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  1. Him. Since 1976 the IEEE's Alexander Graham Bell Medal has been awarded to, honor ,outstanding contributions in the field of telecommunications. In 1940 the US
  2. Serving in her temple. He had various coins with her portrait struck in her, honor , These coins were scripted ‘ DIVE FAUSTINO’ and were elaborately decorated.
  3. Ceremony was held on May 16, 1929,at the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood to, honor ,outstanding film achievements of the 1927/1928 film season. The most recent
  4. Of America’s film heritage, educate the next generation of filmmakers and, honor ,the artists and their work. The National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities
  5. Death, Arthur Schopenhauer endured two long years of drudgery as a merchant, in, honor , of his dead father. Afterward, his mother retired to Weimar, and Arthur
  6. After passing his exams in 1927,Speer became Tessenow's assistant, a high, honor ,for a man of 22. As such, Speer taught some of Tessenow's classes while
  7. With Utah tiles being added in the 18th century. The mosque was built in, honor ,of Hack Bay ram Veil, whose tomb is next to the mosque, two years before his
  8. Of the walls of Ankara Castle. The Column of Julian which was erected in, honor ,of the emperor's visit to the city in 362 still stands today. In 375,Arian
  9. The ninth orbit of the Moon. The Apollo 8 broadcasts won an Emmy, the highest, honor ,given by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Atheist Madelyn Murray
  10. Political behavior. Name "/NP"> McPhersonExceptionalism"/> Nationalism and, honor ,Nationalism was a powerful force in the early 19th century, with famous
  11. City and to give their name to it, so they competed with one another for the, honor , offering the city one gift each. Poseidon produced a salt water spring by
  12. S funeral," every phone on the continent of North America was silenced in, honor ,of the man who had given to mankind the means for direct communication at a
  13. Zeus to help the Trojans gain ground in the war, so that he may regain his, honor , As the battle turned against the Greeks, thanks to the influence of Zeus
  14. Representing his prophetic powers. The Pythias Games were held in Apollo's, honor ,every four years at Delphi. The bay laurel plant was used in expiatory
  15. The following year he was put in charge of the Greek games that were staged in, honor ,of the Temple of Venus Genetic, built by Julius Caesar. In 46 BC, she
  16. Leaders such as Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Many nations would, honor ,the first manned Moon landing by issuing Apollo 11 commemorative postage stamps
  17. In 45 BC giving it its modern length of 31 days. In 8 BC it was renamed in, honor ,of Augustus, who did not take a day from February (see the debunked theory on
  18. By Kiyotsugu Hiragana in 1918 and are often called Hiragana families in his, honor , About 30 % to 35 % of the bodies in the asteroid belt belong to dynamical
  19. These animals they slaughter, others they set free on the island, in Achilles ’, honor , But there are others, who are forced to come to this island by sea storms. As
  20. Celibate) priests in the East, even when not attached to a monastery, as an, honor ,for service, similar to the title of monsignor in the Western/Latin Rite of the
  21. Where the Army Black Knights play at Johnson Stadium, is named in Doubleday's, honor , The Abner Doubleday Little League and Babe Ruth Fields in Ballston Spa, New
  22. A learning center in Tokyo. Two film awards have also been named in Kurosawa's, honor , The Akira Kurosawa Award for Lifetime Achievement in Film Directing is awarded
  23. Crown thy good with brotherhood, : From sea to shining sea. Wellesley's students, honor ,Bates with a version at graduation, substituting: And crown thy good with
  24. Response to Ft. Sumter was an overwhelming demand for war to uphold national, honor , Only Kentucky tried to remain neutral. Hundreds of thousands of young men
  25. Jurymen the heartfelt denounced Aristotle for not holding the gods in, honor , Aristotle fled the city to his mother's family estate in Challis, explaining
  26. Barons of her day, and urges America to live up to its noble ideals and to, honor , with both word and deed, the memory of those who died for their country. He
  27. 10, 1980 (Ada Lovelace's birthday),and given the number MIL-STD-1815 in, honor ,of Ada Lovelace's birth year. In 1981,C. A. R. Hear took advantage of his
  28. Women In Schopenhauer's 1851 essay" Of Women" (" Uber die Water ", poem in, honor ,of women,"" (" Dignity of Women" ). The essay does give two compliments
  29. Went down in ruins. " Name "/IN"> counterpoint"/> Insults to Southern national, honor ,included Uncle Tom's Cabin (1854) name "/IN"> southern"/> and John Brown in
  30. Aurelius in 146. When Faustino died in 141,Antoninus was greatly bereaved. In, honor ,of her memory, Antoninus asked the Senate to deify her as a goddess, and he
  31. His telephone created, notably the Bell Telephone Memorial erected in his, honor ,in Brantford,Ontario's Alexander Graham Bell Gardens in 1917. A large number
  32. Achilles is praised and celebrated. Some of these are worded in Patrols ’, honor , because those who wish to be favored by Achilles, honor Patrols at the same
  33. Of his property and his banishment in 1782. The gardenia flower is named in his, honor , *John Kemp, ( 1763–1812),born in Auchlossan, was a noted educator at
  34. The independence of Moldova from the USSR in 1991. *Saturnalia, held in, honor ,of Vulturous. (Roman Empire) External links *
  35. To the 150th anniversary of his birth, and with a silver dollar coin in 2009 to, honor ,of the 100th anniversary of flight in Canada. That first flight was made by an
  36. The anniversary of his death, every year there will be a festival held in his, honor , On his death, Adonis goes back to the underworld, and Persephone is delighted
  37. Slavery, most were motivated by some mixture of politics, culture,nationalism, honor , or any other number of motivations. http://books.google.com/books? ID
  38. Him both a great American and, to the disgrace of our age, a prophet without, honor ,in his native land. " 29 J. Baird Callicott is, perhaps,best known
  39. Eventually, Cinyras takes his own life in an attempt to restore the family's, honor , Myrrh gives birth to a baby boy named Adonis. Aphrodite happens by the Myrrh
  40. Quarantine to the cheers of the American public. Parades were held in their, honor ,in New York, Chicago,and Los Angeles on the same day. A few weeks later, they
  41. The Volta Prize was conceived by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1801,and named in, honor ,of Alessandro Volta, with Bell receiving the third grand prize in its history.
  42. The Column of Julian or Julia nus, now in the Plus district, was erected in, honor ,of the Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate's visit to Ankara in 362. Mosques *
  43. Personal popularity, atonement for past mistakes, or presented as a" career, honor ," to recognize a distinguished nominee's entire body of work. Associated
  44. Through their virtues, because through virtue they had acquired everlasting, honor ," (Orbit description, v. 541,quoted in Venusian 1913). The Perilous of the
  45. Nature; through the contact with nature, the agrarian acquires the virtues of ", honor , manliness, self-reliance,courage, moral integrity, and hospitality" and
  46. Anoixis) (opening) for spring. Since some Roman months were named in, honor ,of divinities, and as April was sacred to the goddess Venus, the Festum Generic
  47. With mingled apprehension and condescension, for their high regard for personal, honor , for their tribe loyalty and for their readiness to use force to settle
  48. Worded in Patrols’ honor , because those who wish to be favored by Achilles, honor ,Patrols at the same time. There are also on this island countless numbers of
  49. Himself, who had been a Civil War colleague of Doubleday and a member of the, honor ,guard for Doubleday's body as it lay in state in New York City, never recalled
  50. Grieved over his beloved companion's death and held many funeral games in his, honor , His mother Thesis came to comfort the distraught Achilles. She persuaded

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