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  1. Of the most savage jokes are opportunists who prey on the gullibility of their, fellow ,citizens, including oracle-mongers, the exponents of new religious practices
  2. Austrian School economist and free market-oriented best-selling author, senior, fellow , in business and economic studies at the Pacific Research Institute, adjunct
  3. Rather than furnish troops and access for an attack on their, fellow ,southern states, Virginia,North Carolina, Tennessee and Arkansas elected to
  4. Graduating with first-class honors in Mathematics, and in 1935 was elected a, fellow ,at King's on the strength of a dissertation on the central limit theorem. In
  5. In the window ". New York Beats In Ginsberg's freshman year at Columbia he met, fellow ,undergraduate Lucien Carr, who introduced him to a number of future Beats
  6. He claimed that a good person would have sympathy for animals, who are our, fellow ,sufferers. Compassion for animals is intimately associated with goodness of
  7. Ginsberg is best known for his epic poem" Howl ", in which he celebrated his, fellow ," angel-headed hipsters" and harshly denounced what he saw as the destructive
  8. Kurosawa's movies to be so honored. Kurosawa, with producer Spiro Motor and, fellow ,directors and friends Cairo Yamamoto, Mikio Na ruse and Enrich Yamaguchi
  9. In war with the Mogul rulers to protect the people of different faiths, when a, fellow ,Sikh, Bhai Kannada, attended the troops of the enemy. He gave water to both
  10. Even speak English properly. … Also, I boast! An Englishman he says often," A, fellow ,who thinks as much of himself as that cannot be worth much. … And so, you see
  11. He was first educated at Transylvania University in Lexington, where he met, fellow ,student Jefferson Davis. Both were appointed to the United States Military
  12. School were raised by the close friendship he developed with a slightly older, fellow ,student, Christopher Moscow, who was Turing's first love interest. Moscow died
  13. Had fired Kurosawa just ten years earlier to produce Kagemusha, then recruited, fellow ,fan Francis Ford Coppola as co-producer. Production began the following April
  14. A necessary evil in order to maintain party unity and ensure the loyalty of his, fellow ,Liberals. As prime minister, he asked the soldier accompanying him if he knew
  15. Muslim children. Morris quotes a 19th century traveler:" I have seen a little, fellow ,of six years old, with a troop of fat toddlers of only three and four, teaching
  16. And Calvinism can be seen in the heated discussions between friends and, fellow ,Methodist ministers John Wesley and George Whitefield. Wesley was a champion of
  17. Russia During the 1930s,he briefly became a communist, or more precisely,a, fellow ,traveler (he never formally joined the Communist Party). As a distinguished
  18. Been international interest in her work. Rand's contemporary admirers included, fellow ,novelists, such as Ira Kevin, Kay Note Smith and L. Neil Smith, and later
  19. Kinney is the only one to openly state the true motivations of himself and his, fellow ,conspirators. At the end of Galt's 3-hour speech, he expresses admiration for
  20. Be of the disciples of Aaron, loving peace and pursuing peace; love your, fellow ,creatures and draw them nigh unto the Law! ” This is further illustrated by the
  21. Founding his own magical society. In this he was supported by his friend and, fellow ,occultist George Cecil Jones. The pair began to practice rituals together at
  22. Order. Now loyal to Mather's, Crowley (with the help of his then mistress and, fellow ,initiate Elaine Simpson) attempted to help crush the rebellion and
  23. In the popular Comedy Central program South Park, Eric Cartman attacks his, fellow ,posse that in the same fashion Alex attacked his 'druids' in the film. (In
  24. Lings, in his biographical Muhammad, speaks of Muhammad's wonderment at seeing, fellow ,prophets in their heavenly glory: Aaron was also mentioned by Muhammad in
  25. 8s,with engines designed by Audi, and driven by Jest drivers loaned to the, fellow ,Volkswagen Group company, competed in the GTP class, and finished the race in
  26. Quotations are typical: If I were to say that the so-called philosophy of this, fellow ,Hegel is a colossal piece of mystification which will yet provide posterity
  27. For their designs. Speer would also receive, from Hitler Youth Leader and later, fellow ,Spandau prisoner Balder von Church, the Golden Hitler Youth Honor Badge with
  28. Shot by Azerbaijani forces. It said more than half of them were murdered by, fellow ,servicemen. Since its independence, Armenia has maintained a policy of
  29. And use of nitroglycerin (discovered in 1847 by Assani Sombrero, one of his, fellow ,students under Théophile-Jules Delouse at the University of Turin). A big
  30. Album for JJ Fad," Supersonic. " He was a founding member of N. W. A. but when, fellow ,member Ice Cube came back from the Phoenix Institute of Technology in 1988 he
  31. And newer. But not for me. For me, it's more exciting to experience my, fellow ,Germans in new contexts ... For me,it's interesting to see what the kids try
  32. Of the film director. Tchaikovsky was, according to Shaka Abdusalmov,a, fellow ,student at the film school, fascinated by Japanese films. He was amazed by how
  33. Or of the Union. " Name "/IN"> mcpherson62"/> The same Congressman—and his, fellow ,Radical Republicans—put pressure on Lincoln to rapidly emancipate the slaves
  34. Was thus limited, he would" prefer to be ruled by a lion than one of his, fellow ,rats" — i.e., by a monarch, rather than a democrat. Schopenhauer shared the
  35. Wrote it down. He was so anxious to capture the tune in his head, he asked, fellow ,passenger friend Harry Martin for his shirt cuff to write the tune on, thus
  36. Mesa, California. After making a series of westerns and comedies, Dwan directed, fellow ,Canadian Mary Pickford in several very successful movies as well as her husband
  37. She wrote to the Los Angeles Times disclaiming the label of Huxley as a" poor, fellow ,who can hardly see" by Walter C. Alvarez, she tempers this:" Although I feel
  38. Come to the conclusion that a plague is sweeping the town. They both approach, fellow ,doctors and town authorities about their theory, but are eventually dismissed
  39. Before departing, Crowley visited his friend Elaine Simpson in Shanghai,a, fellow ,occultist who had been his colleague in the Golden Dawn. She was fascinated by
  40. The Democratic nomination for Governor by approximately 8,000 votes to then, fellow ,Democratic Attorney General Charles Grad dick. The state Democratic Party is
  41. Influence on right-wing politics and libertarianism. Jim Powell, a senior, fellow ,at the Cato Institute, considers Rand one of the three most important women (
  42. Of America's experts on the economics of illegal drugs. " He is also a senior, fellow ,and resident faculty member at the Ludwig on Miles Institute. * Jeffrey Tucker
  43. Of the world. Occult After Crowley's death, various of his colleagues and, fellow ,Termites continued with his work. One of his British disciples, Kenneth Grant
  44. FWA left it to bestow their highest award. Writing an obituary of van Vogt a, fellow ,Canadian writer of science fiction remarked: It is generally held that the “
  45. Primate, rather than to the local bishop. The abbot wears the same habit as his, fellow ,monks, though by tradition he adds to it a pectoral cross. Territorial abbots
  46. Control on a monthly rotation. Speer considered himself an outcast among his, fellow ,prisoners for his acceptance of responsibility at Nuremberg. Speer made a
  47. Prison, see Rudolf Walters#Spandau years On July 18, 1947,Speer and his six, fellow ,prisoners, all former high officials of the Nazi regime, were flown from
  48. In San Francisco. Ginsberg's" Howl" electrified the audience. According to, fellow ,poet Michael McClure, it was clear" that a barrier had been broken, that a
  49. Tennis player and former World No. 1. Generally considered by critics and, fellow ,players to be one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Agassi has been
  50. After his death. This was a detriment to his career and reputation among his, fellow ,doctors, and feeling he had no future in academic medicine in France, he

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