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  1. And its place in the American Dream. Recent career Hill has provided expert, commentary ,on many national television programs. Hill has been featured on Today,60
  2. Rhine and disappear without a trace. Legacy Caesar wrote about Ambrosia in his, commentary ,about his battles against the Gauls:" De Hello Gallic ". In this text he also
  3. By Michael Cole and Jazz replacing Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura's, commentary ,on his WrestleMania match with Big John Study. The video is hosted by Lord
  4. Doing some 45 games shown on Peach tree TV. Joe Simpson provides color, commentary ,for games Carry announces, and serves as the play-by-play announcer for games
  5. Satyr (funeral orations) * Ambrosiaster or the" pseudo-Ambrose" is a brief, commentary ,on Paul's Epistles, which was long attributed to Ambrose. Church music Ambrose
  6. It is common for scholars to state that Alexander was the first to write a, commentary ,on the Sentences of Peter Lombard, it is not quite accurate. There were a
  7. Which stated that women should only receive a domestic education; she used her, commentary ,on this specific event to launch a broad attack against sexual double standards
  8. Titled" Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies ". According to the DVD, commentary ,track, this spoof was created on an Amiga home computer. *Rolf Harris used an
  9. Non-white German citizens faced. This change from simple imitation to political, commentary ,was the start of German identification with rap. The sound of“ Fred I'm
  10. Of his focus on exceptional, heroic individuals and groups of men. In her, commentary ,on the deluxe DVD edition of Seven Samurai, Joan Ellen maintains that certain
  11. Event on television, with NASA Chief of Public Information Jack King providing, commentary , President Richard Nixon viewed the proceedings from the Oval Office of the
  12. And current Diamondbacks' minority owner) Matt Williams also does color, commentary ,on occasion, as does former Cardinals and NBC broadcast legend Joe Parabola
  13. Julius Ur sinus compiled a fuller collection of Altaic fragments, including a, commentary , which was published at Antwerp in 1568. The first separate edition of Antaeus
  14. From the opinions of the master. His principal theological works are a, commentary ,in three volumes on the Books of the Sentences of Peter Lombard (Magister
  15. This commentary was erroneously attributed for a long time to St Ambrose. The, commentary ,itself was written during the papacy of Pope Damascus I, that is, between 366
  16. The commentary on the Sophistical Refutations is deemed spurious, as is the, commentary ,on the final nine books of the Metaphysics. The lost commentaries include works
  17. Was so impressed with Bachchan's voice, that he decided to use his voice as, commentary ,in Sharing KE Bhilai since he could not find a suitable role for him. In 2005
  18. Of his times. Most of his written musical observations are found in his, commentary ,on Aristotle's Poetics. He rejected the idea of" music of the spheres" as
  19. Of Nimzowitsch's own games accompanied by his idiosyncratic, hyperbolic, commentary , which is often as entertaining as instructive. Nimzowitsch's chess theories
  20. Of the book are marked by a series of summary statements, or what one, commentary ,calls a" progress report ". Just before the geography of the scene shifts to a
  21. Justice),a collection of biblical extracts and sayings of Church Fathers with, commentary ,(an important work for the history of church law and discipline),which is to
  22. Has a tradition of cabaret or leakiest, which combines music, storytelling, commentary , theater and comedy. Cabaret dates back to the 1930s and artists like WIM Kan
  23. His death. Wallace continued his scientific work in parallel with his social, commentary , In 1880,he published Island Life as a sequel to The Geographic Distribution
  24. Art Theodore Géricault's Raft of the Medusa (c. 1820),was a social, commentary ,on a current event, unprecedented at the time. Édouard Manet's Le December SUR
  25. An example of a writer who thought the story to be historical fact. His work,a, commentary ,on Plato's Times, is lost, but Process, a Neoplatonist of the fifth century
  26. Last work, the Summat theologian. Music Albert us is known for his enlightening, commentary ,on the musical practice of his times. Most of his written musical observations
  27. Who was Jewish, explained his complete removal of Crowley's anti-Semitic, commentary ,on the Kabbalah in the sixth unnumbered page of his editorial introduction:" I
  28. Are sometimes erroneously attributed to him, one On Emotions, the other a, commentary ,on Aristotle's Ethics (really by Constantine Palaeocapa in the 16th century
  29. Subject, and then mostly through commentary on Aristotle. For example, in his, commentary , De mineralizes, he refers to the power of stones, but does not elaborate on
  30. The Ptolemaic cosmology. Soon after, he wrote the Compendium of the Almost,a, commentary ,on Ptolemy's Almost. Avicenna concluded that Venus is closer to the Earth
  31. Only his commentary on Aristotle's De Interpretation survives intact. A, commentary ,on Porphyry's Synagogue may also be his, but it is somewhat corrupt and
  32. Of Paul prior to Augustine of Hippo. Because Augustine cites part of the, commentary ,on Romans as by" Sanctum Hilarious" it has been ascribed by various critics at
  33. And valuable for the criticism of the Latin text of the New Testament. This, commentary ,was erroneously attributed for a long time to St Ambrose. The commentary itself
  34. By In galls, Masson and Petrarchan,1992) and the Abhinavabharati, his, commentary , on the Nātyashāstra, portions of which are translated by Gold and Mason and
  35. Synthesising Vedanta views on the Brahma Surreys, a Pedantic text. In his, commentary ,on Chapter 3 of the Brahma Surreys, Sivananda notes that karma is insentient and
  36. Nicholas Wiseman. __NOT__ Ambrosiaster is the name given to the writer of a, commentary ,on St Paul's epistles," brief in words but weighty in matter," and valuable
  37. Authentic writings he had little to say on the subject, and then mostly through, commentary ,on Aristotle. For example, in his commentary , De mineralizes, he refers to the
  38. Pervasive wars and murders. " The historical setting of the film is used as" a, commentary ,on what Kurosawa now perceives as the timelessness of human impulses toward
  39. Damascus and Simplicity. Writings Of his reputedly numerous writings, only his, commentary ,on Aristotle's De Interpretation survives intact. A commentary on Porphyry's
  40. Of Aristotle, which he could not understand until he read al-Farabi's, commentary ,on the work. The Canon of Medicine About 100 treatises were ascribed to In
  41. On the Sentences, but Alexander appears to have been the first magisterial, commentary , Although it was Alexanders most significant writing, it had not been completed
  42. By Mohandas Farmhand Gandhi, who made clear throughout his life and his own, commentary ,on the Rita that it was" an allegory in which the battlefield is the soul and
  43. And natural history,27 % were on evolutionary theory,25 % were social, commentary , 12 % were on Anthropology, and 7 % were on spiritualism and phrenology. An
  44. Topics, Meteorology,Sense and Sensibility, and Metaphysics (Books 1-5). The, commentary ,on the Sophistical Refutations is deemed spurious, as is the commentary on the
  45. That brought about its destruction ". Ultimately, this was also intended as a, commentary ,on the state of Weimar Germany; underneath that facade of prosperity and
  46. In April 2007,it was reported that imaging analysis had discovered an early, commentary ,on Aristotle's Categories in the Archimedes Palimpsest, and Robert Sharpies
  47. Effect. Swami Savanna, an Data scholar, reiterates the same views in his, commentary ,synthesizing Vedanta views on the Brahma Surreys, a Pedantic text. In his
  48. An alternate time-line for each episode and dramatized the results along with, commentary ,from various historians. Episodes included changes in the American Civil War
  49. Of the out-of-print André The Giant VHS made by Coliseum Video in 1985,with, commentary ,by Michael Cole and Jazz replacing Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura's
  50. Of Apostolic Curve is a truth to be" held definitively ", as evidenced by, commentary ,by then-Cardinal Rat zinger, currently Pope Benedict XVI: With regard to those

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