period of 79.91 years, This is a consequence of the binary's, moderate ,orbital eccentricity e = 0.5179 From the orbital elements, the total mass of
  2. Nodules of the mineral were carefully flaked to make blades and arrowheads of, moderate ,hardness and durability even after copper was adopted for this purpose. Ancient
  3. Of colloquial varieties with extremely long-distance harmony may allow a, moderate , but not extreme, amount of spreading of the harmonic allophones in their MSA
  4. For about to near Markov. West of Markov it is in the Andy Highlands (, moderate ,mountains and valleys with a few trees) and east of Markov it moves into the
  5. Revealed at the end. Narrow describes him as about thirty-five-years-old, of, moderate , height,dark-skinned, with close-cropped black hair. At the beginning of the
  6. To the town of Room, became the code of public law for Aubergine. Honest and, moderate , protecting the middle classes against exactions of the nobles, he exercised a
  7. Be a promising supplement to other grains. Amaranth grain is a crop of, moderate ,importance in the Himalayas. Leaves, roots,and stems Amaranth species are
  8. And a continental subarctic climate farther north. The temperature is somewhat, moderate ,considering how far north the area is. This region has a tremendous amount of
  9. In the system of the eastern rift-valley. Lakes of the broad type are of, moderate ,depth, the deepest sounding in Lake Victoria being under 50 fathoms (90 m).
  10. Republicans—put pressure on Lincoln to rapidly emancipate the slaves, whereas, moderate , Republicans came to accept gradual, compensated emancipation and colonization.
  11. His own re-election in the 1864 presidential election. As the leader of the, moderate ,faction of the Republican Party, Lincoln came under attack from all sides.
  12. The Confederacy's hope of getting aid from Britain or France. Lincoln's, moderate ,approach succeeded in getting border states, War Democrats and emancipated
  13. To the veto of the Civil Rights Bill he yielded not a jot to Congress. The, moderate ,senators and representatives (who constituted a majority of the Union party)
  14. An all-out political war broke out between the Republicans (both radical and, moderate ,) on one side, and on the other Johnson and his allies in the Democratic Party
  15. Kind, consisting mainly in adopting the title of abbé, after a remarkably, moderate ,course of theological study, practising celibacy and wearing a distinctive
  16. Bloodflow in the amygdala. In these studies, the participants also reported, moderate ,anxiety. This might indicate that anxiety is a protective mechanism designed to
  17. It hurt white people and blocked progress. Finer argues that Lincoln was a, moderate ,in the middle, opposing slavery primarily because it violated the republicanism
  18. CD-ROM games console. Though discontinued after Commodore's demise it met with, moderate ,commercial success in Europe. Following purchase of Commodore's assets by
  19. The 3rd century historian Cassius Did acknowledged Augustus as a benign, moderate ,ruler, yet like most other historians after the death of Augustus, Dio viewed
  20. Successful works. Contemporary reviews were very negative, but the film was a, moderate ,success at the box office, largely because of the popularity of one of its
  21. Appointment of Archbishops of Canterbury conventionally alternates between more, moderate ,Anglo-Catholics and Evangelicals. The current archbishop, the Most Reverend and
  22. In Congress overrode his veto and the Civil Rights measure became law. The last, moderate ,proposal was the Fourteenth Amendment, also written by Trumbull. It was
  23. And folk. However, other styles of guitar have been introduced and enjoy, moderate ,popularity, generally in more specific genres: * The arch top guitar
  24. But Johnson vetoed it. Senator Lyman Trumbull of Illinois, leader of the, moderate ,Republicans, took affront at the Black Codes. Trumbull proposed the first Civil
  25. Critics puzzled by its unique theme and treatment, but it was nevertheless a, moderate ,financial success for Data. Kurosawa's next film, for Shock, was The Idiot
  26. Tokyo Film Festival on May 31,with a wide release the next day. The film was a, moderate ,financial success in Japan, but a larger one abroad and, as he had done with
  27. Of 138. The annual rainfall is 807 millimeters, which puts Allen into the, moderate ,middle within Baden-Württemberg. Mean fluctuations in temperature of up to
  28. No longer approved of the term Negro. They believed it had suggestions of a, moderate , accommodationist, even " Uncle Tom" connotation. In this period, a growing
  29. Had been a legal advisor to the president. The current court is seen as more, moderate ,and led by more technocrats than the previous one, which was dominated by
  30. Was forbidden by law, though since 1997 the government has pursued more, moderate ,policies. The government's policy toward conscientious objection is in
  31. Democracy,' while opposing any nostalgia for Soviet Communism. He defended, moderate ,and self-critical patriotism (as opposed to radical nationalism),argued for
  32. North American Anglicanism) have opposed these proposals. Some liberal and, moderate ,Anglicans see this opposition as representing a new fundamentalism within
  33. Over grasslands and abandoned agricultural areas worldwide, especially in, moderate ,coastal and island regions where mild climate promotes its spread.
  34. Channel opener with weak MDA antagonist properties. It is used in Europe for, moderate ,to strong pain and migraine and its muscle relaxant properties. It has no
  35. By the Great Lakes. There are four distinct seasons: winters are cold with, moderate ,to heavy snowfall, while summers are very warm and humid; in between, spring
  36. To test their effectiveness versus modern antivomiting medication. There is, moderate ,evidence that for neck pain, acupuncture is more likely to be effective than
  37. Arkansas, and Tennessee. Lincoln's appointments were designed to keep both the, moderate ,and Radical factions in harness. To fill the late Chief Justice Taney's seat
  38. To balance the ticket. Lincoln's success depended on his reputation as a, moderate ,on the slavery issue, and his strong support for Whitish programs of internal
  39. Moderate drinkers" and" a certain type of hard drinker" are able to stop or, moderate ,their drinking. The Big Book suggests no program for these drinkers, but
  40. Lines. Northerners ranging from the abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison to the, moderate ,Republican leader Lincoln stressed Jefferson's
  41. Their drinking with the right treatment. The Big Book, however,acknowledges ", moderate ,drinkers" and" a certain type of hard drinker" are able to stop or moderate
  42. Equal rights, liberty,and democracy. At the close of the war, Lincoln held a, moderate ,view of Reconstruction, seeking to speedily reunite the nation through a policy
  43. In the extreme southeast, which is drained by the Arusha River, and most, moderate ,in the Arabs River valley to the extreme southwest. Most of Armenia is drained
  44. His Chief of Staff. Schwarzenegger gradually moved towards a more politically, moderate ,position, determined to build a winning legacy with only a short time to go
  45. Smith's father had a strong interest in Christianity and belonged to the, moderate ,wing of the Church of Scotland. In addition to the fact that he received the
  46. Earth Were Young" ), with more prominent vocals by Fatso and Gangsta–and, moderate ,chart success. Fatso released her fourth studio album in 1971 and married
  47. To decide on a whole series of value choices and choose a" ruthless," ", moderate ," or" idealistic" stance. Reynolds said the designers don't promote a
  48. Of the ocean's great heat retention capacity, maritime climates are more, moderate ,and have less extreme seasonal variations than inland climates. Precipitation
  49. Convenience of the people, loan offices were instituted for lending money at a, moderate ,rate of interest. In religious matters Alexander preserved an open mind. It is
  50. Decline, however,have decreased drastically in recent years, and a, moderate ,influx of Armenians returning to Armenia have been the main reasons for the

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