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  1. Amber, especially Dominican blue amber, is mined through bell pitting, which is, dangerous ,due to the risk of tunnel collapse. Treatment The Vienna amber factories, which
  2. Length of the carbon chain. Pentane, hexane, heptane,and octane are classed as, dangerous ,for the environment and harmful. The straight-chain isomer of humane is a
  3. Lovers made jealous through her constant doting on Adonis. Although boars are, dangerous ,and will charge a hunter if provoked, Adonis disregards Aphrodite's warning
  4. Life on the island Hearing strange sounds from the inland, which he feared were, dangerous ,beasts, Selkirk remained at first along the shoreline. During this time he ate
  5. Animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. " *" Stupidity is far more, dangerous ,than evil, for evil takes a break from time to time, stupidity does not. " * "
  6. Argue that therapies that rely on the placebo effect to define success are very, dangerous , According to mental health journalist Scott Lilienfeld in 2002," invalidated
  7. Through a Birch reduction, the Birch method of making methamphetamine is, dangerous ,because the alkali metal and liquid ammonia are both extremely reactive, and
  8. Several, e. g., silver acetylene and copper acetylene, are powerful and very, dangerous ,explosives. Copper acetylene is also formed by reacting acetylene with metallic
  9. Come in contact with bases (unless in an intended and contained reaction),as, dangerous ,quantities of ammonia gas could be released. Household use Solutions of ammonia
  10. In the unit. The south and eastern parts of Afghanistan are the most, dangerous ,due to their distances from Kabul and their flourishing drug trade. These areas
  11. The first aircraft flight in Canada. Bell had worried that the flight was too, dangerous ,and had arranged for a doctor to be on hand. With the successful flight, the
  12. Has a sharp, irritating,pungent odor that acts as a warning of potentially, dangerous ,exposure. The average odor threshold is 5 ppm, well below any danger or damage
  13. By government intervention and state protected monopolies. He believed the most, dangerous ,state intervention was the requirement that individuals obtain charters in
  14. Passing the Fiji Islands Tasman's ships came close to being wrecked on the, dangerous ,reefs of the north-eastern part of the Fiji group. He charted the eastern tip
  15. And that" the nation cannot be served by promoting ineffective and sometimes, dangerous ,alternative treatments. " In general, he believes that CAM can and should be
  16. Arieses. Legacy Alexios I had stabilized the Byzantine Empire and overcame a, dangerous ,crisis, inaugurating a century of imperial prosperity and success. By seeking
  17. S death. In the eyes of Peter, his son was now a self-convicted and most, dangerous ,traitor, whose life was forfeit. But there was no getting over the fact that
  18. Area and which had the same safety problems as reactors listed as, dangerous ,in Bulgaria, Russia,and Slovakia. After heated debates over startup continued
  19. Country in the world. The average life expectancy is 43.8 years. It is the most, dangerous ,place for a child to be born, with the highest infant mortality rates in the
  20. Is highly toxic to aquatic animals, and for this reason it is classified as, dangerous ,for the environment. Storage information Similar to Propane, anhydrous ammonia
  21. Emphasizing the ability to relax the mind and body even under the stress of, dangerous ,situations. This is necessary to enable the practitioner to perform the bold
  22. The image of his business from the earlier controversies associated with the, dangerous ,explosives, Nobel had also considered naming the highly powerful substance "
  23. Use of anagram techniques, came to regard obsession with anagrams as a ", dangerous ,fever ", because it created isolation of the author. The surrealist leader
  24. Ozone therapies, insulin potentiating therapy. Some herbal remedies can cause, dangerous ,interactions with chemotherapy drugs, radiation therapy, or anesthetics during
  25. Forms of alternative medicine that are biologically active can be, dangerous ,even when used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Examples include
  26. Of the UK and Commonwealth (ASA) has called certain scholarship ethically, dangerous , The AAA's current 'Statement of Professional Responsibility' clearly states
  27. Number one ", and Investor's Business Daily called him" the world's most, dangerous ,man ". In July 2010,the U. S. Treasury Department added him to its list of
  28. Was annulled. Moses Mendelssohn wrote that" Such a tolerance ... is even more, dangerous ,play in tolerance than open persecution. " In 1772,the empress of Russia
  29. Thus an asphyxia. Argon is 25 % more dense than air and is considered highly, dangerous ,in closed areas. It is also difficult to detect because it is colorless
  30. But Shared may allude to Hazard, a pun on the book's destructive and, dangerous ,nature, or a reference to Lovecraft's ancestors by that name. It might also
  31. Or psychological effect on a patient may also have potential to possess, dangerous ,biological or psychological side effects. Attempts to refute this fact with
  32. The only route which did not require gold-seekers to travel the exhausting and, dangerous ,Chilliest Pass. Another tourist destination that draws more than 650,000
  33. Campaign against Proposition 66. He stated that" it would release 26,000, dangerous , criminals and rapists ". Allegations of sexual and personal misconduct During
  34. The system threatened Viking routes and communications making it far more, dangerous ,for the Viking raiders. However, the Vikings lacked both the equipment necessary
  35. Glands for filtering out salt. In general, crocodiles tend to be more, dangerous ,to humans than alligators. Another odd trait recently discovered is that both
  36. Many shoals and reefs. The Virginia and North Carolina coasts were particularly, dangerous , The Bermuda Triangle is popularly believed to be the site of numerous aviation
  37. Mountain as nightfall approached despite Crowley's warnings that it was too, dangerous , Crowley was proved right as Pace and several porters were subsequently killed
  38. Role. Elemental arsenic and arsenic compounds are classified as" toxic" and ", dangerous ,for the environment" in the European Union under directive 67/548/EEC. The
  39. Species are venomous, and although rarely dangerous to humans, some species are, dangerous , Arachnophobia will spare no effort to make sure that their whereabouts are
  40. Continued to a successful orbit. The shutdown was determined to be due to, dangerous ,Pogo oscillations that threatened to tear the second stage apart. The engine
  41. Was paid to animals as the abode of dead ancestors, and much of the cults to, dangerous ,animals is traceable to this principle; though there is no need to attribute an
  42. Size is a factor, but nearly all species are venomous, and although rarely, dangerous ,to humans, some species are dangerous . Arachnophobia will spare no effort to
  43. S diet. The dust created through the grinding and cutting of abalone shell is, dangerous ,; appropriate safeguards must be taken to protect people from inhaling these
  44. Expend their venom in rhetoric rather than to be panicked into embarking on the, dangerous ,course of permitting the government to decide what its citizens may say and
  45. By water of the river Styx (Mariners) that contained calicheamicin,a, dangerous ,compound produced by bacteria present in its waters. Several natural causes (
  46. His moderation" in his preference for orderly progress, his distrust of, dangerous ,agitation, and his reluctance toward ill digested schemes of reform. " Randall
  47. By the disproportional fear of spiders in comparison to other, potentially, dangerous , creatures that were present during Homo sapiens environment of evolutionary
  48. Disadvantages. It is unsafe to handle, as sulfuric acid, even if dilute, is, dangerous , Also, the power of the cell diminishes over time because the hydrogen gas is
  49. Are a possible pathology of occupational safety. Industrial noise also proved, dangerous , When it was not too high, workers were often prohibited from talking. Charles
  50. Ammonia (gas or liquid) Anhydrous ammonia is classified as toxic (T) and, dangerous ,for the environment (N). The gas is flammable (autoignition temperature: 651

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