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  1. Him as his friend. He cultivated the outsider's knack of seeing the illogic in, familiar ,things. His conversation was droll and frank, and Solon and the Athenians took
  2. Although the movie's character the Caterpillar displays some characteristics, familiar ,from Huxley's discussion of his experiments with hallucinogens,Huxley's
  3. The first four albums, and their fifth studio album Anatomic, used the long and, familiar ,form. Around the world they seem better known as Afro Celt Sound System. They
  4. I've kind of gotten religion lately, I took a sweet religion, one I am sort of, familiar ,with and sprayed a can of patriarchy-off and this is what I came up with. "
  5. Within and without Anyone can write on this!! The actinophryids are small, familiar ,group of Helicon protists. They are the most common Eliza in fresh water
  6. Kingdom. If his inscriptions and edicts are well studied one finds that he was, familiar ,with the Hellenic world but never edicts, which talk of friendly relations
  7. Receive great praise. But not even when taken very young can they be rendered, familiar ,to men and tamed. The size, shape,and appearance of their horns differ much
  8. Circle DES Students Anarchists (Anarchist Student Circle) as a sympathizer, familiar ,with anarchist thought. Camus wrote for anarchist publications such as Le
  9. And Mitchell took two moon walks, adding new seismic studies to the by now, familiar ,Apollo experiment package, and using the modular equipment transporter (MET)
  10. And T representing the temperature observed at the macroscopic level. Most, familiar ,systems cannot achieve negative temperatures because adding energy always
  11. That the primary substance was water. The notion of temporal infinity was, familiar ,to the Greek mind from remote antiquity in the religious concept of immortality
  12. The Caucus race, as he felt that it would only have been funny to the people, familiar ,with the incident. Albert may refer to: * Albert (surname),a family name (
  13. May be altered, sometimes drastically so. The end result is a song that retains, familiar ,phrases and lyrics, but offers something new. This practice was particularly
  14. Matter of France is history, and the fairy folk are real and powerful. A partly, familiar ,European history for which the author provides a point of divergence is Randall
  15. Its steam engines into the steel-built, turreted battleships and cruisers, familiar ,in the 20th century. This change was pushed forward by the development of
  16. Rivers, islands,swamps and marshes to have been then inaccessible to those not, familiar ,with the terrain, such as the Romans, who considered it unknown, inaccessible
  17. Or Diamante) the principles of linear perspective, and evidently became, familiar ,with the 'costruzione legitimate' in a written description of these principles
  18. Until Christie's death in 1976. Christie frequently used settings which were, familiar ,to her for her stories. Christie's travels with Mallow an contributed
  19. Period, fight the outlaws and change history back, restoring his (and our), familiar , history—but only at the price of totally destroying the world that has taken
  20. The amount of material in the solution being analyzed may be determined. Most, familiar ,to those who have taken college chemistry is the acid-base titration involving
  21. American palate. According to the study, more than nine out of 10 consumers are, familiar ,with and have tried these foods, and about half report eating them frequently.
  22. As half crown, florin,bob and tanner for pre-decimalization coins are still, familiar ,to older BRE speakers, but they are not used for modern coins. In older terms
  23. Harmonic series overlap, but do not exactly correspond, to notes found in the, familiar ,chromatic scale in standard Western equal temperament. Most prominently within
  24. Of the life of Jesus in the Gospels (afterward declaring it his willing, familiar ,)," with the idea ... that some supreme violation of all the laws of my being
  25. A. P. ", or simply" Admiralty ", and also known as" Fisherman ", is the most, familiar ,among non-sailors. It consists of a central shank with a ring or shackle for
  26. British English forms while many new American English forms quickly become, familiar ,outside the United States. Although most dialects of English used in the
  27. Possibly 1081,latest 1085). From his chronicles it is apparent that he was, familiar ,with a number of authors. The honorary name of Magister Adam shows that he had
  28. Came to America, their initial attempts at survival included planting crops, familiar ,to them from back home in England. In the same way, they farmed animals for
  29. From the Norwegian alphabet, with which he alone among the Bourbaki group was, familiar , Beliefs Indian (Hindu) thought had great influence on Was. In his
  30. Apatosaurus, the name 'Brontosaurus' was used for the stamp because it is more, familiar ,to the general population. " Stephen Jay Gould also supported this position in
  31. With ambrosia and passes the child through the fire to make him immortal—a, familiar ,Phoenician custom—but Pele us, appalled,stops her, leaving only his heel
  32. From habros + data) explaining the alternation between b and pH as a ", familiar ," characteristic of Greek" obvious from the Macedonians ". Mythology Birth
  33. At this time, in the unpublished treatise of Piero Della Francesca. He was also, familiar ,with the 'abbreviated construction' as described by Alberti and the
  34. Discuss military cooperation. He said the objective of his visit was to become, familiar ,with the state of Azerbaijani armed forces. Robbins pointed to the progress
  35. Publishers of the time. Chekhov's tone at this stage was harsher than that, familiar ,from his mature fiction. In 1884,Chekhov qualified as a physician, which he
  36. Hymns Newton had grown up hearing—and Charles Wesley, with whom Newton was, familiar , Wesley's brother John, the eventual founder of the Methodist Church, had
  37. Of calcium carbide, a reaction discovered by Friedrich Wöhler in 1862 and still, familiar ,to students:: CaC2 + 2H2O → Ca (OH)2 + C2H2 Calcium carbide production
  38. Mostly evangelical Protestants. Though he never joined a church, Lincoln was, familiar ,with the Bible, quoted it and praised it. In the 1840s Lincoln subscribed to
  39. Vasily Zhukov sky, grasping a smattering of a great many subjects, and becoming, familiar ,with the chief modern European languages. His alleged lack of interest in
  40. Awakes one morning in a world where he has a wife and two children, and people, familiar ,to him are radically changed. One historical divergence in this world
  41. Traditional adobe roof More traditional adobe roofs were often flatter than the, familiar ,steeped roof as the native climate yielded more sun and heat than mass amounts
  42. To the meaning" shield" may have come by folk-etymology among a people, familiar ,with draping an animal skin over the left arm as a shield. In Egyptian and
  43. S attempts to influence Roman policy to its harm, must be clear to all, familiar ,with the strength of Judaism in Asia (cf. Rev 2:9,3:9; and see Sir W. M.
  44. Buds) and thin flour pancakes while the American version uses vegetables more, familiar ,to Americans and thicker pancakes. This dish is quite popular in Chinese
  45. With brine-soaked paper, and detected the flow of electricity by other means, familiar ,to him from his previous studies. In this way he discovered the electrochemical
  46. By his fiancée was that he use" Alec" rather than the family's earlier, familiar ,name of" Alec. " From 1876,he would sign his name" Alec Bell. " They had
  47. Break the title character finds himself in an old-fashioned study where a, familiar ,looking detective called" Poirot" is deducing the solution to a crime with
  48. Kansas. The large sign, formerly reading" University of Autonomy ", was a, familiar ,landmark for motorists in the region for many years and was visible from I-94
  49. To pieces, not recognizing him. An element of the earlier myth made Actaeon the, familiar ,hunting companion of Artemis, no stranger. In an embroidered extension of the
  50. Of the speaker. Broad Australian English is recognizable and, familiar ,to English speakers around the world and is prevalent nationwide, but is

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