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  1. Be uniform only for certain n,e.g. odd or prime numbers. It is possible to, relax ,the restriction of the table size being a power of 2 and not having to perform
  2. With Connie Chung in which he said," I think that if rape is inevitable, relax ,and enjoy it. " Knight's comment was in reference to an Indiana basketball
  3. Sample. This is followed by a waiting time, wherein the system is allowed to, relax , The typical waiting time lasts from zero to several microseconds, and the
  4. Narcotics Board, which historically has taken a dim view of any moves to, relax ,official drug policy. In their annual report, the Board has criticized many
  5. Electronically) excited state. A molecule in its excited state,S1,can, relax ,by various competing pathways. It can undergo 'non-radiative relax ation' in
  6. On Zorn's lemma, one formulation of the axiom of choice. It is possible to, relax ,slightly the sublinearity condition on \script style\mathcal, requiring only
  7. Of it that is not captured as external work. (See Constraints below. ) We now, relax ,the requirement of a homogeneous“ bulk” system by letting the chemical
  8. Fine examples of traditional architecture. There are also recreational areas to, relax , Many restored traditional Turkish houses inside the citadel area have found
  9. Genre of country music. " After I left Nashville (the early 70s),I wanted to, relax ,and play the music that I wanted to play, and just stay around Texas, maybe
  10. Skeletal muscle cells. * Arterial muscle tone – forces arterial wall muscle to, relax , increasing blood flow, especially in microarteries; lack of insulin reduces
  11. Spaces. *If we consider the first definition of a metric space given above and, relax ,the second requirement, or remove the third or fourth, we arrive at the
  12. Met the philosopher Sophia Janowskaya. After work, Wittgenstein would often, relax ,by watching Westerns, where he preferred to sit at the very front of the cinema
  13. Can also relax via conversion to a triplet state, which may subsequently, relax ,via phosphorescence or by a secondary non-radiative relax ation step. Relaxation
  14. Illegal. In April 2009,US President Barack Obama expressed his intention to, relax ,the existing travel restrictions by making it legal for Americans to travel to
  15. Grapes sold during October 2009 in New York). Most studies of market structure, relax ,a little their definition of a good, allowing for more flexibility at the
  16. Countries would act in the same way. For the time being, therefore,we should, relax ,no particle of effort until our deficiencies had been made good. " However
  17. To be conscious of some physiologic parameters to control them and try to, relax , This method is considered to be efficient for migraine and tension-type
  18. For the chemical case). After the barrier has been reached, the system will, relax ,into the next state of the lowest energy again. The time it takes is usually
  19. Rings are commutative, hence finite fields. The result holds even if we, relax ,associativity and consider alternative rings, by the Martin–Zorn theorem.
  20. At MYR 3.80 to the dollar. In recent years, Bank Near Malaysia beginning to, relax ,certain rules to the capital controls although the currency itself is still not
  21. Music. Over time, social strictures regarding racial segregation began to, relax ,in America: white bandleaders began to recruit black musicians and black
  22. Holiday at Album, a resort town on the Etruria coast. He was too anxious to, relax , Writing to Front, he declared that he would not speak about his holiday.
  23. The beginning of Islam a call to modernize the religion is essentially one to, relax ,all laws and institutions. Early shariah had a much more flexible character
  24. Climate, was a vacation destination where citizens could enjoy beaches or, relax ,in now-dilapidated spa complexes overlooking the Caspian Sea. The city's past
  25. Breaks down the acetylcholine in order to allow the muscle or organ to, relax , Nerve agents disrupt the nervous system by inhibiting the function of
  26. Date would be brought forward by one month. The Immigration Department would, relax ,its 14-day re-employment requirement for helpers whose contracts expired. On 30
  27. In Belgium: Hoover arranged for food shipments and persuaded the Allies to, relax ,their blockade of the Baltic Sea, which had obstructed food supplies to Finland
  28. The group's actions were making it less likely that the Soviet Union would, relax ,restrictions on Jewish emigration. On April 6,1976,six prominent refuses —
  29. World * Economy (Eastern Christianity),a bishop's discretionary power to, relax ,rules * Economy (Thoreau),a chapter from Walden, by Henry David Thoreau *
  30. Area of specialty for physical therapists worldwide. The goal of therapy is to, relax ,and lengthen the pelvic floor muscles, rather than to tighten and/or strengthen
  31. Did not prevent him from being regarded as a playful figure who used games to, relax ,from his labors and played a great deal with children. By conquering dangerous
  32. As heat (vibrations) to the solvent. Excited organic molecules can also, relax ,via conversion to a triplet state, which may subsequently relax via
  33. And complex numbers; for instance, | -6×5 | ≤ | -6|×|5 |. If in the above we, relax ,Banach space to normed space the analogous structure is called a normed algebra
  34. Bother him too much; let him rest. " This was thought to have helped Alexei to, relax ,and allow the child's own natural healing process some headroom. Others have
  35. Are examples of dynamic hash functions that execute in constant time but, relax ,the property of uniformity to achieve the minimal movement property. Extendible
  36. Circled and preserved the central lawn, creating a space where students study, relax , and socialize. Campanile The campanile was constructed during 1897-1898 as a
  37. Gardens existed since Ancient Egypt, when rich people used them as a means to, relax ,in the shade of the trees. Egyptians associated trees and gardens with gods as
  38. Constantly imposed stress, threat of losses and inability of enemy forces to, relax ,or sleep, lowers their morale. *Interdiction fire: placed on an area or point
  39. And organization of self appears to become more rigid under threats and to, relax ,its boundaries when completely free from threat” ( Rogers,1951). If students
  40. With the holiday meanings in Old Comedy and it allows the audience to, relax ,in uncomplicated enjoyment of the spectacle, the music, jokes and celebrations
  41. Herbs but they were also a space where the monks could enjoy nature and, relax , The gardens in the 16th and 17th century were symmetric, proportioned and
  42. Decision-making process influences decisions. Theories of bounded rationality, relax ,one or more assumptions of standard expected utility theory ”. Simon determined
  43. For example, in vasodilation by causing the smooth muscle of blood vessels to, relax , The reddish and poisonous nitrogen dioxide contains an unpaired electron and
  44. The frame of the canvas. In View of the International Exhibition, soldiers, relax , seated and standing, prosperous couples are talking. There is a gardener, a
  45. Rapidly becomes highly populated preventing further lasing until those atoms, relax ,to the ground state. These lasers, such as the exciter laser and the copper
  46. Cheers" ) in Boston, Massachusetts,where a group of locals meets to drink, relax , chat and have fun. The show's theme song, written and performed by Gary
  47. Under her reign. Her son and successor, Radama II (1861–1863),attempted to, relax ,his mother's stringent policies but was overthrown two years later by Prime
  48. Typically, the cross-examiner must appear friendly, talk softly and sincerely to, relax ,the guarded witness. They typically begin repeating similar basic questions in
  49. And his daughters were Protestants, was a" saving grace ". James's attempt to, relax ,the penal laws alienated his natural supporters, however,because the Tories
  50. Aikido training is mental as well as physical, emphasizing the ability to, relax ,the mind and body even under the stress of dangerous situations. This is

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