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  1. A new record in terms of value with 115 BIL. USD of transaction s. The largest, transaction ,with involvement of Brazilian companies has been: CIA Vale do Rio Done acquired
  2. In this duty where they fail to direct their minds to whether a, transaction ,was in the best interests of the company. Difficult questions can arise when
  3. A journal normally corresponds to an account. In the single entry system, each, transaction , is recorded only once. Most individuals who balance their cheque-book each
  4. Painting is US$100 million for a 1963 canvas titled Eight Pelvises. The private, transaction ,was reported in a 2009 article in The Economist, which described Warhol as the
  5. Goes hand in hand with the Accounts Payable account. This is the purchasing, transaction ,a company does. *General ledger representing the original 5 main accounts:
  6. Canada. Similarly, most assets exhibit (small) differences between countries, transaction ,costs, taxes,and other costs provide an impediment to this kind of arbitrage.
  7. Bank Book, Purchase Book for recording the immediate effect of the financial, transaction , In the normal course of business, a document is produced each time a
  8. Trio to Joe Tannin and the Boston Red Sox. The amount of money exchanged in the, transaction ,is disputed. Major League career Red Sox Years Ruth appeared in five games for
  9. From the journal and records them into the corresponding account for every, transaction ,listed. The ledger also sums up the total of every account which is transferred
  10. Accounting system stems from the latency between the recording of the financial, transaction ,and it's posting in the relevant account. This delay, absent in electronic
  11. Bringing the base and Interface databases to the house, in an all stock, transaction , Competition with Microsoft was fierce. Microsoft launched the competing
  12. Reference Library)—which at the time was the largest ever personal commercial, transaction , Carnegie's share of this amounted to $225,639,000,which was paid to Carnegie
  13. Small businesses. Double-entry bookkeeping requires posting (recording) each, transaction ,twice, using debits and credits. Single-entry system The primary bookkeeping
  14. Such as a department of motor vehicles will issue an abstract of a completed, transaction ,or an updated record intended to serve as a proof of compliance with some
  15. Plan which would result in the two airlines joining forces in an all-stock, transaction ,while retaining their separate brands, similar to KLM and Air France in their
  16. From barter transaction s, but taxation is handled the same way as a cash, transaction , If one barters for a profit, one pays the appropriate tax; if one generates a
  17. Transferred control of 5 state enterprises to Russia in an assets-for-debts, transaction ,which settled $100 million of Armenian state debts to Russia. The document was
  18. Then a fifth of what Warner Communications had paid 22 years earlier. This, transaction ,primarily involved the brand and intellectual property, which now fell under
  19. Timeout elapsed. This way, it could respond to duplicate requests with the same, transaction ,ID by resending the same response data, without performing the actual operation
  20. Confer cultural authority on numbers. Double entry accounting means that each, transaction ,requires the use of at least two accounts. Accounting in the internet era In
  21. A conflict between the director's interest (to do well for himself out of the, transaction ,) and his duty to the company (to ensure that the company gets as much as it
  22. From the Twins, and shortstop Orlando Cabrera from the Expos. In a separate, transaction , the Red Sox traded minor league Henri Stanley to the Los Angeles Dodgers for
  23. Arbitrage, described below. In comparison to the classical quick arbitrage, transaction , such an operation can produce disastrous losses. Counterparty risk As
  24. For a profit, one pays the appropriate tax; if one generates a loss in the, transaction , they have a loss. Bartering for business is also taxed accordingly as business
  25. Each member. Commercial exchanges make money by charging a commission on each, transaction ,either all on the buy side, all on the sell side, or a combination of both.
  26. In the case of many financial products, it may be unclear" where" the, transaction ,occurs. Regulatory arbitrage can include restructuring a bank by outsourcing
  27. Would be named the Philadelphia Eagles. This sequence of events in the, transaction ,have been nicknamed as the Pennsylvania Polka by sports historians and was
  28. LLC" ( along with James Valletta, Michael Duane and Richard D'More),The, transaction ,date was scheduled on 31 July 2011,but delayed to 18 August. The new ownership
  29. In cash and 58 million shares of its stock for a total of US$5.4 billion. The, transaction ,completed on October 25, 2006. It was reported in December 2006 that AMD, along
  30. For insurance companies. This can occur particularly where the business, transaction ,has no obvious physical location: in the case of many financial products, it
  31. Move, this may yield a large loss. The main day-to-day risk is that part of the, transaction ,fails – execution risk. The main rare risks are counterparty risk and liquidity
  32. Price is high, as long as the buyers are not prohibited from reselling and the, transaction ,costs of buying, holding and reselling are small relative to the difference in
  33. Risks are counterparty risk and liquidity risk – that a counterparty to a large, transaction ,or many transaction s fails to pay, or that one is required to post margin and
  34. Were off the mat. After winning, André " sold" the title to Disease; the, transaction ,was declared invalid by then-WWF President Jack Tunney and the title was
  35. Monitor System / Virtual Machine (CMS/VM) and with IBM's" real time, transaction ,processing" add-ons, CICS,Customer Information Control System, and ACP/TPF
  36. Transactions with the company By definition, where a director enters into a, transaction ,with a company, there is a conflict between the director's interest (to do
  37. Till the plague was stayed (Numbers 17:1-15,16:36-50). Another memorable, transaction ,followed. Each of the tribal princes of Israel took a rod and wrote his name
  38. Was a new record in terms of value with $115 in. of transaction s. The largest, transaction ,with involvement of Brazilian companies has been: CIA Vale do Rio Done acquired
  39. Micro Focus shareholder approval and the required corporate filings,the, transaction ,was completed in late July 2009. The San Jose Mercury News reported that,"
  40. The ISIS Papyrus Platform uses Berkeley for its distributed object-relational, transaction ,kernel for adaptive content and process management in enterprise applications *
  41. As any bookkeeping system in which there was a debit and credit entry for each, transaction , or for which the majority of transaction s were intended to be of this form.
  42. This left the Armenian government with a 32 % stake in ArmRosGazprom. The, transaction ,will also help finance ArmRosGazprom's acquisition of the Radar electricity
  43. CPU designers then borrowed ideas from commercial computing markets such as, transaction ,processing, where the aggregate performance of multiple programs, also known as
  44. 1963 season, the Orioles stabilized its infield by acquiring Luis Patricio in a, transaction ,that involved sending a trio of homegrown players (Hansen, Nicholson and Ward
  45. Another good which is worth more than what the person wants to obtain, a barter, transaction ,cannot occur. *Lack of standards for deferred payments: This is related to the
  46. At VMware; CFO Erik Push then took over as Acting President and CEO. The, transaction ,was approved by Bowland shareholders on July 22, 2009,with Micro Focus
  47. In the normal course of business, a document is produced each time a, transaction ,occurs. Sales and purchases usually have invoices or receipts. Deposit slips
  48. Difference persists (that is, before the other arbitrageurs act). When the, transaction ,involves a delay of weeks or months, as above, it may entail considerable risk
  49. To the company (to ensure that the company gets as much as it can out of the, transaction ,). This rule is so strictly enforced that, even where the conflict of interest
  50. To counterparty risk: if a counterparty fails to fulfill their side of a, transaction , This is a serious problem if one has either a single trade or many related

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