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  1. For their Motherland. ” A significant historical debate concerns the degree of, terror ,in the Red Army. The British historian Anthony Beer noted the claim from the
  2. Kubrick gradually became aware of the subtle and unstable" balance of, terror ," between nuclear powers. At Kubrick's request, Alastair Buchanan (the head of
  3. Missions in support of military operations and were not intended as strategic, terror ,attacks. J. F. C. Fuller and B. H. Liddell Hart British theorists J. F. C.
  4. Was the sole remaining starter from the Big Red Machine era. Wagner's reign of, terror ,ended in 1983,when Hows am, the architect of the Big Red Machine, was brought
  5. Consisting of the fighting of two or more persons in a public place to the, terror ,(in) of ordinary people (the,1911 England and Wales In current English Law
  6. It has been strongly criticized by human rights organizations due to its, terror , including killings, torture and sexual violence. History Role of military in
  7. Unlike the Bush Doctrine, which linked these together in a" Global war on, terror ,". Trade Canada and the United States have the world's largest trading
  8. Kirke, was destroyed by the sea artillery. The battle is considered the first, terror ,attack against a major European city in modern times by several historians. The
  9. Check for pressure sensor detonators. Along with the FAA, the FBI also monitors, terror ,suspects. Any person who is a threat to civil aviation is banned from flying.
  10. Ruled genocide did not take place, but recognized," a systematic campaign of, terror , including murders, rapes,arson and severe maltreatment ". The term" ethnic
  11. Reported that the July 7 bombers acted independently of an al-Qaeda, terror ,mastermind someplace abroad. What exactly al-Qaeda is, or was, remains in
  12. Chad. They are guilty of numerous assaults on the civil population, such as, terror , aggression, sexual violence. Only a couple of months after Belize’s seizure of
  13. U. S. officials believe that al-Qaeda was helping organize a campaign of, terror ,in Kashmir in order to provoke conflict between India and Pakistan. Their
  14. A magical sign with a rather poetic name. Ægir is an Old Norse word meaning ", terror ," and the name of a destructive giant associated with the sea; ægis is the
  15. Called" The Sentinels ". People kept stumbling in from both sides, causing, terror , over unexplained disappearances and worse, mix-ups over parallel world doubles.
  16. People in India to not allow Pakistanis to work in India due to the rampant, terror ,attacks carried out on Indian Soil by militants sponsored by Pakistani elements
  17. Salvador Allende, Chilean government by the Pinochet armed forces, who ruled by, terror , With the support of the Nixon administration, produced by documentarians ARI
  18. Alliance with Pakistan to assist with the War in Afghanistan and jointly combat, terror ,in the subcontinent. Japan Matthew C. Perry in 1852-1854 went with battleships
  19. And sent assassins to strangle Lucius during his siesta. The assassins left in, terror , when a snake suddenly darted from beneath Nero’s pillow—but it was only a
  20. institution's new task force studying post–September 11 ideology and non-state, terror , Rumsfeld declined to accept an advance for the publication of his memoir, and
  21. Domitian, and asserts that his rule started well, but gradually declined into, terror , The biography is problematic however, in that it appears to contradict itself
  22. Of the Jewish Defense League was 'Bombs for balalaikas' In response to a, terror ,attack by the JDL, Soviet poet Evgeny Yevtushenko composed a poem with the
  23. Throne in favor of the baby grand-duke Peter Petrovich. A horrible reign of, terror ,ensued, in the course of which the ex-tsaritsa Eudora was dragged from her
  24. Cowardly lot," Wayne remarks," so my disguise must be able to strike, terror ,into their hearts. I must be a creature of the night, black,terrible ..." As
  25. Or voice within his regime. Once Chiang Kai-shek was done with his" reign of, terror ," on pro-communist laborers, he proceeded to turn on the capitalists. Gangster
  26. Had been packed with earth. Women and children were also victims of Cheney, terror , Women would sometimes be tortured and raped before being shot. Children
  27. The Dano-Norwegian fleet. But from a Danish point of view the battle was a, terror ,bombardment on their capital. Particularly notable was the use of incendiary
  28. To Verdun, and argued that such self-sacrifice cannot be explained by, terror ,alone. A colossal monument, Mother Motherland, was erected on Managed Urban
  29. And David kills him with his own sword and beheads him; the Philistines flee in, terror , Saul sends to know the name of the young champion, and David tells him that he
  30. It pursues a lawsuit against the program that began shortly after the Sept. 11, terror , attacks ". The ACLU and other organizations also filed separate lawsuits around
  31. As used by Germany had considerable psychological, or as some writers call,", terror ," elements, such as the noise-making sirens on the Junkers JU 87 dive-bombers
  32. For collusion with the invaders – and the Byzantine Empire descended into a, terror ,state. The aristocrats in turn were infuriated against him. There were several
  33. Israel. In October 1999,the group was dropped form the United States' list of, terror ,organizations. The DFLP was subsequently represented in the Palestinian
  34. Value as an intel source was greatly inflated, much like his role in the global, terror ,network. Despite all of these allegations the U. S. Government has not
  35. Under his lead the Hussite's were victorious for another ten years, to the sheer, terror ,of Europe. The Hussite cause gradually splintered into two main factions, the
  36. And the mainstream PLO stance. In 1974 the organization perpetrated a major, terror ,attack in Israel, when attacking a local elementary school in the village of
  37. At this time. After spreading desolation through North Italy and striking, terror ,into the citizens of Rome, Alaric was met by Silicon at Potential, today in
  38. Of affray, with the substitution of actual disturbance of the peace for causing, terror ,to the lieges. South Africa Under the Roman Dutch law in force in South Africa
  39. on January 2,000,this highly controversial group became feared for their, terror ,and troubled Matisse’s relation with important international partners, such as
  40. In his description of the Viking attack, he wrote: -" Never before has such, terror ,appeared in Britain. Behold the church of St Cuthbert, splattered with the
  41. OAK),and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (iPad). After the, terror ,attacks of September 11, 2001,Djibouti joined the Global War on Terror, and
  42. United States Congress. In the aftermath of the French Revolution's reign of, terror ,and during an undeclared naval war with France, later known as the Quasi-War.
  43. As 83 or 85 however, lending little credit to Tacitus' notion of a" reign of, terror ," late in Domitian's reign. According to Suetonius, some were convicted for
  44. An aide of bin Laden who ran training camps in Afghanistan and“ coordinated, terror ,cells in Europe and North America. ” *Abu Zubaydah was“ bin Laden’s CEO ”,“ a
  45. Nicknamed The Butcher),who reacted to these rebel successes by introducing, terror ,methods: periodic executions, mass exiles, and the destruction of farms and
  46. Sale of the sign to a collector of Nazi memorabilia, to finance a series of, terror ,attacks aimed at influencing voters in upcoming Swedish parliamentary elections
  47. Roman naval losses and Rome's recovery from the brink of defeat after the, terror ,of a 15-year occupation of much of Italy by Hannibal, the end of the series of
  48. Public life. However, as this was also the period during which the power and, terror ,of the Praetorian Sedans was at its peak, Claudius chose to downplay this
  49. The latter was referred to as close air support for the global war on, terror ,(CAS for GOT). The 2018 bomber would thus be able to stay for extended
  50. Soldiers are also stationed in the area to mainly train local forces in counter, terror ,and counter guerrilla operations, but as a status of forces agreement and under

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