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  1. The chemical was harmless. After returning home, Vietnam veterans began to, suspect ,their ill health or the instances of their wives having miscarriages or
  2. Pattern, in turn, leads family, physicians,and others to be more likely to, suspect ,that a man they know is an alcoholic. The CAGE questionnaire, named for its
  3. Alexander and also a philosopher. This fact makes it plausible that some, suspect ,works that form part of Alexander's corpus should be ascribed to his father.
  4. Many of his works. Near the end of Alexander's life, Alexander began to, suspect ,plots against himself, and threatened Aristotle in letters. Aristotle had made
  5. The weaker wrought iron was found to be sufficiently strong. Archaeologists, suspect ,that a serious disruption of the tin trade precipitated the transition. The
  6. Later date, and (d) was unharmed. Subjects were significantly more likely to, suspect ,conspiracy in the case of the major events—in which the president died—than in
  7. The identity of the perpetrator remained unknown until 2008,when a primary, suspect ,was named. See 2001 anthrax attacks. BY operations Offensive It has been argued
  8. Had no information about the alarming proximity of the Prussians and did not, suspect ,that Blücher's men would start irrupting onto the field of battle in great
  9. The knowledge). Traditionally, Lois Lane (and sometimes others) would often, suspect ,Superman of truly being Clark Kent, though more recent comics often feature the
  10. Who have been driven to another city. # States an accuser of a bishop shall be, suspect ,before the bishop. # Forbids seizing the goods of a dead bishop. # Allows the
  11. Comment, but there was no such comment documented in 747,leading some to, suspect ,that the Easter birthday was a pious fiction concocted as a way of honoring the
  12. Was released after his death. Consequently, this cardinal ate expired. Some, suspect ,that this" secret Cardinal" was Archbishop Stanislav Kiwis, a close
  13. 21" A Hundred" in names of hundreds. 22 Starting et al. (2003), suspect , this to be a reduplication:" 20 + 20 ". 23 would be expected; Starting
  14. As well as the torture and murder of many opponents. Eventually Matisse came to, suspect ,that General François Belize was involved in another coup attempt against him
  15. At Herbert Field, Eglin Auxiliary Field 9,Elgin AFB. As of December 2006,the, suspect ,missile was stored in a secure compound behind the Armaments Museum. In
  16. Worst of all, the Japanese film industry—and perhaps the man himself—began to, suspect ,that he would never make another film. A difficult decade (1969–1977) Knowing
  17. The supercritical helium (She) tank in the LM descent stage, which had been, suspect ,since before launch. After the abort decision, the helium pressure continued to
  18. Her magically disappear. A local sheriff by the name of" Ulysses" begins to, suspect ,that Missy may be far older than she appears. CPR may refer to:; Medical *
  19. To the third-generation cephalosporins and to aztreonam. Moreover, one should, suspect ,these strains when treatment with these agents for Gram-negative infections
  20. Continuity IRA may have acquired arms and material from the Balkans. They also, suspect ,that the Continuity IRA arsenal contains some weapons that were taken from
  21. Crime empire of James" Big Jim" Colonial after he was murdered. Yale was a, suspect ,but legal proceedings against him were dropped due to a lack of evidence.
  22. Quincentenary celebration in 1985,a dispute among historians has led many to, suspect ,the accuracy of Williams's theory. In particular, geological surveys conducted
  23. Who is somehow involved. Gradually, the detective interrogates each, suspect , examines the scene of the crime and makes a note of each clue, so readers can
  24. S Mental Thu fir HAWA from discovering Such by guiding HAWA toward another, suspect ,: Leto's Been Dessert concubine Lady Jessica. The Abrades are soon attacked
  25. And perhaps reimbursable under managed care. That is called ethically, suspect ,when they let practitioners maintain their beliefs to patients' detriment.
  26. February 2010,released by Wikileaks in 2011,the FBI has investigated another, suspect , Mohammed al-Mansoori, who had associated with three Qatari citizens who had
  27. Mathbf_; If a planet is found to rotate slower than expected, then astronomers, suspect ,that the planet is accompanied by a satellite, because the total angular
  28. It happens again any time soon. In the newspaper business, space is money, and I, suspect ,most editors would still say that the difference is not worth the cost. Sadly
  29. Developed Clark's timid demeanor as a means of ensuring that no one would, suspect ,any connection between the two alter-egos. Modern Age retroactive continuity In
  30. Many of the stories it contains have obvious Biblical parallels, making them, suspect ,as a historical record. In 1929 a new church in Bath was dedicated to Saint
  31. In which Mlle de Scudery establishes the innocence of the police's favorite, suspect ,in the murder of a jeweler, is sometimes cited as the first detective story
  32. To the capital. George William Brown, the Mayor of Baltimore, and other, suspect ,Maryland politicians were arrested and imprisoned as Lincoln suspended the writ
  33. In the Church; and that some of his doctrines were, if not erroneous, at least, suspect , The significance of Clement in the history of the development of doctrine is
  34. System began to break down, the loyalty of the Janissaries became increasingly, suspect , Mahmud II forcibly disbanded the Janissary corps in 1826. Similar to the
  35. 1200 was seen on an episode of Bones, used as evidence to lead to a murder, suspect , A clip of this show hosted on YouTube became infamous because of the high
  36. 70,000–80,000 people were killed in the three cities (though the figures are, suspect ,). Suetonius, meanwhile,regrouped his forces in the West Midlands, and despite
  37. Dissatisfied with myself for not having done justice to the subject. – Do not, suspect ,me of false modesty – I mean to say that had I allowed myself more time I could
  38. Invalid. *The theology of male clergy within the Independent movement is also, suspect ,according to the Roman Catholics as they presumably approve of the ordination
  39. Recommended in 2001 that it should be possible to subject an acquitted murder, suspect ,to a second trial. The Parliament of the United Kingdom implemented these
  40. Of plea bargain i.e. an offer to drop or reduce criminal charges against a, suspect ,in return for full cooperation. Psychological coercion – along with the other
  41. Stephen Hagiochristophorites moved to arrest Isaac Angelo's, whose loyalty was, suspect , Isaac killed Hagiochristophorites and took refuge in the church of Hair
  42. England, where he is almost immediately captured by Lord Arthur's men, who, suspect , him to be an agent for Duke Henry, with whom Arthur is at war. He is enslaved
  43. Half-sister, Joan (later Joan II of Navarre). However,Joan's paternity was, suspect ,due to her mother's adultery; the French magnates adopted SAIC Law to avoid
  44. 2005 Israeli police raided Martin Schlaff's apartment in Jerusalem. Another, suspect ,in the case was Robert Nowikovsky, an Austrian involved in Russian state-owned
  45. Field tools that perform on-the-spot analysis and identification of encountered, suspect ,materials. One such technology, being developed by researchers from the
  46. That his death is near, but in general terms so that Torvald does not, suspect ,what he is referring to. Dr. Rank leaves, and Torvald retrieves his letters. As
  47. Often through civil law or regulation. Social change is generally regarded as, suspect , A second meaning of the term social conservatism developed in the Nordic
  48. To be extraordinary, and said he had long felt there was something possibly, suspect ,about his father's version of his near-death experience. Works Layer is perhaps
  49. Chevalier de Balibari (Patrick McGee),a professional gambler. The Prussians, suspect ,he is a spy and Barry is to verify this. Barry discovers the chevalier is Irish
  50. Ultimately was denied publication unless it was to be revised and cleaned of, suspect ,statements and anti-Soviet insinuations (this episode is recounted and

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