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  1. In a way that leads to division of substance),and that" a substance which is, absolutely ,infinite is indivisible" ( Ethics, Part I, Propositions 12 and 13). Following
  2. A true monarchy on the truculent Pashtun tribes, and their efforts to rule, absolutely ,and without the advice of the other major Pashtun tribal leaders, were
  3. Of X is continuous, then X is a continuous random variable; if furthermore F is, absolutely ,continuous, then there exists a Lebesgue-integrable function f (x) such that:
  4. Church believes specifically that the Anglican Church's consecrations are ", absolutely ,null and utterly void" because of changes made to the rite of consecration
  5. Of attacking; but the Duke was resolute –" I know the danger, yet a battle is, absolutely ,necessary, and I rely on the bravery and discipline of the troops, which will
  6. Vast and complex universe as that which we know exists around us, may have been, absolutely ,required ... in order to produce a world that should be precisely adapted in
  7. Real can defy or evade all possible ideas, and supposing, inevitably," some, absolutely ,inexplicable, unanalyzable ultimate ", which explanatory surmise explains
  8. Declined during the twenty years after Salamis, and that it had declined, absolutely , as well as relatively, to that of Athens. Commerce was the source of Aegina's
  9. And the future survival of, the indigenous peoples of these islands. *But we, absolutely ,reject the poisonous, Politically Correct, anti-indigenous fiction that they
  10. Topological vector space is path-connected, thus connected. A set C is called, absolutely ,convex if it is convex and balanced. The convex subsets of R (the set of real
  11. English poem, and appears in 45 manuscripts, but its attribution to Bede is not, absolutely ,certain—not all manuscripts name Bede as the author, and the ones that do are
  12. Are based on the literal * that the historicity of the Gospels must be, absolutely ,and constantly held * that scripture must be read within the" living Tradition
  13. Was deified by later generations as the city's patron god, however there is, absolutely ,no historical basis whatsoever for this tradition in Mesopotamian annals;
  14. The Army needed them. Others were discharged if their civilian work was deemed, absolutely ,essential. There were instances of mass releases of men to increase production
  15. True, but the rule of thumb is: Don't use Blackwood with a void unless you are, absolutely ,sure you know what you are doing, and why you are doing it. If you don't
  16. Sacrificers and professional warrior-hunters. Killing of animals for food is, absolutely ,ruled out. Jains also make considerable efforts not to injure plants in
  17. Saying they never allowed their music to be used politically and that they had, absolutely ,no interest in supporting the party. Their record label Universal Music later
  18. Ancient forms of worship, and adapted by the Gnostic's * Abrasives, or stones, absolutely ,unconnected with the doctrine of Basil ides While it would be rash to assert
  19. Each other assuming that both the central object and the surrounding ring were, absolutely ,rigid objects. However, if neither the central object nor the surrounding ring
  20. Aswan's climate ranges from mild in the winter to very hot in the summer with, absolutely ,no rain all year. Maybe 1 or 2 mm of rain every 5 years. Aswan is one of the
  21. One-sixth of Earth's, was " even perhaps easier than the simulations ... It's, absolutely ,no trouble to walk around ". Apollo 11 was an engineering test of the Apollo
  22. Rather have no offspring than sacrifice our nation's interests. " Chiang had, absolutely ,no intention of stopping the war against the Communists. Chiang Kai-shek
  23. And at the conclusion he added a free fantasy an improvised cadenza which, absolutely ,astounded me, for it is hardly possible that anyone has ever played, or ever
  24. Matter-of-fact man with an extensive knowledge of the English aristocracy and, absolutely ,no imagination, Georges provides a steady contrast to Hastings. In Agatha
  25. With your head back ... It was instantaneous ... and I don't want to say this:, absolutely ,torture. " Senator John McCain stated“ It is not a complicated procedure. It
  26. Between death associated with circumstances and intention versus death that is, absolutely ,irreversible. Absolutely irreversible death has also been called
  27. Doctrine, sometimes called British Israelis. In some forms this doctrine, absolutely ,denies that modern Jews have any racial connection to Israel of the Bible.
  28. Might now be mended. At thirty-six, he wrote her:" believe that I belong to you, absolutely , and that I belong only to you ". Published career His first published work was
  29. Following few locations. Due to the complicated shooting range equipment, which, absolutely , has to work in order to hold successful races, biathlon is a highly demanding
  30. Have experienced some kind of pain in their own lives. Like the people who say, absolutely ,no to rock 'n' roll. Chances are it has something to do with a past sadness. '
  31. Between man and simian that follows from the principles of Natural History. I, absolutely ,know of none. If only someone might tell me a single one! If I had
  32. The long-term aim of designing racing cars. Graham describes Tauranga as ", absolutely ,the only bloke I'd have gone into partnership with ". To meet that aim
  33. They had been betrayed in order that Aries, the reigning king, might rule more, absolutely ,by means of his Greek mercenaries; many Egyptians fully sympathized with them.
  34. For the invention of the Bombe. It is always difficult to say that anyone is, absolutely ,indispensable but if anyone was indispensable to Hut 8 it was Turing. The
  35. To it returning rose from 43 % to 46 %. The Canadian government currently" has, absolutely ,no plans to reinstate capital punishment. " Abolition was often adopted due to
  36. Religious than the rest of the US: 62 percent of Californians say they are ", absolutely ,certain" of the belief in God, while in the nation 71 percent say so. The
  37. During 1941-45,they realized that they had discovered a building, absolutely ,unique for the area: a large (1500 square meters) Chinese-style, likely Han
  38. Church itself, which continues to require that Anglican clergy be ordained, absolutely ,(not conditionally) if they are to exercise a ministry in that church. Porto
  39. By December 1863 a proposed constitutional amendment that would outlaw slavery, absolutely ,was brought to Congress for passage. This first attempt at an amendment failed
  40. Resting upon a well-appointed army; it was administered through officials, absolutely ,subservient to an inflexible will and controlled by a widespread system of
  41. The lives of citizens," he asserted," capital punishment is therefore, absolutely ,necessary. "" The murderer," wrote Schopenhauer," who is condemned to death
  42. High-speed and high-altitude aircraft use jet engines. Use of a turbine is not, absolutely ,necessary: Other designs include the pulse jet and ramjet. These mechanically
  43. Pace)#References and further reading. Sign relation Anything is a sign — not, absolutely ,as itself, but instead in some relation or other. The sign relation is the key.
  44. Notes that" It is a curious fact about the Battle of Waterloo that no one is, absolutely ,certain when it actually began ". Wellington recorded in his dispatches that at
  45. Gardiner explained," Britney is magic with teenage girls, and that's an, absolutely ,crucial target for milk ". Spears shot an advertising campaign to be shown
  46. The motherboard BIOS typically contains code to access hardware components, absolutely ,necessary for bootstrapping the system, such as the keyboard (either PS/2 or
  47. Law is more malleable than statutory law. First, common law courts are not, absolutely ,bound by precedent, but can (when perfect reason is shown)
  48. 1 (Duke Slayton): Okay. I think you ought to clearly understand there is, absolutely ,no experience at all with landing without the helmet on. SHIRR: And
  49. Heidi Mas tan ", portrayed by Amitabh Bachchan, it was described as being “, absolutely ,key to Indian cinema” by Danny Boyle. Furthermore, this decade marked the
  50. Objects. However, if neither the central object nor the surrounding ring were, absolutely ,rigid then the parts of one or both of them would tend to fly out from the axis

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