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  1. In that way. ” * The Stupid Servant – acts as comic relief by asking seemingly, stupid ,questions, transitions between scenes, brings news, messenger,moves plot
  2. Welles reported to Roosevelt that Ribbentrop had a" completely closed and very, stupid ,mind ". On 10 March 1940,Ribbentrop visited Rome where he met Mussolini, who
  3. 19. He said of the marriage," I was desperately in love with her, but it was a, stupid ,marriage on my part. " They were divorced after eight months. Ellison served as
  4. More people in Britain, Hermann Göring warned Hitler that Ribbentrop was a ", stupid ,ass ". Ribbentrop further compounded the damage to his image and caused a minor
  5. Lucius (" shining, light "),changes his name and persona to Brutus (" dull, stupid ,"),playing the role of a fool to avoid the fate of his father and brothers
  6. Even of them, and greatly their inferior in point of talent --- I mean the, stupid ,and clumsy charlatan Hegel. In his Foreword to the first edition of his work
  7. That Marshall was guilty of treason; declared that" if Marshall were merely, stupid , the laws of probability would dictate that part of his decisions would serve
  8. Lectures and interviews, arguing that stupid ity is a disease and the" really, stupid ," bottom 10 % of people should be cured. He has also suggested that beauty
  9. One of Fisher's extended vacations,Capp's Joe Bazooka story arc introduced a, stupid , coarse, oafish mountaineer named" Big Leviticus," a crude prototype. (
  10. The nineteenth century, most of the myths focused on Jews being" scurrilous, stupid , and tight-fisted ", but following the Jewish Emancipation and the rise of Jews
  11. 750,000 on the ball and that's what he's doing with it? What he's doing is, stupid , " 10 million voters helped Echo decide to brand the ball with an asterisk and
  12. Company Subsystem, Berry Smutty. He is quoted saying that Galileo" is a, stupid ,idea that primarily serves French interests ". The BBC understands 500 m euros (
  13. Major molecular component of chromosomes, DNA,was widely considered to be a ", stupid ,tetra nucleotide ", serving only a structural role to support the proteins.
  14. That he could commit suicide at any moment. I don't know if that is brave or, stupid ,or what, but it was inevitable. I think that the truth of what rings through
  15. At end of action) But they can have other illocutionary forces:: You are being, stupid ,now. (You are doing it deliberately): You are not having chocolate with your
  16. Vol. 4,with Ward stating" There was no Volume 1,2 or 3,so it's a pretty, stupid ,title really ". Black Sabbath's Volume 4 was released in September 1972,and
  17. To inform people not to use the term" that's so gay" to mean" that's so, stupid ,", claiming that it is offensive. On 11 June 2010,Iceland became the first
  18. Elton suggested a major change in character emphasis: Baldric would become the, stupid ,sidekick, while Edmund Black adder evolved into a cunning sycophant. This led to
  19. Being remembered as a pioneer of this style:" 'grind core' was a legendarily, stupid ,term coined by a hyperactive kid from the West Midlands, and it had nothing to
  20. He was writing about himself. Looking back, how could I have been so bleeding ', stupid , Of course, he was writing about himself. But I didn't go in and grab him and
  21. That Hawaiians are" dumb. " Corolla further elaborated that Hawaiians are ", stupid ," " in-bred,"" retarded" people who are among the" dumbest people we have.
  22. Thought was a weak, poor choice, causing the monk to exclaim" Babies! " (, stupid , ) Hence, it became the name of El Cid's horse. Another legend states that in
  23. 累 lei)," to be hungry" ( 饿 è)," to be located at" ( 在 CAI)," to be, stupid ," (笨 Ben) and so forth. These verbs are usually preceded by an adverb such as
  24. He feels disconnected from most of the townspeople. His father asks him ", stupid ,and distressing" questions about his war experiences, not understanding" that
  25. Wrote in local cafés to escape from her unheated flat, remarking," I am not, stupid ,enough to rent an unheated flat in Edinburgh in midwinter. It had heating. "
  26. Or, in vocative form" SATA prostate! ") is still used to comment upon a, stupid ,action. Aftermath Hus's scholarship and teachings Hus left only a few
  27. A ruse. In the second season of Scrubs, J. D. argues that not all surgeons are, stupid ,and cites as proof the fact that another doctor at the hospital had attended
  28. Success but was condemned by critics – Max Beerbohm described it as" vilely, stupid ," and as written by a" tenth-rate writer ". World War I and last year's Jerome
  29. Arrogantly boasted of his speculation before the deity and suddenly became, stupid , " Kierkegaard cites G. O. Maybach who he quotes as saying" Albert us repent
  30. End up embarrassing because Garfield will pig out, or Jon will do something, stupid , including wearing an ugly shirt, which happened one night when he took Liz on
  31. Idiocy" describe an extreme folly or stupid ity, and its symptoms (foolish or, stupid ,utterance or deed). In psychology, it is a historical term for the state or
  32. And as such at least one commentator believes that" most people thought it was, stupid ," when it was first released. This view is mirrored by LEV Lafayette, who,when
  33. Folk, who look like a sort of scorpion-human centaur. They are described as, stupid , vicious and live in violent matriarchies with a religious emphasis on
  34. Chosen the same name for his Academy Award-winning film Crash, feeling it was ", stupid ," and" very disrespectful. " Aside from The Dead Zone (1983) and The Fly
  35. He frequently fired FBI agents, singling out those who he thought" looked, stupid ,like truck drivers" or he considered to be" pinheads ". He also relocated
  36. When the professor is woken up for his shift, he feels his head, and says" How, stupid ,is that barber? He's woken up the bald man instead of me. " There is even a
  37. Tastes good: :Tutu Atalanta::: feels awful: :Nathan Malta::: looks, stupid ,: :kuulostaa mukavalta::: sounds nice Hungarian The ablative case in Hungarian
  38. Cynicism into an art form, as evinced by this observation from 1846:: To be, stupid , and selfish, and to have good health are the three requirements for happiness;
  39. Completely underestimated the danger. We didn't take it seriously. That's how, stupid ,we were. " Jon Savage wrote in his obituary for Curtis in Melody Maker," Now
  40. Claudius' laws and edicts were disregarded under the reasoning that he was too, stupid ,and senile to have meant them. This opinion of Claudius, that he was indeed an
  41. Owners from all over the Northwest. Events include a parade, Dachshund races, stupid ,pet tricks, and a dog costume contest. *Ellensburg hosts the annual Jazz in the
  42. On the universe in which they did not choose the cowardly route, take the, stupid ,action, fumble the crucial activity, etc.; few writers focus on this idea
  43. Years in the future (2505) the dyslexic pressure has resulted in a uniformly, stupid ,human society. In Star Trek, there are conflicts known as the Eugenics Wars (
  44. One of his teachers at Metz later recalled that Ribbentrop" was the most, stupid ,in his class, full of vanity and very pushy ". His father was cashiered from
  45. Is someone who knows there is no god. By some definitions atheism is very, stupid , " In reply to a question in 1996 about his religious beliefs, Sagan answered
  46. The ability to carry. Like Hank, she believes they want to live, but are too, stupid ,and incompetent to realize how their duties and altruistic projects impede that
  47. Was little sympathy for these enemies. As his panegyric declared:" It is a, stupid ,clemency that spares the conquered foe. " Mauritius' rebellion Following
  48. Continually the happy moment which took him from it forever, and,instead of a, stupid ,and unimaginative animal, made him an intelligent being and a man. Society
  49. Improving his warrior caste. If we could castrate all scoundrels and stick all, stupid ,geese in a convent, and give men of noble character a whole harem, and procure
  50. Dramatic purposes. The author would be sorry if any reader supposed he was too, stupid ,to have enjoyed Mr. H. G. Wells's fantasies or too ungrateful to acknowledge

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