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  1. The soundtrack to one of the films — Beethoven's Ninth Symphony — renders Alex, unable ,to listen to his beloved classical music. The effectiveness of the technique is
  2. Jury, the FIRES prize and the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury. As Tchaikovsky was, unable ,to attend due to his illness, the prizes were collected by his son, Andrei Jr.
  3. The theory of the via media, as essentially historicist and static; and hence, unable ,to accommodate any dynamic development within the church. The Tractarian
  4. Executed a number of them as examples, on his way to Susan. After three days, unable ,to persuade his men to back down, he began to give select Persians command
  5. Connecticut hastened to profit by opening its ports. By 1787 Congress was, unable ,to protect manufacturing and shipping. State legislatures were unable or
  6. Increases, natural gas will become much more expensive. If the Haber Process is, unable ,to be commercialized using renewable energy (such as by electrolysis) or if
  7. As such by theologian Stephen Ashby: # Prior to being drawn and enabled, one is, unable ,to believe … able only to resist. # Having been drawn and enabled, but prior to
  8. Independence by enabling people to perform tasks that they were formerly, unable ,to accomplish, or had great difficulty accomplishing, by providing enhancements
  9. Poor performance in the Crimean War. Name "/NP"> mcpherson546"/> France was, unable ,or unwilling to support either side without Britain, where popular support
  10. Ocean. *2001 – India and Bangladesh begin a five-day border conflict, but are, unable ,to resolve the disputes about their border. *2003 – The Treaty of Accession is
  11. Of his most famous pupils was Helen Keller, who came to him as a young child, unable ,to see, hear,or speak. She was later to say that Bell dedicated his life to
  12. Case, which was filed only five years after the ADA was passed, the DOJ was, unable ,or unwilling to provide clarification on the distribution requirements for
  13. Who has come up has been effected by driving him into a groove' and felt, unable ,to comply. Edited works * The Goober: a Book of Fools (1975) – a collection
  14. Plane the group was on was subjected to extreme weather conditions and was, unable ,to land for an extended period. They appeared at the Boston Music Hall for the
  15. The moon. In Latin texts, on the other hand, Joseph Monterrosa declared himself, unable ,to find any conflation of Apollo with Sol among the Augustan poets of the 1st
  16. The most commonly reported reasons were socioeconomic factors such as being, unable ,to afford a child either in terms of the direct costs of raising a child or the
  17. A cellular structure in the inner portion of the seed coat. * Most monocots are, unable ,to thicken their stems once they have formed, since they lack the cylindrical
  18. Fight the forces of Pompey,Caesar's late enemy, but Octavius fell ill and was, unable ,to travel. When he had recovered, he sailed to the front, but was shipwrecked;
  19. Formed his perspective that he considered himself a sinner so vile that he was, unable ,to change his life or be redeemed without God's help. Yet his lyrical subtlety
  20. Braudel's informal successor as head of the school was Le Roy Laurie, who was, unable ,to maintain a consistent focus. Scholars moved in multiple directions, covering
  21. This story, Odysseus learns from the prophet Catches that the Achaeans would be, unable ,to capture Troy without Achilles' aid. Odysseus goes to Skirts in the guise of
  22. These) while others seem to have been included to fill in when Cowper was, unable ,to write. Jonathan Aiken calls Newton, specifically referring to" Amazing
  23. Consecrated bread and wine to" shut-ins" or members of the parish who are, unable ,to leave home or hospital to attend the Eucharist). Lay people also serve on
  24. Him a role model, and was shocked to discover that the Japanese filmmaker was, unable ,to secure financing for any new work. The two met in San Francisco in July 1978
  25. Attempts to bring her parents and sisters to the United States, but they were, unable ,to acquire permission to emigrate. Early fiction Rand's first literary success
  26. That had grown out of the Panic of 1873,which Mackenzie's government was, unable ,to alleviate. In 1874,Mackenzie negotiated a new free trade agreement with the
  27. W. N. Hartley. Each observed new lines in the color spectrum of air but were, unable ,to identify the element responsible for the lines. Argon became the first
  28. Sound. Although the trio briefly experimented with the concept, they were, unable ,to develop a workable prototype. They abandoned the idea, never realizing they
  29. Jobs Simpler from the publishing house Holstein. However, Speer found himself, unable ,to re-establish his relationship with his children, even with his son Albert
  30. Was unable to protect manufacturing and shipping. State legislatures were, unable ,or unwilling to resist attacks upon private contracts and public credit. Land
  31. Ten Jewish men present. Ginsberg tried to have one performed for her, but was, unable ,to since the two companions with him, Jack Kerouac and Peter Trotsky, were not
  32. Out the activities of daily living. The issue is not whether Williams was, unable ,to perform her specific job tasks. Therefore, the determination of whether an
  33. To the forming of the Human Potential Movement. Death On his deathbed, unable ,to speak, Huxley made a written request to his wife Laura for" LSD,100 kg
  34. Roman Empires. He crossed the Danube twice and plundered the Balkans, but was, unable ,to take Constantinople. He also attempted to conquer Roman Gaul (modern France
  35. Drainage of the abscess is seldom effective due to antibiotics often being, unable ,to get into the abscess and their ineffectiveness at low pH levels. Whilst most
  36. And with Scriptural subjects. The end wall displayed the Last Judgment. We are, unable ,to identify any other of the principal buildings. The abbot's residence, still
  37. Science Hall of Fame '. Honorary degrees Alexander Graham Bell, who was, unable ,to complete the university program of his youth, received numerous Honorary
  38. Stock division was put on hold as American automobile manufacturers were, unable ,to produce family sedans quickly enough to keep up with post-World War II
  39. He supports. Hank Rear den knows something is wrong with the world, but he is, unable ,to define the problem. His friend, Francisco d'Antonia, helps him understand
  40. To generically as Private Defense Agencies (Pas). The defense of those, unable ,to pay for such protection might be financed by charitable organizations
  41. The performance of manual tasks focuses the inquiry on whether Williams was, unable ,to perform a range of tasks central to most people in carrying out the
  42. And begin the preparations for the EVA early, thinking that they would be, unable ,to sleep. Lunar surface operations The astronauts planned placement of the
  43. Argon and the other noble gases were considered to be chemically inert and, unable ,to form compounds; however, compounds of the heavier noble gases have since
  44. Issue on previous spacecraft (Mercury and Gemini),as those astronauts were, unable ,to move freely in the comparatively smaller cabins of those spacecraft. The
  45. Transportation was much slower and more difficult in the South, which was, unable ,to augment its much smaller rail system, repair damage, or even perform routine
  46. To the dialects of the deeper valleys of the Tirol, other Tyroleans are often, unable ,to understand them. Speakers from the different states of Austria can easily be
  47. Able also to resist. # Upon resisting to the point of unbelief, one is, unable ,again to believe … able only to resist. Wesleyan Arminianism John Wesley has
  48. Subsequently, he invaded Italy, devastating the northern provinces, but was, unable ,to take Rome. He planned for further campaigns against the Romans but died in
  49. Down to smaller components. Often patients with such changes find themselves, unable ,to do the family finances or drive a car. Depression is surprisingly rare in
  50. Schweitzer museum. From 1939 to 48 he stayed in Nazarene, unable ,to go back to Europe because of the war. Three years after the end of World War

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