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  1. To prove, even to state properly, the kernel of truth in this proposition about, perfectly ,competitive market. " And it was then when neoclassical economics was revived
  2. Elimination of aberrations The classical imaging problem is to reproduce, perfectly ,a finite plane (the object) onto another plane (the image) through a finite
  3. To the North American continent. Thus, the early American colonists embraced as, perfectly ,ordinary these gifts, and counted on them as a part of their daily lives. The
  4. Spacecraft and the S-IVB. The engine ignited on time and performed the TLC burn, perfectly , After the S-IVB had performed its required tasks, it was jettisoned. The crew
  5. Her commitment and her presence. For her mostly teenage fans, Spears expresses, perfectly ,the conflicting urges of adolescence, the tension between chastity and sexual
  6. Shape, since,to those living creatures, the universe may appear to fit them, perfectly ,(while in fact, they simply fit the universe perfectly ). Critics argue in
  7. Break his rhythm. I do not think any word passed about it. Yet he made it, perfectly ,clear that this was the one note and one moment of the song which he treasured
  8. Showed that chess masters can memorize positions shown for a few seconds almost, perfectly , The ability to memorize does not alone account for chess-playing skill, since
  9. News. I recognized it immediately. It was my own interior world. They caught it, perfectly , " He also approved of the film's script, saying," After I finished reading
  10. Error was discovered and that last surviving treasurer was acquitted. This was, perfectly ,legal in this case, but an example of the extreme severity with which the
  11. Ammonium nitrate, etc. However, perfectly dry ammonia will not combine with, perfectly ,dry hydrogen chloride: moisture is necessary to bring about the reaction. As a
  12. In a perfectly phonological alphabet, the phonemes and letters would correspond, perfectly ,in two directions: a writer could predict the spelling of a word given its
  13. The jaw is strong and the teeth scissor together with the upper teeth fitting, perfectly ,over the lower teeth and both sets aligned square to the jaw. The eyes are
  14. May appear to fit them perfectly (while in fact, they simply fit the universe, perfectly ,). Critics argue in favor of a weak anthropic principle similar to the one
  15. Insulin over another" and" modern, highly purified animal insulin remain a, perfectly ,acceptable alternative. Modern biotechnology has evolved, making it possible to
  16. Was fascinated by the machine and how it would always execute software code, perfectly , When he reflected back on that moment, he said," There was just something
  17. Chloride (sal-ammoniac); with nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, etc. However, perfectly ,dry ammonia will not combine with perfectly dry hydrogen chloride: moisture is
  18. Worthless men—would make any difference. " Invited to hear an actor who could, perfectly ,imitate the nightingale, Agesilaus declined, saying he had heard the
  19. Exist and have authority beyond the socially mediated. It is, for example, perfectly ,coherent for someone like William Wilberforce to say" slavery may be approved
  20. Plane (the image) through a finite aperture. It is impossible to do so, perfectly ,for more than one such pairs of planes (this was proven with increasing
  21. Works. The oppressive political climate that lasted until 1830 suited Cauchy, perfectly , In 1824 Louis XVIII died, and was succeeded by his even more reactionary
  22. Are in sync with each other, it can be difficult to sync the two records, perfectly , so manual adjustment of the records is necessary to maintain the beat
  23. Men to join them if they waited. They were blocking Henry's retreat, and were, perfectly ,happy to wait for as long as it took. There had even been a suggestion that the
  24. Remains whether both can have zero entropy at T = 0 even though each is, perfectly ,ordered. Perfect crystals never occur in practice; imperfections, and even
  25. Only a few minutes. The mother recorded:" Gave birth to a fine boy full-grown, perfectly ,formed but not living ". It was in Germantown that the couple's second
  26. Grand piano. According to Camp, who loved to relate the story,Kelly's two, perfectly ,logical reasons for doing so were: a. to cement diplomatic relations between
  27. Of the Opera-like sewer home. Keaton hides in a castlelike mansion, which, perfectly , mirrors its owner's inner remoteness. Comic strip purists will probably never
  28. More than just pure music. For example, music that accompanies a silent film is, perfectly ,respectable, so long as it is done well. Also, simple music to be performed by
  29. The earlier Greek poetry along with everyone else literate, he would have known, perfectly ,well why places received female names. Athens, Mycenae,Thebes and many others
  30. As in Fourier synthesis using sines and cosines, a wavefront may be, perfectly ,represented by a sufficiently large number of higher-order Bernie polynomials.
  31. Setting of an objective),however, the problem can in principle be solved, perfectly , Examples of such a theoretically perfect system include the Lundberg lens and
  32. At the Battle of the Nile. Battles frequently do not fit one particular type, perfectly , and are usually hybrids of different types listed above. A decisive battle is
  33. Double misfires, the pistols were tested and retested. Each time they performed, perfectly , Many believed that Jackson had been protected by the same Providence that
  34. Divine and one human, and that both natures are perfect but are nevertheless, perfectly ,united into one person. The Athabaskan Creed, received in the western Church as
  35. Depiction of the Caped Crusader" captured the feel of the contemporary comics, perfectly ,". The film was, they remind us, made at a time when" the Batman of the Golden
  36. Because the tiny flowers forming the umbels, for which the group is named, are, perfectly , suited for ladybugs, parasitic wasps, and predatory flies, which actually drink
  37. Sees Nimzowitsch with two knights in the endgame, and he handles them, perfectly , Aragonite (; in Aragonite) is a Romance language now spoken in a number of
  38. Due to lack of funds, despite the fact that Blue Streak itself worked almost, perfectly , Most, although not all, designs were based on using Blue Streak as a first
  39. That applied to others, and they are accused of" cosmic evil. " Thus," it is, perfectly ,possible to hate and even to persecute Jews without necessarily being
  40. Superseded by the radio) or in the acceptance of wide variations as ", perfectly ,good English" everywhere. Often at the core of the dialect though, the
  41. Early age, and some women may never develop such breasts; both situations are, perfectly ,normal. Sagging The relationship of the nipple position to the inframammary
  42. However, should be taken as a strong indicator that biomes do not all fit, perfectly ,into the classification schemes created. Hold ridge Scheme gods holy
  43. Scientific results can be achieved only by data recorded in connection with a, perfectly ,normal subject; a conscious or interested subject introduces variable factors
  44. To contain a peculiar metal, but as yet Aluminum has not been obtained in a, perfectly ,free state, though alloys of it with other metal line substances have been
  45. Times, Janet Marlin praised," Mr. Campbell's manly, mock-heroic posturing is, perfectly ,in keeping with the director's droll outlook ". Lesson Howe, in this review
  46. A percentageand is measured on a scale from zero for no reflecting power of a, perfectly ,black surface, to 1 for perfect reflection of a white surface. Albedo depends on
  47. Were simultaneously mirror-reversed, then the new set of wave functions would, perfectly ,satisfy the laws of physics (apart from the weak interaction). It turns out
  48. Atoms in hydrogen-bonded β strands is roughly 5 Å However, β strands are rarely, perfectly ,extended; rather, they exhibit a twist due to the chirality of their component
  49. On the language, these rules may or may not be consistently followed. In a, perfectly ,phonological alphabet, the phonemes and letters would correspond perfectly in
  50. Physical constants should not be" over-tuned," i.e. if there is some, perfectly ,tuned predicted value (e.g. zero),the observed value need be no closer to

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